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Welcome to the serious part of this board, and one of the reasons this board was put here. We have such a burden for those lost in Religious Cults. Many people who are in cults are not the deceivers they are painted to be by the media. Many of them are people like you or me, people who seek God. Unfortunately they have been deceived by a system or group or philosophy which is contradictory to the truth. These people need love and a real relationship with their Lord and Saviour, not a reliance on their dead works. Please pray for such people, and included here is as much information as I can get and compile from my own writings. Also here are links to sites which specifically operate to help people out of certain cults. This list is by no means complete, there will always be additions and further work done here, call back often. Items in black are stuff to come or work in progress.

I decided to compile an Encyclopaedia of False Christ's because I deal with and research so many cults and false teachers that claim their leader is Jesus, or that Jesus is less than our Lord and Saviour. I decided to put up an encyclopaedic list to help researchers and warn against falsehood. It is as of tonight incomplete, but a work in progress. Please let me know if you think I am missing any important details or you think a group should be included which has a false concept of Christ. Just click

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The above link leads to my reason for writing articles on and examining cults and false teachers. Please do not assume I hate anybody or any group. I research and compile this sometimes secret or withheld information from (new) members in order to help victims make their minds up about groups if they still have the facility to think independently. The information is also here for researchers and academics.

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Aaronic Order: One of the hundreds of break off's of the Mormon Church. The Aaronic Order is based in Utah. Publishes 'revelations' called "Levitical Writings"

Abode of the Message: New Age organization based in New York which brings 'inner attunement' through a cocktail of spiritual exercises culled from diverse religions such as Sufism (Islamic spirituality), Hinduism, Native American Spirituality, Spiritism, Christianity, Theosophy and Witchcraft. Group majors on Sufism. Group founded by Pir Vilayat Inayat Khan, nephew of Mary Baker Eddy founder of Christian Science cult. The Abode is currently the national headquarters of the Sufi Order in the West.

Abkhazians: Follow a mixture of Pagan, Christian and Islamic beliefs. Have many gods, the supreme god is a female goddess called Antzva {the plural form of the word for mother in ancient Georgian}. This group has over half a million followers in Georgia, Russia & Turkey. There are groups springing up now in America and Europe.

Academy of Religion and Psychical Research: Illinois based group that works together with nominal and liberal  'christian' churches helping explore Spiritism and other occult practices

Advanced Organization of Los Angeles: Cover name for another church of Scientology organization

Advanced Systems, Inc: Computer software systems and work recruiting agency, a doorway into the religious cult of  Zen Master Rama (Frederick P. Lenz III) whose teachings include the pseudo history and wisdom of Atlantis and the Lemurian culture, Zen meditation, Zen Buddhism and Occultism. Group have been exposed for their mind control and manipulation techniques. (Stop press) Zen Master Rama was found dead in the water off long island, he had it appears taken a drugs overdose about 150 Phenobarbital tablets the coroner reported. There is no known reason for why he was found just wearing a dog collar. 

Adventism: An interdenominational movement / teaching that Jesus would return in 1844 given by a false prophet William Miller. Adventists held to strict Old testament dietary laws, no Hell (annihilationism), Soul Sleep following death, Sabbath observance and dependence on modern day prophets for revelation. Many Adventist groups usually believe Jesus was Archangel Michael or a created Being. They also usually believe salvation isn't by grace through faith, but by works including belonging to the correct church, being baptized properly, Sabbath observance, proper diet etc. Adventist groups which came out of this movement include: 7th Day Adventists, Branch Davidians (Remember Waco?), Jehovah's Witnesses, 7th Day Baptists. Church of God 7th Day, Worldwide church of God break-offs.

Aesthetic Realism Foundation: New York based organization founded by Eli Sigel who is held up in high esteem as a saviour like figure. I accidently met two members while having a quick snack on a hot day in Central Park, New York. Their talk, mannerisms and deceptive attempts to get me to come on over led me to check out their group. Asthetic Realism Foundation followers hold to a thinly disguised form of Taoism with teachings that opposites are dependent on each other like Ying-Yang, good & evil, Male & Female. The Group's philosophy books were adopted into the New York high school curriculum despite many educators protests that is a religious practice. The group is based in lower Manhattan and members display all signs of cultic mind manipulation (persecution complex, loading the language or 'inside terminology', cutting off 'old life', shunning former members, unable to accept simplest questioning of / or criticism that may appear to go against their beliefs, deceptive recruiting practices). There is a wealth of information at this link Aesthetic Realism is a Cult. Many thanks to an ex-member Michael Bluejay for his commendable work in putting together a site to help others out or avoid the group

Aetherius Society: Founded by Sir George King (d.1997) in Shropshire, England, now a Worldwide organization, Quote from their introduction :"The Aetherius Society was first visualized into existence by Saint Goo-Ling, who is considered by the Aetherians to be an Ascended Master in the Spiritual Hierarchy of Earth and a member of The Great White Brotherhood" (The Aetherius Society, intro).  In 1954, George King was researching the field of radionics while practicing an intense regimen of yoga, when he received a message during a meditative trance. He later identified the voice as The Cosmic Master Aetherius. During this contact with Master Aetherius, King claims that he was appointed to become the Voice of the Interplanetary Parliament, headquartered on Saturn, for Earth. He received many messages from beings on other planets including Jesus (who now lives on the planet Venus according to King), and compiled these messages into the books "From Farewell to Freedom", "The 12 Blessings" and "The 9 Freedoms". The 12 blessings came directly from Jesus (on Venus) and is a continuation of the Sermon on the mount. The last planetary message he received was from the Lord of Karma from Mars Sector Six, and is "The 9 Freedoms" which outline the steps mankind must take in order to achieve cosmic consciousness. Group practices include Yoga, chanting in tongues, energizing mountains, distributing prayer batteries to problem places, channelling Ufo's.

Ahabah Asah Prophetic Ministries: also known as the Gatekeepers. Founded by Christopher James Turgeon who believes he is the prophet Elijah. He is presently incarcerated in a federal prison for killing another member of his group, hoarding lethal weapons and receiving stolen property. group is based in a commune in Pala, California.

Ahmadiyya's: A cult within Islam founded in 1889 by Ghulam Ahmed. Ahmadiyya's believe that Ghulam Ahmed was the reincarnation of Jesus Christ, and this was the fulfilment of the messianic expectations of Christianity being Jesus Christ's return, Judaism, Islam and other religions. In other words, they believe that this was the Second Coming of Christ. They believe that Jesus survived the Crucifixion, lived to be 120 and that His tomb can be found in Kashmir (this lie surfaces in many cults following a book written by a fraudster called Nicholas Nontovitch. Nontovitch was proven a liar and a fraud by explorers who tried to verify even one of his findings, all were proven false). This group are very large (believed to be about 74 Million), believe they are the true Islam, and are vigorous in their condemning of Christianity. Most Ahmadiyya's are from Pakistan or India. Many have come to America and Europe. There is a large concentration of them in England with 77 meeting centres and a main mosque in Putney.

Akashic Records: A 'convenient' library or repository of all wisdom and truth accessible only on the spirit plane to enlightened masters. Utilized by cult leaders to back up their teachings. All revelations and teachings supposedly coming from 'there' appear to be the opposite of what another enlightened master teaches, you'd think they would at least read from the same books!

Alamo Christian Foundation: Also known as Music Square Church. Founded by Tony Alamo (real name Bernard Lazar Hoffman) in 1969. Alamo took 2 girls 15 year olds to be his wives in 1982 -83. Has been charged and imprisoned for tax evasion in 1986-88, and filing false tax claims for 1985, embezzlement of $100,000 from a trucking company. He had church members working in slave like conditions making clothes with no payment except food and lodgings, those who worked outside of the church were pressurized to turn over their whole wages. Tony Alamo's teachings are pretty much Pentecostal - legalistic holiness movement, his is the one true church. He is paranoid that all other churches and government agencies are controlled by the catholic church in some kind of world wide conspiracy. He believes the King James Bible is the only true Bible and all others have been corrupted by covert catholic agents working on translation committees.

Aleph: Group previously known as Aum Shin ri Kyo, (Aum = like Om, a vibrational sound or word uttered during meditation, Shinri Kyo = Ultimate or supreme truth). Founded by Shoko Asahara (real name Chizuo Matsumoto). This group was responsible for releasing sarin gas on the Tokyo subways in 1995 killing many. Group teaches a form of Tibetan Buddhism. The Dalai Lama was delighted to have met Shoko Asahara and claimed "He has the spirit of the Buddha". The Dalai Lama now denies this despite photographic and video evidence to the contrary, because it would prove the Dalai Lama is also a false prophet without any discernment. Asahara Believed world would end between 1997 - 2000, and has been proved a false prophet. The group has followers in Japan, America, Australia, England & Russia.

Ambassadors For Christ: Break-off group from Jehovah's Witnesses

American Association of Ayurvedic Medicine: Founded by cult leader Deepak Chopra. Linked with Maharishi Ayur-Veda Products, founded by Maharishi Mahesh Yogi, and the World Plan Executive Council (a governmental infiltration group which wants to promote TM in schools, prisons and offices). Offers Transcendental Meditation (TM) courses but hides real religious meaning of TM. The organization has also been found to falsely represent its medicines as scientific. Deepak Chopra falsely signed a paper along with 2 others claiming he had nothing to do with the organization or wouldn't benefit financially through product sales from an article they wrote falsifying the scientific / medicinal benefits of their medicine and treatments.

American Atheists, Inc.: Organization founded by the late Madelyn Murray O'Hare. (She was killed by one of her employees from the organization following the theft or misappropriation of $600,000 by O'Hare and her son.). Madelyn Murray O'Hare got Bibles and prayer banned from schools in the USA.

Amway: A high pressure sales organization that eventually controls the lives of it's members. It uses deception in recruiting, including changing it's name. This group have slipped into churches pretending to be Christian (or Mormon or Jehovah's Witnesses) and misled potential recruits into believing their are a Para-church organization here to help them associate with and network with other church members.

Astrology: A fatalistic belief that unconscious gaseous rocks moving through space determine our lives and we have no choice in our destiny. 


Baba, Sai (Sri Sathya): Indian guru who insists he is a reincarnation of Jesus. Known for his cheap conjuring tricks and sleight of hand to 'prove' he is a deity!. Much controversy surrounds his compounds with corrupt government officials involved in bribery scandals, many unsolved murders of young men, and his homosexual tendencies. Author Tal Brooke has written an excellent book exposing him called "Lord of the Air". Tal was one of his close companions. Visit his ministry site here

Baha'i: A break off of Islam. Follows the teachings of it's two founders Mirza Ali Muhammad (The Bab), Mirza Husayn Ali (The Baha'u'llah). Both are seen as prophets though only one self fulfilling prophecy has come from them!. Teachings are a mixture of Islamic and pseudo-christian. Jesus is seen as not God, but a messenger who reflected God just like Muhammad, Buddha, Krishna et al. Baha'u'llah is seen as the greatest of all these messengers. Doctrines of the group are very confusing as they contradict constantly,  and Baha'i teachings not open to examination. Baha'i are extremely anti-Christian and I have been physically attacked on more than one occasion by Bahai's while doing Christian outreach (leafletting, street preaching, sharing testimony etc). They are very forceful and vocal against the Biblical view of Jesus.

Believers International: Followers of the heretical false prophet William Branham. Publishes a paper called "Believers News". 

Bhagwan Shree Rajneesh (aka: OSHO, Rajneesh Gautama the Buddha, Acharya Rajneesh, Chandra Mohan Jain): Dead Indian guru leader who's teachings and followers continue to grow. Dangerous group known for their poisoning of salad bars with Salmonella Typhimurium and causing 1000's to suffer serious stomach problems. Many corrupt and illegal practices have been carried out by members in order to gain power in local government including vote rigging, arson, attempted murder and drug smuggling.

Bhakti Yoga: A form of Yoga (Yoga = Link with an Indian pagan god) practiced by devotion and service to an Indian Guru.

Bible Believers, Inc: Oneness Pentecostals who follow the teachings of the heretical false prophet William Branham.

Bible Code: This book is a twisted and devious attempt to make people ignore the plain and simple message of Salvation in the Scriptures, and attempt a form of Gnostic / Esoteric / Kabalistic interpretation of them making people read the Bible in ways it was never meant to be read. See my article on The Bible Code

Bible Way Church of Our Lord Jesus Christ: A Oneness Pentecostal group who hold to Baptismal regeneration based on their unique formula. They too claim to be the 'one true church'.

Branhamism (William Branham): William Branham taught that the Trinity was a doctrine of the devil. His view of God / Jesus was pretty much a rehashing of the Modial -Monarchianism (Patripassianism) taught by the 2nd century heretic Sabellius. He also that Eve had sex with the serpent in the garden of Eden and her demonic offspring are people descended from Cain who will never understand salvation (as he taught it!). He taught proper baptism was necessary for salvation, and it could only be done in 'Jesus Name' (same as Oneness Pentecostals). He claimed he held a special role as God's uniquely empowered end-time prophet, or other times claimed to be the 'Laodicean' messenger / angel. of the end times. Some of his followers claim he was Elijah returned. He was killed in a car crash but his followers still listen to his tapes, read his books / sermons every Sunday (some Welsh Branhamites have started an 'Adventist' movement and now worship on Saturdays). His end time prophecies and date setting have failed to come true, and his followers reinterpret them to mean something else

Brotherhood of the Cross and Star: Pseudo Christian African cult from Nigeria which elevates itself above Christianity and it's leader Olumba above Jesus. Total dedication to Olumba and his teachings is mandatory. Meetings are daily and when Olumba speaks he rambles on for hours often losing track of the point of his teachings. This group have come over to Ireland and England. Believed to be very dangerous in Africa where mysterious deaths and murders have been reported.

Brethren: Not to be confused with The Brethren Church. Brethren usually go about in two's and look like tramps. They have renounced all worldly possessions so they eat and clothe themselves out of rubbish bins. Their way of spreading their beliefs is one to one discipling. When one is trained up he must find a disciple and start again instructing in the ways of the street and rejection of society and working for their salvation.

British Israelism (or Anglo Israelism): A doctrine usually associated with white racist cults, or cults that had an agenda and needed a bit of extra biblical false history to build a doctrine. But now used by cult churches that broke away from the Worldwide Church of God (Armstrongism) cult, it is also taught in the Revival Centre International cult. The idea of British Israelism is the unscriptural theory that Britain and the United States constitutes the 10 lost tribes of Israel who were carried away as captives by the Assyrians in 722 B.C. Great Britain and the USA are believed to be the Anglo-Saxon ancestors of the tribes Ephraim and Manasseh (predominantly), so it may be inferred by British-Israelism that white, English speaking people are really the chosen people of God. It is also believed that the Jews who were living in Israel at the time of Christ are now under a curse for rejecting the Messiah. The Israelites (the lost 10 tribes) now become the inheritors of God's promises. There is so much evidence against this view it's a wonder how some can be so ignorant to believe it. An excellent resource for studying this doctrine and refuting it is the book by Michael Friedman called "The Origins of the British Israelites: The Lost Tribes" As far as I am aware it is available from

The Bruderhof Community: A Closed community of Bible believers also known as the Hutterian Brethren started in the 1920's. Their theology is pretty right down the line Biblical, but the group has cultic tendencies in the control it exercises over members lives through shunning, separation and spiritual abuse.

Buddhism: World religion that teaches the ideals of the historical figure Siddhartha Gautama Buddha (560 B.C.) and spiritualizes them in a way he never intended them to be!. There are many sects of Buddhism and divergent groups including Nichiren Shoshu Buddhism, Aum Shinri Kyo (Famous for their Sarin gas attacks on the Tokyo underground ), Lamaism, Zen, Tara Buddhist Centres (where the false christ Matreyia keeps popping up), Theravada and Mahayana. Some strands of Buddhism teach Reincarnation, others deny this. Buddhism was started as a protest against Hindu doctrines. Many Hindu beliefs cross over into Buddhism as a result of this.


C.a.r.p: (Colligate association for the Research of Principals) Front group recruiting for the Unification Church (Moonies)

C.A.U.S.A.: Another front group recruiting for the Unification church (Moonies)

Catholicism, I Am writing a book on this at present. Please bear with me on this one. I do consider many of it's teachings to be anti-christian and cultic. I have much research to do and confirm, and the piles of Catholic books I have to plough through is nothing short of a superhuman effort!. I have included the first 3 chapters for your examination and comments. Please read my Catholic Book and pass on any comments or points you think might be of help.

Centre for Wisdom Spirituality: Universalist teaching group that publishes a 'positive stories' widely distributed magazine called Interconnections.

Charkas: Come from Hindu religious belief. These charkas are 7 invisible points on the body shaped like rotating lotus flowers which work like vortexes for the Kundalini (a spiritual serpent coiled at the base of the spine, sometimes sanitized for western minds as an 'energy') to move through. When all 7 charkas are cleared through such 'cleansing' methods as Yoga, Reiki, good diet, good karma, placing of crystals (or whatever your new age guru recommends) the serpent can uncoil, pass through all 7 charkas and enter through the top of the forehead bringing 'enlightenment'. There is no scientific evidence for either charkas or kundalini serpents in anybody, it is totally derived from early Hindu beliefs.

Channelling: An occultic practice in which a disembodied 'spirit' enters the body of the 'channeller' (usually a 'Medium' or person claiming psychic powers) to speak and pass on messages to those gathered. Sometimes the 'entities' which speak through the channeller can be spirits of the departed, animal spirits, telepathic communication from aliens, gods or whatever happens to be in vogue at the time. Thoroughly condemned in the Bible and an unchristian practice.

Chen Tao: (AKA: God's Salvation Church, The Right Way, known in Taiwan as 'God Saves the Earth Flying Saucer Foundation'). Believed to be founded in 1996 by Hong Min Chen this unusual group has made headlines in many international newspapers predicting the end of the world and the Lord's return in a flying saucer in 1998. When this didn't happen (as you probably noticed!) Hong Min Chen came up with a 'spiritualised' excuse  (as do all cults) for why we didn't see God returning in a ufo. It was because 'we had all become gods ourselves' as the prophet Hong Min Chen claimed!. The group has a centre near central park in which they claim people with cancer and aids can be healed, and as yet there is no evidence this has happened. Their beliefs are a mixture of Christianity, Taiwanese folklore, Buddhism and New Age science fiction.

Children of God (aka: Heaven's Magic, World Services, Martinelli, Family of Love, Fellowship of Independent Christian Churches, but mostly known now as 'The Family'): Founded in 1968 This group has been well known for it's paedophiliac practices, wife swapping, prostitution and deceptive money collecting. Members usually seen selling balloons or balloon figures or 'Christian' tracts, allegedly for Romanian orphanages or Hospitals. Group was started by the late and often reclusive David 'Moses' Berg (known as Da or Dad Moses). The group is now run by his mistress Karen Zerby (known in the group as Maria or Blind Maria). David Berg's writings and Maria's writings are seen as a further revelation of the Scriptures. David's writings were known as the 'Mo Letters' and are often referred to by their number for example when they started 'Flirty Fishing' or 'Hookers For Jesus' it was revealed in 'Mo Letter #302-C 309. (The doctrine of flirty fishing or hookers for Jesus was a way of drawing men in by the girls in the group attracting men and enticing them with sex!. The group on the surface may appear Christian but they hide much until they have you long enough. Then they will begin revealing they believe in contacting spirits of the dead (Spiritism), or channelling and receiving revelation from them. David 'Moses' berg made many false prophesies including that California would be destroyed by an earthquake, and that the United States would be destroyed by the comet Kohoutek by January 1974 (Mo Letter #280, para. 12). He also prophesied that Jesus Christ was to return in 1993 (Mo Letter #456, para. 25). In July 1993 a 'Mo letter' encouraged individual members to 'infiltrate' nominal and liberal churches and 'gain favour' with them, possibly to draw members out. They were warned not to go to 'Evangelical or Bible believing - teaching churches' "because they would have to compromise too much" (Mo Letter #2687, pp. 1-9). Their view of God or the Trinity on the surface sounds like it's Christian but again 'Mo Letters' expose their real teachings. In Mo Letter #286:23 God the Father is described as "a sexy, naked god in a wild orgy of the Spirit", and in 'Mo Letter'# 520:27 He is described as "A Pimp". Their idea of Jesus is even more outlandish. In Mo Letter# 1061 published in 1981 "Jesus was conceived by Mary having sex with the Archangel Gabriel". This wasn't a once off 'revelation because it was repeated in Mo Letter #1566 published 1983 and Mo Letter #2359 published 1990. Worse still, David 'Moses' Berg taught by 'revelation' of another one of his 'spirit guides' that Jesus fornicated many times with His female followers, especially with Mary, Martha and Mary Magdalene (Mo Letter #651:45 Mo Letter #569:183 and Mo Letter# 48:10). And, if that is not enough, Berg teaches that Jesus had a sexually transmitted disease (Mo Letter #569). There is confusion in the group regarding the Deity of Christ. Some believe He is God, others believe He was created. David Moses Berg contradicted himself teaching both views!. Regarding the Holy Spirit, they teach the Holy Spirit is a female, despite scriptures saying contrary (see Romans 8 for instance). The "law of love", Berg's twisting of passages like John 1:17, 1 Corinthians 6:12, Galatians 5:14 etc have produced one of the central heresies of The Family. Berg teaches that the law has been abrogated and has been replaced by love and the law of the Spirit which Berg interprets to means "if someone's actions are motivated by love [unselfish] and are not hurtful to anyone else involved, then those actions are acceptable to God" ("Our Basic Beliefs"). In other words, license is given to fornication, adultery, vulgarity, profanity, even group sex (formerly incest, prostitution, and child sex as well). Spiritism and the occult: Berg has a long history of personal involvement with and endorsement of astrology, possession and revelation by spirit guides and helpers (which included departed saints and pagans), use of mediums. In addition to Necromancy, Berg claimed to have had sexual intercourse with spirits and pagan goddesses (Mo Letters #621:26; 554; 102:7-12; 61:17; 268:1-2, 12;107:18, 25).

Church of Christ: Goes under many different names, not to be confused with the mainline Churches of Christ which are a denomination in themselves. The churches of Christ in this entry include such groups as 'The Boston Church of Christ', 'London Church of Christ' 'Dublin Church of Christ' a group that names itself after whichever city it's in. There is also the 'Crossroads Church of Christ', 'Central Church of Christ' which are also part of the movement. These churches are dangerous because of their heavy discipling policies and control they exert over members. Salvation within these churches is distorted to be dependant on your baptism by their church, contrary to the Biblical teaching that "Salvation is by grace through faith, not of works..." (See Ephesians 2:8-9). There are many verses in the Scriptures which they are taught in a distorted way which makes salvation dependant on baptism especially Acts 2:38.  For a full refutation of this group and it's distorted teachings have a look at this article I have written a few years ago on this group Church of Christ (Boston Movement, Crossroads, Central Church of Christ etc) Here also are links to some sites which deal specifically with  the Church of Christ break off groups cultic behaviour Boston / Crossroads /Central Churches of Christ . Reveal  Another site dealing with the Boston / Central / Crossroads Churches of Christ. Well worth a visit, plenty of documentation.

Christadelphians: Founded in 1844 by John Thomas. The Christadelphians eventually came about through John Thomas following his excommunication from 'The Campbellites' (Later to become the Church of Christ) because of theological disagreements. Later he came under the influence of the false prophet William Miller (who's false prophecies were spiritualised and reinterpreted following their failure, by Ellen G.White, founder of the 7th Day Adventists). John Thomas joined the Millerites and began teaching the soon coming end of the world in 1847 as a missionary in England. Following a series of disappointing failed prophecies by Miller, the Millerites broke up (except those who followed E.G.White and became the 7th Day Adventists). John Thomas's began to teach more his doctrines and beliefs which formed the basis for Christadelphian doctrine. He never lost his belief that the world was soon to end and wrote a 3 part commentary on the book of Revelation called 'Eureka' (I've got it!). He predicted the world would come to an end sometime between 1864 -1868. This didn't come to pass and that false prophecy was glossed over the same way all cults gloss over their leaders false prophecies!. As this is a deceptive group, they sometimes hide their Christadelphian name and call themselves by other names to recruit. Unique beliefs include calling their church gatherings ecclesia's, Jesus didn't exist before His birth to Mary, Jesus not God, no Heaven or Hell or eternal punishment, Holy Spirit is just God's influence. Salvation depends on their baptism and works. Their teachings have a very unusual twist on repentance, it comes as a 'gift' following baptism as this quote from Elpis Israel (Elpis Israel means "The Hope of Israel) their most important book of doctrine teaches ďThat ye be immersed in the Name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Spirit, that you may become the recipient of repentance and remission of sins, or an imputation of righteousness, through, the Name of Jesus(Elpis Israel, 1925 Edition, Page 117).

Church of Bible Understanding (formerly 'The Forever Family"): Founded by Stewart Traill 1971 as the Forever Family. Abusive group that has high demands of members including large group communal living in squalid conditions and total submission of all wages. Male - female relationships are discouraged as are weddings. Members hold down daytime jobs but every evening and night they must attend meetings as well as proselytise on the streets until very late. Then in 1989 founder Stewart Traill came out with the revelation he had been born again and he repented of having sex with 4 female members of the group. Stewart Traill still exercises heavy handed authority over the group who are declining rapidly.

Church Universal and Triumphant (previously known as Summit Lighthouse): Renamed by Elizabeth Claire Prophet (who believes she is a reincarnation of the Biblical Martha) and founded by her late husband Mark Prophet (who believed he was a reincarnation of Sir Lancelot from the roundtable knights from the courts of King Arthur). Their 'Bible' is a book channelled to Elizabeth from an 'Ascended Master' entitled "Climb the Highest Mountain". Teachings are esoteric interpretations of different world religions including Roman Catholicism (interpreting Mary to be an 'Earth Goddess), Hinduism (especially Krishna worship). Other influences are teachings that mirror Rosicrucianism, Theosophy, Ascended Masters and the 'Great White Brotherhood', Positive Confession is used in the same way as those who follow such false teachers as Kenneth Copeland, Kenneth Hagin, Benny Hinn etc. where the belief that 'confessing is possessing' and by confessing or proclaiming something, you will have it. (This teaching can be traced back to 'New Thought' teachings of Phineas Quimby and Mary Baker Eddie, founder of Christian Science cult.) God is seen as a 'dualistic pantheism' of all matter and spirit. In essence all matter has spirit and the spirit must be 'cleansed' until it can 'ascend' eventually becoming one with the great spirit. The group is seen as dangerous because of the stockpiling of military weapons since 1973. Slave like conditions have been reported by people who have escaped their underground complexes and camps. Elizabeth Claire Prophet's fourth husband was caught transporting large amounts of heavy artillery and gold krugerands to their underground compounds in Montana. They have a doomsday philosophy as well and Mrs Prophet has proven on many occasions to be a false prophet in claiming the date for the end of the world and it passing without happening. Mrs Prophet has appeared many times on the Orprah Winfrey show spreading her false spirituality.

Copeland, Kenneth & Gloria: Heretical teachers who preach a false gospel of health and prosperity. Also teach you are a god: ďYou donít have a God in you. You are one!Ē - (The Force of Love audiotape) Teach a false Christ e.g.: ďJesus existed only as an image in the heart of God, until such time as the prophets of the Old Testament could positively confess Jesus  into existence through their constant prophecies.Ē (Kenneth Copeland, The Power of the Tongue, pp. 8-10). Teaches Jesus was 'Born Again' in Hell after taking on the nature of satan on the cross. Jesus physical death on the cross couldn't pay for our sins is another of his heresies. Unfortunately these false teachers are accepted into Christian churches by people without discernment, and their books are sold in Christian book shops.

A Course in Miracles:


Da Vinci Code: An Anti-Christian bestselling novel that is supposedly based on Fact. The truth is, it is so full of falsehoods, inaccuracies, historical error and 'facts' (based entirely on known forgeries!) that it's a wonder why anyone with any sense or intelligence would read it. To believe in this book puts you in the same category as those who believe Elvis was kidnapped by Aliens and He's now singing for them on the planet glog!. There have been more than 30 books to date refuting the claims of the Da Vinci Code as well as many articles and television programmes but it appears secular bookshops aren't interested in having their bestseller stopped from being sold. Also it's a well known fact that the world prefers the darkness of error and has little time to let the truth shine. See John 1:4-14 and 2Corinthians 4:2-6. I will be putting up a page shortly to show many of the lies and falsehoods this piece of junk propagates. Beware of the Da Vinci Code falsehoods it will lead you laughing at Christians down the dark path to Hell. (Update) The film of the book is due for release shortly Produced by Tom Hanks and starring Nicholas Cage. Although I admire the acting and directing skills of both of these people, I won't be going to see the movie as it will only give more money to those who seek to pervert the truth. Please consider avoiding this trash as well.

Dianetics (see Church of Scientology)



End Time Handmaidens and Servants: an authoritarian cult that mixes Mormonism, Spiritism, esoteric teachings and Christianity. Gwen Shaw the leader of the cult has written books that appear to borrow much from Mormonism and Spiritism. Her books have been endorsed by people who are supposed to have more 'discernment', such as C.Peter Wagner, Jan & Paul Crouch, Benny Hinn (in fact regularly endorsed by Benny Hinn and his wife who spoke at their conference in 2003. Benny Hinn's wife has since become a member). Here is the true story of a member who has come out and who wants the world to know what the End Time Handmaidens is really about. End Time Handmaidens. The person who's testimony of abuse in the cult and discovery of the founders plagiarisms from other esoteric writings has now put up a website to give more info and answer e-mails regarding this group Click Here to visit his site

The Eternal Way


Falun Gong / Falfun Dalfa. Chinese religious cult that is gaining many converts across the world through claiming it is being 'Persecuted'. In reality it is causing much trouble for itself in China, some extremists are setting themselves on fire in places like Tieneman sq. to supposedly draw attention to their plight. It's teachings are deadly in that it teaches the usage of medicines aren't necessary etc. (ps: I do not work for the Chinese government to suppress this cult as I have been accused of doing by some members!)

The Family (see Children of God)

Findhorn Foundation

Freemasonry : A group that poses as a 'Fraternal' organization founded to educate and help. In reality it's an esoteric religious cult that hides it's true purpose until it's members are sweetened up and will slowly accept it's false gospel of works, will deny Jesus, will worship Lucifer and Baal and will willingly make blood curdling oaths if they reveal any of their 'secrets'. See my paper on them .  

Freemasonry examined. Or Can a Christian be a Freemason? Another of my "Examined" series.




Hagin, Kenneth: Heretical 'faith' teacher who teaches a false gospel that Jesus had to' die spiritually' and be 'Born Again' in Hell for our salvation. Also teaches 'Faith' is a tangible substance we must build up and that God cannot act unless we have enough faith. Known to teach the 'you are little gods' heresy as well. See his entry in my Dictionary of false christs

Harť Krisnas: Also known as I.S.C.O.N or International Society for Krishna Consciousness. Easily identifiable and can be seen in many cities dressed in orange robes hopping about banging drums and chanting 'Hare Krishna' mantra. Group believes it is ok to lie and deceive to get donations from the unwary. Will disguise themselves wearing wigs etc and claiming to be collecting for orphanages in India. Group has been known for arms and drug dealing offences. Philosophy that the 'end justifies the means' underlies their underhand dealings and deception of the unwary. Most devotees may not be aware of all the behind the scenes drug and arms dealings, but would be aware of using deception to get funds. They are taught they are helping you when they relieve you of your cash, as it helps towards your good karma whether you know it or not, as all things (including the money in your pocket /wallet /purse )are Krishna's property!

Heaven's Magic (see The Children of God or The Family)


ISCON (see Hare Krisnas)


Jesus Only Churches: Oneness Pentecostalism, Apostolic Churches etc.

Jehovah's Witnesses

The Watchtower Bible & Tract Society / Jehovah's Witnesses examined One of my "Examined" articles

Explaining the Gospel to Jehovah's Witnesses How to help a Jehovah's Witness leave their cult and come to Jesus

An Excellent Book I recommend highly Awakening of a Jehovah's Witness by Diane Wilson If you have family or friends who are becoming involved in the Jehovah's Witnesses, or are trying to help someone leave them this book is for you. Why not visit Her web page and purchase a copy? Diane Wilson's Book page

Watchtower Bible & Tract Society Jehovah's Witnesses List . This is a link page with hundreds of sites dealing especially with Watchtower falsehoods and deceptions.

Jehovah's Witnesses wanted our Baby to DIE. An excellent true story about how the Watchtower REALLY treats it's members.


Kabbalah Centre: (Founder Rabbi Philip Berg, (he changed his name from Feivel Gruberger, previously an insurance salesman from Brooklyn). Quick definition: Modern day reworking of middle age Jewish mysticism, occult mixed with new age beliefs. Berg like many cult leaders has 'reinvented himself' and created a false past which makes him the world authority of the Kabbalah. His son from his first marriage Avraham Gruberger, 'blew the whistle' on his false past and showed Berg up as being a phoney. His alleged visit to Jerusalem to study the Kabbalah was in fact an insurance sales trip, this has been confirmed by his own father. His claim that he studied under Rabbi Brandwein one of the foremost experts of the Kabbalah until his death in 1969 and then took over his school is another falsehood proved by the late Rabbi Brandwein's own son. Brandwein's son even goes on to say he never ever saw or heard of Berg until questions were asked within the last 3 years. He claims Berg has no connection whatsoever with their school.  The Kabbalah Centre has been a big influence on showbiz celebrities almost 'competing' with the Church of Scientology for their attention!. Famous members include Madonna (who is now almost a spokeswoman for the cult and who has donated millions to help build Kabbalah centres worldwide), Guy Ritchie Madonna's husband also acts like some sort of evangelist inviting or buying courses for showbiz friends and celebs. Britney Spears has shown interest and has been seen wearing the red-string bracelet that members purchase for a 'donation' of US $26 (the bracelet is supposed to ward off evil!) as well as Hebrew letters (possibly the 'names of God') tattooed like a charm on her body (possibly temporary henna tattoos). Other celebrity members include Demi Moore, Naomi Campbell, Elizabeth Taylor, Barbra Streisand, Winona Ryder, Normandie Keith, Sabrina Guinness, Ashton Kutcher, Paris Hilton, England international football captain David Beckham his wife (ex Spice Girl) Victoria Beckham, Mick Jagger,  (former Mormon) Roseanne Barr, Sandra Bernhard. Jerry Hall former wife of Mick Jagger left the Kabbalah centre in disgust when she was told she would have to donate 10% of her income to "pass through a doorway to miracles".  Followers believe colours, numbers words and letters have mystic powers (occult practice) and usually change their names for instance Madonna is called Esther, and her latest album and 'reinvention' tour is filled with Kabalistic imagery. The group teaches God is a force not a person (new age idea), and change and goodness comes from introspection (pretty much 'a guided looking inside yourself and finding what you like'). Studying the Kabbalah without learning Hebrew seems crazy but berg teaches that 'Scanning' (running your finger over Hebrew texts) quickly and making out words or patterns leads to enlightenment!. Money making 'fetishes' are sold like the red string for protection from evil which 'has been empowered by wrapping it around the tomb of Rachel', Kabbalah water is also sold at £3.50 a bottle with the promise if you continue to drink it you'll never get sick and it can cure cancer. No good explanation given for what makes it special except that 'Kabalistic incantations have been made over it and it comes from a pure spring'. Face cream £90, again supposed to spiritually cleanse and relieve stress and aging 'Anti-stress candles' which when lit are supposed to relieve stress again £20 a go!. An 'Astrological chart' will cost you £180 (astrology is called an abomination many times by God in the Bible). Even baby accessories and charms are  sold for £150 for 'protection' from evil forces. Entrance to the group is through evening courses held either in Kabbalah centres worldwide or evening schoolrooms hired out by members. The 10 lesson course costs £180 sterling ($327). There are many other expensive courses held by Kabbalists like "How To Date Your Soul Mate" (£90), "12 Steps To Lasting Love" (£190), "Kabbalah and the Modern Woman" (£90). Textbooks are exorbitantly priced some at over $450 with no explanation for the high price. Members have complained they have been pressurised into 'donating' large sums of money with promises of miracles as a result.  This is on top of having to give 10% of your income to the organisation. Money and sex seem to play a big part of the teachings of the Kabbalah centres, (but what's new there? many cults thrive on these two!). Traditional Jewish Kabbalists decry the whole 'pop culture' or 'easy fix' version of their Kabbalah. They say studying the Kabbalah requires purity and many many years studying the Torah (the first 5 books of the Bible). Kabbalah centre students are falsely told that Jesus, Marx, Plato, Pythagoras, Shakespeare and Newton were students of the Kabbalah, this is probably to cover up the fact that many of their books have plagiarized and twisted their teachings and meanings.


Latter Day Saints (see Mormonism)


Mormonism: Non Christian group which has been doing everything in it's power to make itself look and sound more Christian. Will use Christian terminology and deliberately deceive by agreeing or being vague with prospective converts or during media interviews. They believe God was once a sinful man who lived on another planet but who earned his salvation and became a god (as will all good male Mormons). He lives on an unnamed planet near the star Kolob with his many wives sexually procreating 'spirit babies' which will go on to have a pre-existence on that same planet and then be born on earth to human parents. Their birth circumstances will depend on how good they were on their birth planet. This god's first two sons were satan and Jesus, so they believe satan and Jesus are brothers, and we are all somehow related to them through the same spiritual parents!.

Explaining the Gospel to Mormons An article showing Christians how to discuss the Gospel with Mormons to help them to leave their cult and come to Jesus for salvation.

Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints / Mormons examined Another of my "Examined" articles

The Mormon Jesus revealed My detailed examination of the False Jesus that Mormons believe in. All quotes are from their own writings, shocking and controversial. I have had Mormons leave the Mormon church because of this article, and potential Mormon converts thank me for exposing the false Jesus of Mormonism. The end purpose of the article isn't controversy for the sake of controversy, but to lead Mormons out of their cult to the real Jesus of the Bible for the salvation of their souls, and to warn potential recruits to Mormonism that it isn't Christian. 

The Mormon God defined Another article using primary source material from Mormon writings to show their god isn't the same God of Christians.

Melchizedek My article examining of The Melchizedek Priesthood. This isn't a 'cult' article as such, but a Biblical study of Jesus in His capacity of "The High Priest in the Order of Melchizedek". It shows that there cannot be another person with the Melchizedek priesthood, despite Mormons and New Age cults 'ordaining' people into the Melchizedek Priesthood.

Answering LDS A great site with lost of articles and testimonies exposing Mormonism

Original 1830 Book of Mormon A valuable resource to researchers and tool to convince Mormons of the false belief in the most perfectness of the Book of Mormon. Download it here for free

Original Book of Commandments Another valuable file for expert researchers and tool for drawing people away from the supposedly 'Inspired' teachings and doctrines of the false prophet Joseph Smith and Mormonism.

Documentary Evidence Exposing Mormonism . This is a link that I found. It has some very good stuff here but it also has some anti Christian links, so be careful!.



New Age

Examining the New Age Another one of my "Examined" articles

New Acropolis







Peniel, Brentwood Essex  Click the link to see some news articles exposing Peniel. Peniel was founded by Pastor Mike Reid who has many questions to answer regarding the control he exerts over his 'flock' having harmed many. Beware of his cult, we are aware of this cult from personal experience and contact with many who have been harmed.




Raelians or RaŽlians: A Religious Cult that presently has the world believing they have cloned 2 babies and are wallowing in free publicity for as long as they can. They of course will hide them as well as they have hidden their swastikas and any other incriminating stuff. Presently all new female members must sleep with the cults leader RaŽl. RaŽl's reinterpretation of the Bible by his awful (or possibly even non) understanding of Biblical Hebrew and Greek make up most of the doctrines of this group, as well as revelations supposedly given by aliens he met / is in psychic contact with. RaŽl wants to break down all moralistic social inhibitions by encouraging sex for pleasure with a free attitude to homosexuality, different partners, transsexuals monogamy etc. Sex is not for procreation, that's what cloning is for!. These teachings are all taught in his 'Course of Awakening' in which sex is quite important to RaŽlians. Another project of RaŽl's is a one world government. He wants to gather the most intelligent (in his opinion!) people and have them run the world from a base. RaŽl teaches that Christians are all wrong, small minded and the Christian church teaches lies. He further says Jesus did die on the cross, and his resurrection was him being cloned. RaŽl believes (the known false prophet) Joseph Smith was a messenger of God, he also supports Scientology and the Moonies as valid religious expressions.

Revival Centres International: (Also Revival Churches International, Revival Fellowships, Geelong Revival Centres) This is a collective name for three groups which were once one group from New Zealand (The National Revival Crusade, now known as the Christian Revival Crusade), but they split from the main group over differences. The groups are now worldwide and spreading fast. They hold much the same doctrines. They are Revival Fellowships (founded by Lloyd Longfield), Geelong Revival Centres (founded by Noel Hollins) and Christian Assemblies (founded by Scott Williams).  Heavy controlling group. Yet another cult that teaches it is the "only true church". Unique doctrines include Salvation evidenced only by 'Speaking in Tongues' and anyone who doesn't speak in tongues isn't saved. British Israelism (an anti-Semitic false history usually employed by racist groups) and the 'Great pyramid' as a revelation of God make this group teachings unique. Some teachings from one of the leaders (Lloyd Longfield) hint they deny the deity of, and pre existence of Jesus Christ and have no belief in the Trinity. A good Christian site which exposes and examines their teachings is at Rci Info  The site has a very interesting article called "Revival Centres answered verse by verse" by Nick Greer. Well worth a read as this group moves fast and it appears they use the same high pressure techniques that many cults use to get single young people to join like bombarding unaware young Christians with scripture after scripture (out of context mostly), love bombing, false friendship and emotional blackmail. Some ex members reported pressure to marry, another cult tactic used by many groups to hold members in.


Sai Baba:  Indian guru who claims to be God incarnate, Jesus reincarnated or a god-man. Has millions of followers in India who flock to his ashram. He uses sleight of hand and simple conjuring tricks to make trinkets and Djibouti (sacred ash) appear. Many young men he handpicked to get close to him or join his 'inner circle' have left making accusations of him being a homosexual and carrying out perverse acts with young men. Many keep quiet because of threats of death. Many mysterious deaths of young men by burning in or near the ashram have been suppressed but have come out. Local police are loathe to investigate as are many politicians. Then again he has among his followers police and high ranking politicians. Two good books to read on Sai Baba are 'Lord of the Air' by Tal Brooke (a former devotee) and 'Avatar of the Night' also by Tal Brooks both available at Spiritual Counterfeits Project website

School of Philosophy & Economic Science: Esoteric / occultic teachings which address neither philosophy nor science. Life controlling religious cult which destroys families and has been trying to influence governments. See book "Secret Cult" by Peter Human and Andrew Hogg, published by Lion paperbacks (possibly available online)


Operation Clambake . A board that is well worth looking into for it's content alone. Many original documents about the Church of Scientology

Some free books exposing $cientology - Dianetics . Try this site a few times if you don't get in first time. Another site to try is this one with many books available. It has some full books and testimonies of those who were deceived by Scientology / Dianetics.

7th Day Adventists Examined Another of my "Examined" series

Here's an Excellent Site Documenting the False Teachings & History of the 7th Day Adventists

Shriners (see Freemasonry)

Spiritism: Read a Biblical critique on Spiritism by W.E.Vine here Spiritism Unmasked

Summit Lighthouse (see Church Universal and Triumphant)


Tara Meditation Centres: Cover organisation for Benjamin Creme and his false 'Jesus Lord Matreyia', an Indian immigrant who worked in a chip shop in London's West End who claims to be Jesus, Buddha and many other masters rolled into one!

Theosophy: Esoteric group founded by Russian 'Medium' Helena Petrova Blavatsky. Teaches 'Ascended masters' doctrines, says Jesus was just another ascended master, an 'enlightened one'. Group believes in Spiritism and many forms of occultism. Also teaches reincarnation, but is the originator of the 'Westernised' sanitised idea of reincarnation or transmigration of the soul. Their unique twist on reincarnation has been adopted by many new agers unknowingly.

Transcendental Meditation: it's not scientific, it's a religion, also has political front pushing it's Vedic philosophies "Natural Law Party"


Unification Church (Moonies): Founded by Sun Myung Moon or Rev. Moon. This group goes by many names and fronts. Author, researcher and former member Steve Hassan has found the Moonies have about 3000 'front' organisations including restaurant chains, television stations, newspapers even colleges. Other fronts are 'mutual' organisations which exist only to 'donate' large sums of money to get Rev. Moon's  political aims brought forward. Rev. Moon has claimed many times to be Jesus, The Messiah, and other lofty claims. He claims Jesus failed in His mission, that his mission was to start the perfect family but he was unexpectly crucified. A cursory look at any of the 4 gospels or anywhere the New Testament will show this not to be the case. Moon has his own form of bible called "The Divine Principal". Moon has been exposed to be a tax fraud and served a prison sentence for tax evasion. His setting up of the 'perfect family' shows him to be a fraud as well, because so far he has had 2 divorces, one of his sons ended up a drug addict who committed suicide. Moon gets recruits through college campuses and young people inviting others to parties and weekends away. It is at these weekends away that extreme group pressure, love bombing, long lectures, little time alone to reflect or think (or sleep!) that can be a 'brainwashing process' that makes the unsuspecting join. 

Unitarianism: Extremely liberal church that denies Deity of Christ, Trinity, Holy Spirit. Is confused as to whether God is Male, Female, or if there is a God at all! Sometimes 'worships' God in the female gender. This group claims to be tolerant of all, and appears to be if you're liberal enough to believe anything, but is vehemently intolerant of Biblical Christianity, the preservation of, inspiration and completeness of the Bible. 

Universalism: In some countries it has paired itself with Unitarianism and the churches are called Unitarian Universalist Churches. Universalism itself believes that there is no hell and all mankind will be in Heaven. Some hold to a time of punishment for the wicked duration depending on the severity of their deeds. Other Universalists might believe in annihilationism, where the wicked or unrepentant will cease to exist, being destroyed at death. Universalism is more a philosophy, a false teaching that has to ignore many Scriptures which show it to be a false teaching. Unfortunately it is gaining more ground in liberal and christian churches. I will be writing  / adding some articles which show and prove the existence of Hell as a fact as taught in the Scriptures.

United Pentecostals: Organisation of Churches who believe baptism in 'Jesus name only' is the only true baptism and entrance into salvation. They deny the Trinity. Some teach also that 'speaking in Tongues' is necessary for salvation.

Urantia Book / Fellowship: Believes Jesus was a spaceman called "Michael of Nebandon"


Victory Outreach: Founded and led from the top by Sonny Arguinzoni. This group seemed to have started out good helping people get off drugs and leading them to Christ. Unfortunately now many ex members have come out and exposed the dictatorial regime recruits live under. The leadership model by Sonny Arguinzoni is pyramid like, with those at the top benefiting from the slave like labour of the lower members. Members are sent out into the streets to solicit money without any accountability of what is collected and they rarely have proper licensing to collect.  In Dublin an ex member explained to me how they went out with 'clipboards' and a sheet of lined paper. They would stop passers by and ask them to sign a 'petition'  (the petition would be whatever good excuse you could make up) and then ask for a donation when the person was signing. They are transported about in unlicensed and uninsured cars (a serious crime in Ireland). The ex member questioned these things and was punished severely for questioning authority. The cult like atmosphere in the buildings they occupy is like a military regime where new members are paired off with an older member who goes everywhere (including the toilet) with the new member in case the new member has concealed drugs. The keeping a careful eye on new recruits is understandable to anyone who has worked closely with drug addicts trying to come off drugs, but the excessively harsh treatment they are subjected to in Victory Outreach is almost brainwashing. No freedom, Bible verses drilled into memorization, long periods of study and activity without rest, long repetitive prayer meetings, further teachings and so on. Leadership is unquestionable (using the same old verse used by all Bible based cults and false prophets out of context "Touch not the Lord's Anointed and do His prophets no harm" 1Chronicles 16:22 / Psalms 105:15)


Warldorf-Steiner Schools: Occultism, esoteric teachings, double talking group which conceals it's Luciferian doctrines

The Way International: Founded by the late Victor Paul Weirwille. Denies Deity of Jesus Christ, claims Holy Spirit is a Force and the Bible is corrupted. Entrance to cult is usually through friend / contact inviting you to home Bible study group where you are introduced to a course called 'Power for Living' which costs Euro 100-200. This course 'teaches you how to pray in tongues' a 'sign' you are saved according to their teachings. This group was in decline and had many splits or splinter groups breaking away following the death of founder Weirwille. Many of the splinter groups have seen recent growth.

Watchtower Bible & Tract Society

The Watchtower Bible & Tract Society / Jehovah's Witnesses examined One of my "Examined" articles

Explaining the Gospel to Jehovah's Witnesses How to help a Jehovah's Witness leave their cult and come to Jesus

An Excellent Book I recommend highly Awakening of a Jehovah's Witness by Diane Wilson If you have family or friends who are becoming involved in the Jehovah's Witnesses, or are trying to help someone leave them this book is for you. Why not visit Her webpage and purchase a copy? Diane Wilson's Book page

Watchtower Bible & Tract Society Jehovah's Witnesses List . This is a link page with hundreds of sites dealing especially with Watchtower falsehoods and deceptions.

Jehovah's Witnesses wanted our Baby to DIE. An excellent true story about how the Watchtower REALLY treats it's members.

See also Jehovah's Witnesses in this listing

Wicca & Druidism. Supposedly ancient pre-christian witchcraft or nature worship. In reality, it was invented by an anti-Christian Welshman by the name of Edward Williams in 1792. He changed his name to Lolo Morganwg and set about mixing oral folklore with inventions of his own imagination. In 1919 the Welsh paper Y Beirniad announced Lolo's work was a gigantic hoax after nearly 70 years examining his writings with Celtic linguists and historians. Exposing his lies hasn't stopped writers writing books for Wiccans or Druids though, his writing and false history are still used as reference works. He is quoted as an expert and revealer of dark or hidden secrets in books like Chronicles of Prydain, The White Goddess, The Island of the Mighty, Mysteries of Britain etc.


Xeno or Xemu, the Church of Scientology's idea of the devil. In their beliefs he deceives people who aren't members of Scientology (referred to by Scientologists as "The Wog World")


Yoga: deceptively passed off on people today as an exercise. Yoga means in Sanskrit "Yolk with the ultimate" (in conjunction with an Indian Deity.) There is NO form of Yoga that isn't a religious exercise. This includes TM (Transcendental Meditation) which is deceptively passed of as scientific, despite it being proven to be a religion and totally unscientific in a court of law and banned from public schools in America.





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