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Group Against Motorway Expansion

Campaigning against the M6 widening


What is GAME?


GAME was formed in 2004 by environmental activists in Stafford concerned about the government's intention to build over 50 miles of tolled expressway. This initial plan has been dropped in favour of widening the M6 from 4 to 6 lanes - at a cost of £3billion.


GAME are against any more road building and believe that the best answer would be to reduce the amount of traffic - by reducing the need for transportation of both people and goods.


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GAME Website Under Construction!

GAME will soon have a presence on the interenet in the form of its own website.


Stalls every Saturday.

Stafford - Market Square

Stone - TBA

Newcastle - TBA





The GAME 'Road to Destruction' film




The Way Ahead


The M6 Widening Briefing





Game Newsletter Issue 2

Game Newsletter Issue 1




Group Against Motorway Expansion - Campaigning against the M6 widening

For further information contact -

John Gale, Flat 1, George Bailey Court, Salt Avenue, Stafford. ST17 4SS.

Tel. - 01785 214894.

E-mail - john_gale@tiscali.co.uk


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