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  It occured to me the other day that one of the best ways to publish my work was to create a webpage. So here it is, for your viewing pleasure.

Also - as so aptly put by Eleanor in the Guest Book - this is shameless self promotion!

Please be aware that this site is still under construction, so if something doesnt work - let me know.



04.01.01 - I know, I've been slack. I've finally added one of Gigboys piccies to the SSSF art section.

12.12.00 - Added Sarahs Mums Oil painting and Jjjims digital photo to the SSSF gallery.

06.12.00 - Added more works to the SSSF art section.

05.12.00 - Added Cerians photo and poems to the SSF art section.

03.12.00 - Added S3F art Gallery. Minor updates on other pages.

01.12.00 - Minor editing to a number of pages. Created thumbnails for Galleries 1 and 3, and coded additional page for larger images.

28.11.00 - Created Copyright details page.

27.11.00 - Major recoding of HTML to remove Verbose Frontpage Express coding. (At request from SSSF). I have also added a Night Photgraphy Gallery, but it is still very small.

26.11.00 - 4 new photos in Gallery 1. About my work Contact and Links pages all updated.


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