Beer and Beer-Making
Ever since my college days in the early '80s I have been a fan of beer.  My tastes have not been for the mass-market varieties like Budweiser or Coors but for dark beers and the imports which have more flavor and character.  In college my favorite beer was Pryor Double Dark, a domestic dark beer brewed by Schmidts.  I also had a taste for Guiness and Fosters lager, although my interest in the latter probably had more to do with the Monty Python tie-in (Australian philosopher's sketch.)

In the early 1990's I got interested into beer-making and began making many of the styles of beer that I liked so much.  My favorite style is an English brown ale, which is easy to make and flavorful.  I have also brewed pilsners, german darks, bocks, porters, wheat beers, and honey lagers.

During that past ten years that has been a proliferation of micro-brewery beers and brew pubs that make some excellent beers that are readily available to the public.  Consequently, I have been less inclined to make my own beers, when similar ones are readily available at beer distributors and bars.
My favorite beers:
Young's Double Chocolate Stout
Magic Hat Number 9
Dogfish Head - Burton Baton Imperial IPA
Magic Hat Circus Boy
Bell's Oberon
Sara Buckwheat ale
Boddington's pub ale
Mackeson's XXX Stout
Guiness Stout
Yeungling Porter or Black and Tan
Penn Dark - from the
Penn Brewery in Pittsburgh
St. Nicholas Bock - another from th
Penn Brewery
Molson Brador
New Castle Brown ale
Pete's Wicked ale
Pryor Double Dark - no longer available
Bell Tower Brown Ale - No longer available from the Church Brew Works