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Hi, My name is Dan Moore.  I am 47 years old and live near Pittsburgh Pennsylvania.  I work as an engineer for a medical device company that manufactures injectors for angiography, CT scans and MRI scans.

A few years ago, my son Douglas made something called "Me in a Box," which he had seen on Nickelodeon.  Essentially, he put together a number of things in a shadow box to illustrate his many interests.  I decided to do something similar except using the internet instead of a cardboard box.  My interests are quite varied so here goes:


Monty Python
British/Imported Comedies

Dungeons & Dragons

Other role-playing games

Art - Impressionists
Beer & Beer-Making

Scotch Whiskey

Sci-Fi & Fantasy novels
Sci-Fi & Fantasy movies/TV

Tom Clancey novels

- rock, metal, grunge


My Biography
My Resume
A Rogues Gallery - People I know

Creating a Safe Space
Some people have a talent
For creating a Sacred Space;
Where others feel the comfort,
Natural safety they embrace.
Welcomed by the openness,
Where no judgements reside,
The implicit trust of feeling
In a heart that's opened wide.
This rare living treasure
Is a confidant and friend,
Whose honor is impeccable,
On whose word we can depend.
This person is a Wisdom Keeper
Who defends every Sacred Space
Through loyalty and acceptance,
The remembered gifts of grace.
- Jamie Sams

Lake Nipissing - Ontario, Canada
My favorite place to vacation