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My first exposure to British comedies happened around 1976 when I saw Monty Python's Flying Circus on WQED, the PBS affiliate in Pittsburgh. It used to air at 10 PM on Thurday nights, and I would stay up late on a school night to watch the madcap antics and sketches of John Cleese, Eric Idle and the rest of the Pythons.  Since then I have been hooked on the Britcoms and have enjoyed many wonderful shows that have crossed the ocean to grace our airwaves.  I have included a couple non-British shows in this category as well because it seemed the best place to put them.
My favorites include the following:

Fawlty towers - A John Cleese/Connie Booth masterpiece of comedy. Pythonesque
Mr Bean - A Rowan Atkinson creation that my son absolutely loves
Black Adder 1 through 4 - More excellent comedy from Rowan Atkinson
Allo Allo - Gordon Kaye's character Rene was great
Keeping Up Appearances - Hyacinth is one of my favorite characters of all time
Are You Being Served? - Somewhat dated but funny none the less
As Time Goes By - Dame Judi Dench and Geoffrey Palmer have great chemistry
Red Dwarf - Roxianne's favorite show - Lister is great: Chicken vindaloo and a beer milkshake...
Mother and Son - Australian import - Arte and his mum are hilarious
The Paul Hogan show - Another Aussie import that was very funny
The Red Green show - An excellent comedy import from Canada. ?Red is the king of duct tape.
Coupling - A contemporary Britcom that is sexy and brash. It makes "Friends" look pitiful by comparison
Father Ted - An irreverant spoof on the Catholic church in Ireland.  Father Dougal is a hoot.
Absolutely Fabulous - Jennifer Saunders and Joanna Lumley are great together