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Holyrood palace is located within the city of Edinburgh Scotland.  It is located at one end of the "Royal mile", which is a main street running between the palace and Edinburgh castle.  The Palace sits within the shadow of a towering rock outcrop known as Arthur's seat.  I believe that the formation is the remnants of a long extinct volcano.  Holyrood palace is the official residence of the Queen in Scotland and it is only inhabited for a few months during the year. During the rest of the time it is open to the public for tourning.  The Palace is lavishly furnished, and the art and fixtures are well worth a look.  Behind the palace are the remnants of Holyrood church with its towering columns and ornate stonework.  The grounds surrounding the palace are well maintained and the gardens are beautiful.  It was interesting to me that between Holyrood Palace and Edinburgh castle, my son's favorite place was neither.  It was the Games Workshop store situated along the Royal mile between them.  He and I spent an hour there checking out the miniatures, while my wife and mother shopped in the stores nearby.

Roxianne and Douglas admire the statue in the front garden