Urqhart Castle


Urqhart castle is located in the highlands of Scotland along the shores of Loch Ness. The castle is little more than ruins now, although several of the towers and buildings are still intact.  The location for the castle is quite picturesque as it sits on a promontory that overlooks the loch.  There are even remnants of a sea gate that the castle's occupants could use to access the castle from the shores of the loch.  The castle grounds also provide a wonderful vantage to look for Nessie, the Loch Ness monster.  We did not see the monster during our visits, although we did drive over to the far shore of the loch (20 mile trip) to see Boleskine cemetery.  The cemetery and nearby Boleskine House are interesting for a couple reasons.  If you are into the occult, then you probably know that Aleister Crowley, a self-proclaimed wizard, lived there in the early 1900's and may have used the cemetery for some of his rituals.   Boleskine House was later purchased by Jimmy Page of the band Led Zeppelin. This led some people to conclude that the band had some interest in the occult.

Urqhart castle

My mom, son, and wife take in the view of the castle and Loch Ness.  My son, Douglas, wants to know where Nessie is.