In 1984 I bought my wife a Pentax K1000 35 mm camera for Christmas.  It should have been the other way around because I have ended up using the camera far more than her.  I have dabbled in photography ever since and have taken a couple classes in photography.  My good friend, Bill Benson, who is a professional photographer, has also given many helpful pointers over the years.. Interestingly, I have never seen fit to upgrade from the Pentax K1000.  It has served me well for many vacations and outings. I have also used a Nikon digital camera from work to take many of the images for the website, although the ones featured in this section were 35 mm prints that were scanned.
The view from our cabin at Tom Rae Lodge
The  road to Glen Coe
in the Highlands of Scotland
My son, Douglas, with
his new feathered friend
Stalker castle on the western coast of Scotland The Scottish countryside near Ballater
Glastonbury Tor
The road to Tomintoul Scotland
A view of Paris from atop Notre Dame Cathedral