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Welcome to Dan's Coke Gallery, celebrating my favorite drink, Coca-Cola. I am NOT a collector of Coke things, but I love the drink. I have only a few recent-year Coke items, which decorate my office (3 stuffed bears, a ceramic figurine of two bears, a six pack of Coke in 8-ounce bottles, and a handful of recent empty Coke cans). But I've enjoyed surfing around the web and looking at the myriad splendid Coke-Cola memorabilia websites.

Even though I'm not an avid Coke collector, my love for the drink has prompted me to create a few Coke pages. Enjoy!

Coke Bottle - Argentina Coke Bottles from Around the World
An image gallery of ornamental Coke bottles decorated with the cultural motif of 31 countries. These images were formerly displayed in the Online Museum of the official CocaCola website. (The page may take a long time to load if you have slow Internet access.)
Coke Logo - Always the Real Thing Coke Clipart
An image collection of Coke logos, bottles, cans, and various other Coke-related clipart, gathered from around the web.

Cheers to Coke enthusiasts around the world!

Health Caution - Please know that drinking Coke and other soda beverages is not particularly healthy for you. Duh! If you do drink soda pop, take some time and become aware of the health risks. My rule of thumb is to practice moderation.
- ABC News article: A Soda a Day Keeps the Vitamins Away
- CSPI News Release: Soft Drinks Undermining Americans’ Health
- CSPI Report: Liquid Candy: How Soft Drinks are Harming Americans' Health
- American Dietetic Association daily tip: Soft Drinks and Kids
Did you know, Americans spend twice as much on soda pop as they do books?

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