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Welcome to Dan Simpson's cyber clip art globe collection. Here you will find a collection of more than 150 graphic images of globes gathered from all corners of the globe.

Terms of Use - Most of the images in this collection are of unknown copyright. Usually these are images that have appeared on "free clipart sites" and have been widely circulated as free for the taking. However, there is no guarantee that the material is public domain or copyright free. You generally are pretty safe if you use these images on non-commercial sites. If you have a commercial site, your best bet is to use only images that you know who the artist is and have received specific permission to use those images.

If you find copyright material on this site which is not properly noted, please contact me.

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Globes 1 - Small to Medium
Globes 2 - Medium-sized globes
Globes 3 - Globes with light backgrounds
Globes 4 - Map globes
Globes 5 - Large globes in space
World of Globes - Assorted images

For a huge collection of globes and various maps of the earth, go to
The Great Globe Gallery on the World Wide Web.

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