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6/1/04- Not much done. Changed some link names and deleted the memes page. New updates when school ends. I got a digital camera so I can start putting pics up too. Laterz!

1/16/04- Alright, added completely new likes/dislikes lists, some new quotes, questions, and tweaked the 'Me' page a little. Dunno what else I'll do later, but I'll find something that needs done. E-mail or leave a comment in the guestbook if anyone has any suggestions for me. Laterz!

1/15/04- New reviews are up, three new games! More updates this weekend. Laterz!

1/14/04- The New Year! I actually forgot about my little page for a while(hugs, apologizes), but I promise there will be at least one update soon, and I mean soon as in possibly this weekend. Stop with the skepticism already, sheesh. I have a life you know. Anyway, added some more links just now. But now I must sleep. Laterz!

11/15/03- Added a new page, the Memes page! Here I will put up the memes that I make for you to enjoy. There aren't very many now, but there will be later on. Have fun with them! Also added a link on the friends page, laterz!

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