Aesira & Enimeth
Sunisi Jisuins
Darkling Dawn
Name: Sunisi Jisuins
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Gender: Female
Breed: 1/2 Alugi, 1/2 Cliff Dragon
Height: 9 Feet
Abilities: Wind Manipulation, Verbal Speech
Personality: Sunisi lives in a world of rosy colors and endless time. She is never in a rush, never angry... never worried about anything. She will always stop to smell the flowers (every one if she has to), and she will always take the time to see the world as clearly as she can. Sunisi wants to live her life to the fullest- living simply and slowly is her way. Annatun will find her to be an easy charge, if a little bit slow to act. Besides being calm and collected, Sunisi is a polite dragoness and a friendly being.