Annatun & Rychwynth
Annatun & Rychwynth
Darkling Dawn
Name: Annatun
Race: Human
Gender: Male
Age: 24

Build: Very thin
Skin: Albino-pale
Hair: White, to shoulders, slightly curly
Eyes: Blue-violet

Appearance: Annatun's quite tall, around six and a half feet, and also extremely thin. His skin is very, very pale, the color of an albino, so he stays out of direct sunlight as much as possible. His fluffy, fainly curling hair falls just above his shoulders, and it is a brilliant white color. His eyes are violet-tinted blue, and in addition, he has some minor eye difficulties.
Personality: Ever the gentleman, Annatun is mild-mannered, calm, and collected. He's not upset easily and has a good temper. He's friendly, though a bit withdrawn and quiet. He's incredibly responsible and honest, if he says he'll do something, he'll do it, come hell or high water.
Past: Annatun was born into a fairly rich family in Star City and had a secure and slightly spoiled childhood. He has no siblings and was raised by his parents, but they were killed in an accident four years ago, and Annatun inherited everything. With more money than he could ever actually use, and therefore no need for a job, he had a lot of extra time on his hands. He decided to try to bond a dragon, and ended up bonding Rychwynth.
Some time later, they were visiting offworld when Annatun purchased a strange-looking egg of a species commonly kept as pets. He returned to Star City with it, and it hatched into a female rukel, green and blue in color with sparse spots across her coat. He kept the rukel and named her Seena. She's very cat-like in her mannerisms and is very demanding of Annatun's attentions, but she is also affectionate and polite. And spoiled, extremely spoiled.

Bond: Yellow (White belly and points) Rychwynth
Sunisi Jisuins
Pets: Green-Blue Female Rukel, Seena
Doll from:
Name: Rychwynth
Race: Dragon
Breed: Old World/Danachian/SCD/Iullerbrillan Mutt
Gender: Male
Color: Yellow (White belly and points)
Dam: Black-White-Red Mutt Rycansy
Sire: Iullerbrillan Mutt Brychwynth
Size: Medium (15' tall, 30' long)
Abilities: Verbal Speech, Telepathy, and Assisted Fire Breath
Personality: He likes females, but is as much of a gentleman as his bond, and is very polite about it. He's rather old-fashioned human-minded when it comes to romance, and when he wants to court a dragoness, he's likely to give her gifts of flowers and serenade her by moonlight and the like. He's very laidback and easygoing, but is a hardworker and generally quite helpful.
Background from: Whyte Myst's Backgrounds