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The purpose of this web site is to offer information, resources and help for those of you ladies that has Arthritis or other upper body dexterity challedges.  I am not a doctor, nurse or other medical personal.  I am just a person who cares about people. There are allot of things about arthritis that allot of people doesn't even know about.  I have done a bit of research on the subject.  There is just so much information on the internet, and I have compiled just some of it on this web site.    (Info realted to womens health)
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1). Arthritis information; causes, symptoms more.
Have you tryed to find information; resources related to Arthritis and you didn't know
where to look?  Click on the teddy bear image above next arthritis info to
learn more! (Links to Arthritis Organizations News Stories are included).

E-mail me; for any comments, suggestions or questions.
Do you have questions, comments or suggestions?  Please go to the Arthritis Info
Page first and if that doesn't help, we will do our best to help.
Sorry but we can
not answer questions related to medical advice, we do not have a medical license.
But maybe we can send you in the right direction. For Links Click here.

. Measuring Tips; 7 out of 10 women are wearing the wrong bra!  Not only that, but those 7 women are most likely wearing bras that makes them itch,  uncomfortable, and at times soar.  There are bras out there that are no better than wearing sand paper.

This is a bit of extra information to help you chose the right bra that will fit you
(Womens Health is a very important issue now a days).It is
generaly known that women have sensitive skin. Wearing the right bra as far
as the material it is made of and a proper fit would make all of the difference.

. Bra History; invention, and humor.
Have you ever wondered on where did the bra actually come from?  And what did
women do before the bra was invented? This story will puzzle you, make you
laugh and will surely surprise you to say the least!

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