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(Last Updated 05 December 2001)
(yeah, yeah, it's been a while)

tick tick tick...

There's a person somewhere,
sitting on a subway train pretending to read a newspaper,
secretly thinking my name.



Nominated for the Best Continuing Item award in the 1999 Mensa Publications Recognition Program

The Fall (part one) November 1996

The Fall (part two) December 1996

Dating Frustrations June 1998

The Endless Happy Hour July 1998

Blood Drive September 1998

Chili Contest October 1998

Beer and Loaning in Las Vegas November 1998

What's in a Name? Selecting a Fragrance December 1998

Dancing at The FineLine January 1999

I Have Credentials February 1999

Hiking in the Chiricahuas March 1999

He Who Hesitates . . . (Dating Frustrations II) April 1999

The Fandom Menace May 1999

Some Family History June 1999

Flirtin' With Disaster July 1999

Home Brew August 1999

Stranger in a Strange Land September 1999

A Tale of Two Plaques October 1999

A Weird Month November 1999

The Macho Muchacho December 1999

Tripod January 2000

Best Buy? February 2000

The Monster March 2000

Puzzled April 2000

With Apologies to my Mother... May 2000

To Boldly Go... June 2000

Food Fight July 2000

Tony's Last Prank August 2000

Bad Ideas September 2000

The Last Good Day October 2000

Christmas Shopping November 2000

When Animals Attack December 2000

Name That Tune January 2001

A Valentine's Day Story February 2001

Are We There Yet? March 2001

The Forbidden Chili Story April 2001

At the Relay for Life May 2001

The Battle of Crompton's Farm June 2001



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