David Letterman Interviewing Julia Roberts

LETTERMAN: Our first guest tonight is a lovely woman, she's an Academy Award winning actress starring in the film "Ocean's 11" which opens December 7. Ladies and Gentleman, here's Julia Roberts.

(Paul and the band play music)
(Julia comes out of the stage door instead of from behind the city scape, gives Dave a long hug and kiss and sits down)

LETTERMAN: Hot diggity. You look fantastic.

ROBERTS: Thank you.

LETTERMAN: Your hair is a little -- it's different, it's lighter in color.

ROBERTS: I've been out in the sun.

LETTERMAN: Hello! You look great -- you look like a kid for God's sakes. How have you been? Everything all right?

ROBERTS: Yeah. That's funny coming out over there.

LETTERMAN: Well, we're just doing it different. That other entrance is closed now.

ROBERTS: But you can't really get to YOU if you do that - that's what it's all about.

LETTERMAN: Just give me a call, I'll send these people home. You know, we're talking about -- jeez you look great.

ROBERTS: Thank you.

LETTERMAN: We're talking about Thanksgiving.

ROBERTS: (looks at Paul) You don't speak for this entire --

LETTERMAN: That's right - that's right.

SHAFFER: I learned my lesson, I learned my lesson.

LETTERMAN: We're talking about Thanksgiving and what's a big star like you do on Thanksgiving? What's going on there?

ROBERTS: I do the same thing every year really.

LETTERMAN: What is that?

ROBERTS: I go to Oprah's and

(Audience laughs)

I'm sorry, is that upsetting to you?

LETTERMAN: I'll bet you've been on Oprah half a dozen times haven't you?

ROBERTS: Oh, closer to a dozen probably.

LETTERMAN: Really? I haven't been on once.

ROBERTS: Why do you think that is?

LETTERMAN: Well, I think it's something about my personality that rubs Oprah the wrong way.

ROBERTS: Like a loofah gone wrong.

LETTERMAN: (Laughing) Exactly, like a loofah gone wrong. Other than going to Oprah's, what do you do? What will you do for Thanksgiving?

ROBERTS: I will give so much thanks this Thanksgiving. There's not enough hours in the day.

LETTERMAN: Well, I hope everybody does that, absolutely.


LETTERMAN: And you changed your hair. Am I nuts or you did change your hair a little bit.

ROBERTS: No, I did change my hair. About 32 hours ago.

LETTERMAN: Oh really, so this is brand new.

ROBERTS: It is and it's quite shocking to me actually - I wake up in the morning and I'm like "Who's that woman in my bathroom?" Um, yeah, well, I've done some research on your show. I have a video library.

LETTERMAN: I know you do.

ROBERTS: And, you just seem nicer to the blondes.

(Audience laughs)

LETTERMAN: Oh, now that's not true! That's not true.


LETTERMAN: You know you are my favourite, of course.

ROBERTS: Thank you Dave, thank you.

LETTERMAN: You know that don't you?

ROBERTS: Thank you. You know, he never forgets my birthday, it was just my birthday and you never forget my birthday and I love that about you.

LETTERMAN: Why would I forget your birthday?

ROBERTS: Because it's one tiny day out of your entirely busy year.

LETTERMAN: You gotta take a shot.

(Audience laughs)

Now did you change your hair for me or for work, for a job, a film?

ROBERTS: Well, it was for you but then I kinda turned it, pretended to a director that it was for a movie.

LETTERMAN: Well, what is the film going to be?

ROBERTS: A movie that I'm doing with a director called Steven Soderbergh.

LETTERMAN: You've worked with him in the past.

ROBERTS: I have.

LETTERMAN: And can you tell us any more about that?

ROBERTS: It's called "Full Frontal." Need I say more?

(Audience laughs)


(Audience laughs)

ROBERTS: (to Paul) You say nothing!! You say nothing. Do not speak.

LETTERMAN: You know, I went to see the Ocean's 11 movie and people have been talking about this like for years. You must have seen the original film, right?

ROBERTS: I’ve seen part of it.

LETTERMAN: Well, the original film as you know, was exciting because of the cast.

ROBERTS: And only because of the cast.

LETTERMAN: Yeah, but in many cases that's plenty. You know?

ROBERTS: It's like a Tylenol PM.

(Audience laughs)

That movie. No, it is. I mean, they're really cool and then you go "wow they're really cool" (and nods off). And then the TV's all snow.

LETTERMAN: But the reason everybody loved that movie is that cause all of these guys, Paul's buddies, The Rat Pack.

ROBERTS: Who's buddy?



LETTERMAN: Paul Shaffer.


LETTERMAN: Paul Shaffer's buddies.

ROBERTS: Anyway ...

(Audience laughs)

LETTERMAN: They were, they did the movie while they were all working.

(Audience laughs)

While they're all working in Las Vegas and they would do their shows at night and Frank would go over and be on Sammie's and Dean would come in and everybody would do big shows and they'd stay out all night drinking and gambling and chasing women and then they'd get up during the day and make the movie and everybody loved that.

ROBERTS: That whole 23 hour a day schedule they were on.

LETTERMAN: Yeah, so now this movie has the equal star power to that movie and was the experience that you made the movie anything like the movie -- like the original?

ROBERTS: Well we weren't, you know, drunk the entire time.

LETTERMAN: Oh come on, you must have been drunk the whole time.

ROBERTS: Well, now, well, no not the entire time. Only during my scenes.

(Audience laughs)

LETTERMAN: Wow. I want to tell you something and I'm not making the jokes about this. I watched that movie and I can only take so much of George Clooney. Honest to God.

(Audience laughs)

ROBERTS: You and me both!

(Audience laughs)

LETTERMAN: And then Brad Pitt, you know? And then you come on and then all of a sudden, oh we got something! My God, it's like Grace Kelley coming on the screen. It's fantastic.

(Audience applauds)

I like that belt buckle. It's beautiful.

ROBERTS: Thank you

LETTERMAN: We'll be right back with Julia Roberts everybody.


LETTERMAN: It's so nice to have you with us. Here's how dumb I am. I always thought you lived in California. Do you not live in California?

ROBERTS: No, I've never lived in California. I've lived in New York City since I was 17 years old.

LETTERMAN: How come that I don't see more of you if you live here in New York City?

ROBERTS: Dave, don't get me started.

LETTERMAN: What does that mean?

ROBERTS: Please don't get me started.

LETTERMAN: Don't get you started cause it's something good or don't get you started cause it's something bad?

ROBERTS: No because I've invited you places.

LETTERMAN: Oh, that's not true, no, no, no

ROBERTS: I'm asking you not to go there and now your going, no, no, no, no.

LETTERMAN: Here's how I remember it. One time..

ROBERTS: No, not the one time a thousand years ago, no, no, no. I've invited you to a party and you said okay I'll be there and then, you, this is what he did.

LETTERMAN: Did I not come?

ROBERTS: It was actually really good. No, it was really good because instead of just being a no show, you sent a case of champagne.

LETTERMAN: Come on, how about that? My God.

(Audience applauds)

ROBERTS: Sent a case of champagne saying, "Thanks but I'm not coming."

LETTERMAN: That's right. But you know why? I have that social anxiety disorder.

ROBERTS: Then take some Paxil.

(Audience laughs)

LETTERMAN: No, but that's my point. On the commercial for that and it's a guy who says "oh I'm not social I don't like to leave the house" well, that's me. I don't like to leave the house.

ROBERTS: Is it because it's so cold in here you can't go anywhere that's like over 32 degrees Fahrenheit?

(Audience laughs)

LETTERMAN: But I know you spent some time out west, and that must be a great experience. Can you describe a little bit about what that's like for you when you're out west? You have a place out west.

ROBERTS: You make me sound like I'm a gold miner. Out West.

LETTERMAN: I don't want to be too specific about where it is, you know, but it's in the west.

ROBERTS: (singing) Happy trails to you. (The band joins in)

Oh who's playing that song? Oh, my friend Will is doing it. That's okay.

LETTERMAN: Is there anything you can tell us about what your place is like out there?

ROBERTS: I do have a house in the Southwest which perfectly compliments my perfect life in New York City.

LETTERMAN: In the Northeast.

ROBERTS: New York City; best place in the world.

LETTERMAN: And is it like a ranch?

ROBERTS: Yeah, ranch-ish.

LETTERMAN: Ranch-ish? Do you have animals?


LETTERMAN: Like horses?

ROBERTS: I have horses.

LETTERMAN: And do you have people taking care of the horses?


LETTERMAN: Are they like cowboys and wranglers?

ROBERTS: I tell you, they are kinda cowboys. My friends Mike and Marcus.

LETTERMAN: And when you go out there what is it like? Do you ride the horses?

ROBERTS: I ride the horses, I play with the dogs.

LETTERMAN: What kind of dogs do you have?

ROBERTS: All dogs from the pound.

LETTERMAN: Oh God bless you, that's great!

(Audience applauds)

How many do you have?

ROBERTS: We have ten.

LETTERMAN: They're ranch dogs, they're running around all the time?

ROBERTS: Yeah, they love it. It's great.

LETTERMAN: Do you get up bright and early, sunup, sunrise?


LETTERMAN: Do you have a big breakfast?

ROBERTS: Oh you know, I love a big breakfast.

LETTERMAN: Oh, who doesn't?

ROBERTS: Well .... somebody.

(Audience laughs)

LETTERMAN: No, everybody loves a big breakfast.

ROBERTS: Well, I love a big breakfast. I don't always get it but I love a big breakfast.

LETTERMAN: And then you go out riding and stuff?

ROBERTS: No, not every morning. There are chores to be done and things to do and it's just kinda like regular life.

LETTERMAN: Now when you say chores to be done you mean yelling at the help?

(Audience laughs)

See there. I've said it now, that's it, she ain't comin back!

ROBERTS: No, you're confused, we're talking about my house, not your house.

(Audience laughs)

This is all we have left is pretend, just pretend like we have animosity between us.

LETTERMAN: There's no animosity. I think the world of you. I've always thought the world of you.

ROBERTS: But our relationship has just gone on too long.

LETTERMAN: What does that mean? It's no longer viable? You mean we're growing apart?

ROBERTS: (laughter) Yeah.

LETTERMAN: Okay now, I want to show part of this movie.

ROBERTS: Oh, I wish you would that's why I'm here.

(Audience boos and Dave looks sad -- Julia notices)

No actually I'm here for two reasons, three reasons.


ROBERTS: I'm here to .....

(Audience laughs)

…….not -- in no order, to promote Ocean's 11, a film which I am in.


ROBERTS: To give thanks these couple of days before Thanksgiving for my friend Dave Letterman.

LETTERMAN: Oh, that's very sweet of you, thank you. And I know you did something very nice last night, too.

ROBERTS: Oh, yes, well that's not my third reason.

LETTERMAN: But that was something very nice.

ROBERTS: It was very nice and it was very fun and I'm so happy to be invited to that.
Do you think we should let them in on it?

LETTERMAN: I think you should, sure.

ROBERTS: Last night I was fortunate enough to perform a reading of a play at Lincoln Center for -- that Paul Newman had asked me to participate in, to raise money for his camp "The Hole in the Wall Gang Camp" and I was on stage with Meryl Streep and Phillip Seymour Hoffman and Matt Damon, and those are people I've acted with, and Kevin Kline was there and Brian Dennehy and Morgan Freeman and Gwyneth Paltrow and all these great, great actors.

(Audience applauds)

LETTERMAN: It's a nice night for something really, really good. Paul's terrific, isn't he?

ROBERTS: Yes he is.

LETTERMAN: All right, let's do the clip here now. I hope you're in this. Are you in this clip?

ROBERTS: The clip I actually had picked I'm not in, I thought it would be funny.

LETTERMAN: Oh yeah. That'll sell tickets.

(Audience laughs)

ROBERTS: But I caved to peer pressure and I'm in this clip.

LETTERMAN: All right, it's fantastic. Oh, you know, you're married to – is -- what's his name, or seeing is --

ROBERTS: My boyfriend in the movie is Andy Garcia, I think that's what you're trying to say.

LETTERMAN: That's exactly what I'm trying to say. Wouldn't I be fantastic on Oprah?

(Audience laughs)

All right, here we go Julia Roberts - Ocean's 11. Take a look.

(Begin clip)
(Julia walking down the stairs wearing a red dress and Matt and Brad watching her every move!)
(End clip)

LETTERMAN: How about that for an entrance? Isn't it great?

ROBERTS: Some of my best acting.

LETTERMAN: Oh, you look lovely though, just lovely. Well listen, it's great to see you again.

ROBERTS: Thank you.

LETTERMAN: And I hope you have a nice holiday.

ROBERTS: Thank you.

LETTERMAN: And thank you for saying such nice things about the holiday, about New York City and about me, too, that was very sweet of you.

ROBERTS: Well, I wish everybody, including Paul, a very, very happy Thanksgiving and let's all be thankful for being New Yorkers and being here.

LETTERMAN: Thank you very much. The lovely Julia Roberts everybody. We'll be right back with Shelby Lynn.

(Audience applauds)

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