Dave does his first interview in five years
with Ted and talks about how he nearly
moved to ABC.
2003 - Amy Sedaris
Dave and Jon have a few chuckles on the last episode of The Jon Stewert
1995 - Tom Snyder
Dave and Tom talk about life, women,
moving to Los Angeles and much,
much more.
1996 - Al Roker
1996 - Charlie Rose
Dave and Charlie chat about The Late
Shift movie, Johnny Carson and being
an entertainer.
1996 - Larry King
Dave and Larry converse about his
ratings, his network, his show, and
his opponents.
1997 - Tom Snyder
Tom talks with Dave about being the
best host on late night television and
David's self-loathing.
2002 - Ted Koppel
Dave and Al smoke cigars, talk about
Al's pants, Jay Leno and
1992 - Barbara Walters
Dave and Barbara chat about his successes
and failures in his first and only Barbara
Walters interview.
1992 - Johnny Carson
1994 - Conan O'Brien
This is the last appearance on The
Tonight Show starring Johnny Carson
Dave ever made.
Dave is in fine form during his first and
only appearance on Late Night with
Conan O'Brien.
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TV Interview
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Rush talks about Hillary Clinton, where he
grew up, Charles Barkley and what a
big fan of Dave he is.
1993 - Rush Limbaugh
1995 - Tom Snyder
Dave and Tom converse about being
broadcasters and the competitive nature of
late-night television.
1995 - Larry King
Dave and Larry have a chat on the
10th anniversary edition of
Larry King Live.
1995 - Jon Stewart
1980 - Andy Kaufman
Dave and Andy talk about why he quit TAXI
and what he has been doing
1982 - Andy Kaufman & Jerry Lawler
Dave mediates this war of words and
fists between Andy & Jerry on Late
Dave talks with Cher on Late Night
about why it took her so long to come
onto the show.
1994 - Richard Simmons
Dave talks with Richard Simmons on
The Late Show about his weight
loss empire.
1994 - Madonna
!!!WARNING!!! This transcript contains
a lot of profanity! It may be offensive
to some readers.
1994 - David Hyde Pierce
David Hyde Pierce talks about Frasier and
getting bumped because of Howard Stern the
night before.
1995 - Chris Farley
Chris and Dave reminisce about the
old Late Night days and discuss his
new movie.
1995 - Bill Gates
Dave and Bill talk about the internet,
computers, Microsoft and robots that can
do things for you!!!
People Interviewing Dave
Dave Interviewing People
1996 - Conan O'Brien
Conan and Dave chat about his
book, If They Mated and his Super
Bowl ad campaign.
1996 - Bob Dole
Dave and Bob have a few laughs talking
about politics, life, and his hectic
work schedule.
1998 - David Duchovny
David Duchovny talks with Dave about
the release of his latest film,
X-Files: The Movie.
1998 - Jeff Goldblum
David talks with Jeff Goldblum about his
latest movie Holy Man and his  book
The Emperors New Clothes.
1999 - Gillian Anderson
Dave and Gillian have a talk about
her latest movie and the dangers of the
Y2K bug.
1999 - David Hyde Pierce
David Hyde Pierce talks about being in a
movie with Bette Midler and his dogs,
Emma and Mabel.
1999 - Reese Witherspoon
Reese converses with Dave about getting
married and having a baby with
Ryan Phillipe.
2000 - Kate Winslet
Kate chats about the impact of Titanic on
the world and getting drunk for her
new movie.
2000 - Gillian Anderson
Gillian and Dave chat about how great
smoking is, and why they both had
to stop.
2001 - Katie Holmes
Katie and Dave talk about her new film
& the nickname Dave gave her the last time
she was on the show.
2001 - Julia Roberts
Dave talks with Julia Roberts about her
love of New York and her latest film,
Ocean's Eleven
Zooey Deschanel has a few laughs with
Dave chatting about her less than
normal childhood.
2002 - Bill Clinton
Dave talks with Bill about politics, the
current world situation and blowing away
on his saxophone.
1986 - Cher
Amy discusses her new film, her new part
time job, her “pregnancy” and her
eBay adventures.
2002 - Hugh Grant
Bill Clinton, Tony Hawk, Robert De Niro and
Nelson Mandela all come up in Dave and
Hugh’s eclectic conversation.
2002 - Zooey Deschanel
1997 - Charles Grodin
Dave talks about, among other things, his relationship with fellow broadcasting greats and
his social anxiety disorder.
1997 - Farrah Fawcett
There isn't much I can say about this
interview ... just read and enjoy
the insanity.