David Letterman Interviewing Reese Witherspoon

LETTERMAN: Our next guest is a lovely and talented young actress whose movie opens on Friday. The title of her movie is Cruel Intentions. Here she is ladies and gentlemen, Reese Witherspoon.

(Paul and the Band play music)
(Reese comes out, kisses Dave on the cheek and sits down)

LETTERMAN: Welcome to the show. How are you doing?

WITHERSPOON: Very nice to meet you. Thank you.

LETTERMAN: Nice to meet you too. What should we know about you? Tell us a little bit about yourself. Where are you from?

WITHERSPOON: Iím from Nashville Tennessee


WITHERSPOON: Thatís correct. And I should say hi to my parents cozí they watch you every night.

LETTERMAN: Of course. Where are they right now? At home?

WITHERSPOON: Hopefully at home in bed. Hi Mom! Hi Dad! Betty and John.

LETTERMAN: Hi Betty and John! How are you doing? Its Reese. What do you think, huh?

(Audience laughs)

Thatís an interesting name, Reese. Is that a family name, is that what it is?

WITHERSPOON: Yes. Itís my motherís maiden name. I was named after my maternal grandmother shortly after I was born.

LETTERMAN: Thatís a sweet family story. Itís cute. I think its nice. Its better when -- theyíll say peanut butter cups!


LETTERMAN: And youíre just a kid. Youíre 22 or something like that? And youíve acting in the big leagues since when?

WITHERSPOON: Since I was 14.

LETTERMAN: Wow! Really? How did that begin? Since youíre supposed to be 14 and like youíre in high school, youíre a sophomore --

WITHERSPOON: Actually a friend of the family saw an ad in the newspaper in Nashville looking for extras in a movie. I went out there to be an extra in this movie and I ended up getting an audition to play the lead. Then I took a screen test. Then I went to Los Angeles and I ended up getting the lead.

LETTERMAN: No. You went after the ad to become an extra and ended up playing the lead?

WITHERSPOON: Yeah, isnít it great? I expected to be somebody walking in the background or eating an ice cream cone and I ended up having lines.

LETTERMAN: My God! What was the film?

WITHERSPOON: It was called the Man in the Moon

LETTERMAN: And now, youíre gonna have a baby.

WITHERSPOON: Thatís right.

LETTERMAN: Good for you.

WITHERSPOON: Thatís right. How did you know that?

(Audience applauds)

LETTERMAN: What do you mean, Iím not suppose to know?

WITHERSPOON: I donít know. Itís supposed to be a big secret. I donít know how you found out.

LETTERMAN: Did I screw something up cozí thatís all everybodyís been talking about.

WITHERSPOON: Well I guess now my grandmother knows! Thanks a lot Dave!

(Reese and the audience laugh)

LETTERMAN: Iím sorry. Do you know if itís a boy or a girl?


LETTERMAN. You know you donít look pregnant.

WITHERSPOON. Thank you. Iím trying although Iím not far along the way though yet.

LETTERMAN: You and your husband must be very happy.

WITHERSPOON: I have a fiancť; Iím not married yet.


WITHERSPOON: Hey this is America land of the free.

LETTERMAN: Exactly this is America. This is what Patrick Henry is talking about.

WITHERSPOON: (Laughing) Exactly.

LETTERMAN: This is none of my business. Should we go into something else?

WITHERSPOON: No, no, no. We are engaged and we are getting married, SOON. Ah --

LETTERMAN: Do you want to get married?

WITHERSPOON: Iím thrilled to get married. Obviously Iím very much in love and --.

LETTERMAN: Well obviously youíre very in love.


LETTERMAN: Donít take this the wrong way. I was married once myself.


LETTERMAN: I was about your age. I got married when I was 21. I was drunk and I was married by the Justice of the Peace in Indiana.

(Audience laughs)

WITHERSPOON: Yeah. Most people just get tattoos but you got married.

LETTERMAN: That was 10 years.

WITHERSPOON: How did it go?

LETTERMAN: Well it ended in a really ugly divorce.

WITHERSPOON: Oh no! Thatís not good.

LETTERMAN: 10 years -- hey thatís not a bad run. Its no blue ribbon but its gonna get you on the podium.

(Audience laughs)

WITHERSPOON: Thatís not bad. Yeah

LETTERMAN: AhÖwhoís your fatherÖ.ah, whoís the babyís father?

WITHERSPOON: The babyís father is Ryan Phillippe.

LETTERMAN: Now thatís the guy whoís also in the movie.

WITHERSPOON: Thatís correct.

LETTERMAN: Cruel Intentions.



WITHERSPOON: Now. Ö. it really is the name of the film.

LETTERMAN: This is the modern version of Dangerous Liaisons.

WITHERSPOON. Itís like a modern day retelling with a very young bunch of rich bored socialites living in New York.

LETTERMAN: Did you meet on the film?

WITHERSPOON: No we have been living together for a year apart while doing the film. I promise heís a good guy!

LETTERMAN: No --.its just that -- Iím happy to see you. Good luck. How soon will the baby be here?


LETTERMAN: Oh early fall so youíre going to be away in the summer. I hope everything goes nice and smooth. And if you had the baby, if you want, comeback and say hello to us.

WITHERSPOON: Thank you so much.

LETTERMAN: And Good luck! Reese Witherspoon Ladies and Gentlemen.

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March 15th 1999
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