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Creature Name. Creature Desription.


Agent Orange A vaguely catlike, orange creature acting as an agent for the Catapult who returns his baskets for him. His talent is the killing of plants in the vicinity.
Allegory A green creature with a long snout filled with teeth who lives in the water. It can turn a situation inside out without touching it.
Amorphous Monsters Creatures living in the hypnogourd with multiple hands and hungry snouts who are helpless against disdain.
Argus A sea monster described as having the body and tail of a fish, four stout legs terminating in flippers, with the tusked head of a boar (minus neck) and three eyes along the body (with the middle eye lower than the others)
Armor-Dillo A metallic plant with a pickle smell. Although it grows the best armor, it stinks of the brine used to store it.


B’s Larger and more magical than bees, living in a B-Have. They are of many types: B-hold, B-neath, B-wilder, B-foul and so on.
Basilisk Called “Little King of the Reptiles” it emerges from a yolkless egg laid by a rooster and hatched by a toad in the warmth of a dung heap. Because few roosters lay eggs, the creatures are rare. It looks like a small winged lizard with the head and claws of a chicken. It’s breath is so bad that it wilts vegetation, and its gaze causes death, therefore it doesn’t like mirrors. Periodically all the basilisks gather at the Land of the Basks to hold staring contests. Also called cockatrices, henatrices, and chickatrices.
Bears and Bulls Strange Mundane stockyard animals who charge heedlessly up and down.
Behemoth A creature mostly mouth, who is the door to the Gateway Castle under Lake Ogre-Chobee.
Brain Coral Living in a preservative fluid with stasis-magic, it operates through other agencies to accomplish its noble task. It cannot control a conscious, intelligent living entity, but rather operates through suggestions that seem like the creatures' own notions. A number of creatures are stored in its preservative fluid, for eventual release.
Brassies Residents of the City of Brass in the hypnogourd, they are made of brass. The males wear brassards, the females brassieres. They are activated to work on specific dreams, for their craftmanship is excellent. For them, life is a fate worse than death, as they aren’t strictly alive.
Bugbear It has multiple bug legs and wings and feelers and a huge horrible mask of a face, and specializes in scaring little children.


Cactus Cat One of the guardians of Good Magician Humphrey’s castle. It has a feline face, but its fur is composed of large, stiff thorns, and it has knifelike blades of bone on the front legs.
Callicantzari Race of monsters, like transmogrified goblins, who live underground and undermine important trees. Their muscles may be attached backward and some bones may be in the wrong places.
Catamount A large reddish feline who guards the Catwalk.
Catapult A feline creature the size of a small sphinx, crouching in a clearing. For a dose of catnip, it will fling an object forward.
Catoblepas A creature with snakelike hair, reptilian scales, four cloven hooves, and a deadly stare.
Centaurs They date from C.B.P. 1800 when the first man and horse drank from a love spring. They have the body of a horse and the head and upper torso of a man or woman. They are superlative bowmen and spearmen, and are intelligent and honorbound, but have a deep cultural aversion to magic, which they consider obscene in higher creatures. (Man is not high enough to be considered obscene.)

Centaurs are fierce fighters and strong-bodied. Even a filly can hoist the weight of her equine body using only her human arms. Centaurs, though partly magic in origin, have full magical talents. However, polite centaur society considers magic obscene, so few of their talents have been described, let alone realized by their possessors. Centaur Isle is the center of learning in Xanth. Even the least intelligent centaur is more brilliant than any human. Centaurs have a high regard for honor, and a centaur's word is inviolate. They are independent in nature and have perfectly developed powers of observation.

In recent times, some centaurs have interbred with other creatures to form a version of flying centaur, described below.
Winged Centaurs Winged centaurs are a new species starting in Xanth they began when a centaur and hippogryph mated. Winged centaurs are not accepted by the other centaurs so the small band of them keep mostly to them selves. The first mating of a centaur and hippogryph was Xap the hippogryph and Chem Centaur. Together they foaled Chex the winged centaur.
Centycore One of the guardians of Good Magician Humphrey’s castle, it is a creature without mercy. It has horse hooves, a monstrous mouth, and a branching antler of ten points projecting from the middle of its face, and the voice of a man.
Chobees Mostly harmless and unrelated to other bees, they don’t sting. They have long reptilian bodies with snouts and big, soft imitation teeth, and can be found in Lake Ogre-Chobee.
Clouds In Xanth, clouds are characters. They most common are the Cumulis, which are good-natured, especially Cumulis Humilis, very humble and fleecy. Some are floating dishes filled with water; when they get tilted, it rains. But some are bad tempered Thunderheads, or funnel-shaped carnivorous clouds. Some make technicolor hailstorms, and some send down hailstones that are deadly. The worst cloud is Fracto, a perennial troublemaker.
Cockatrice see Basilisk.
Conniptions Nasty little things that aggravate folks to the point of rage, especially when there is already a problem.
Copycat A creature like a mundane cat, that sits on things and purrs and makes copies of them.
Cowboys Bullheaded men and cow-headed women, led by Ferdinand.
Curse Fiends Basically of human stock, but all of them have the same magic talent: cursing. They live in Gateway Castle, under Lake Ogre-Chobee, and are expert Thespians.


Day Mares Counterparts to the night mares, these invisible equines bring pleasant daydreams to people.
Deadpans Creatures who live around cooking fires, associated with slinky copperheads. They are said to have the ugliest faces in nature.
Demons Beings who are eternal and live beneath Xanth’s surface. Some are benign, some evil. Rarely one will breed with a human being. A demon can change their form to anything they wish, usually anything that will torment a person. They can phase in and out through walls. Very little can keep a demon out of a place it wishes to go. If one senses that it can make mischief, it will come back again and again unless physically or magically prevented. Some demons have horns and barbed tails but others only have a slight glow in their eyes. A female demon is known as a Demoness. They tend to be a little more mishevous than the males. The Demon X(A/N)th is Among the most powerful demons, but he hates contact from anyone, because he is a stronger more powerfull demon who is striving for a higher social standing in the game he plays with the other Powerfull Demons. Recently X(A/N)th has taken a personal interest in mortal folk.

I tend to think of myself as a demon, The Demon [{X(L/)V}]

Demon X(A/N)TH The source of magic. He lives in the deepest cavern, sealed off from intrusion, where he has been for a thousand or more years. His body has leaked a trace amount of magic into his surroundings, and this accounts for all the magic in Xanth. In return for a guarantee of privacy, he has bequeathed "Magician-caliber sorcery" to all Bink's descendents. He is frustrated by his inability to gain status on other Demons, such as E(A/R)TH, V{E/N}US, P|L/U|TO, JU[P/I]TER, NEP/TUNE, or lovely **SA((T/U))RN**.
Diggle The largest member of the family of voles, which include also the squiggles and the wiggles. The diggle resembles a giant worm, moving by elongating and contracting his body. He will work for a song.
Dimepedes see ‘Pedes.
Dipsas A little snake whose bite makes the victim unquenchably thirsty. There are few remedies, such as draught from a healing spring or from the winespring of the wild women of Parnassus.
Dollarpede One hundred times the size of a centipede, but without much power, because it is made of green and gray paper. The face resembles that of a sphinx, while the backside suggests a bird waxing amorous with a shield. Some rare dollarpieces have silver backbones, and feed on things like Principal, Interest, Assets, Liabilities, or Budgets.
Dragonflies Insects that zoom around like little fighter planes jetting fire and strafing their targets. When hit themselves, they go down in smoke and explode as they crash into the ground.
Dragons The most varied and dangerous life form in Xanth, with a number of types and subtypes. All dragons are covered with thick metallic scales, they are very hard to kill and should be avoided at all costs. The most famous dragon is Stanley Steamer the Gap Dragon. There are fire-breathers, smokers, steamers, and some that are just dragons. There are small, medium, and large. There are land, sea, air and tunnel dragons. Steamers can shoot hot steam from their mouths, this can be just or more effective than fire. Smokers shoot hot smoke from their mouths, this is effective because it also blinds the victim making them easier to chomp. Fire breathers (can you guess) breath fire. In general, dragons are the standard against which all other viciousness is measured. All dragons are covered with thick metallic scales, they are very hard to kill and should be avoided at all costs. Normally they don’t attack men or centaurs because the numbers, weapons, organization and magic of such creatures make them formidable opponents, but it remains true that more men are eaten by dragons than vice versa.
Dream Equine see Night Mare.
Dryad A tree nymph who ages with the tree she inhabits, beautiful and immortal as long as her tree survives.
Dune Sand which preserves by cleaning and securing the bones of assorted creatures so they can be admired millennia hence. Their treasures are called fossils.


Eclectic Eel The eclectic way is to use anything handy, so it chooses things from everywhere and puts things together in bits and pieces, but does nothing original. It clears flotsam (parts of wrecked ships) and jetsam (things thrown overboard) and uses them for markers.
Elves Magical folk of humanoid stock who live in Elf Elms. Their strength varies inversely with their distance from their Elms. They are honorable and seldom interfere with the affairs of others. They stand about a quarter the height of human beings.
Evil Eye Shoots a beam of light that can damage, stun or kill.


Fan Club A length of wood with which a fan can place itself in the middle of fandom.
Fantasy Fan These may be made of bamboo, and when waved magically make a person think he is cooler than he is. Fans have an identity of their own; they gather periodically at fan conventions to shoot the breeze and blow hot air and decide who is the secret master of fandom. One is stored in the Castle Roogna arsenal.
Faun Counterpart to Nymphs. They have little horns, shaggy legs and goat’s feet, and like to play pipes, chase Nymphs, laugh, eat and sleep, in approximately that order. There are several varieties: Dryfauns associated with trees, Naifauns associated with water (with flattened flipper-hooves and scales), and Orefauns associated with the mountains (with greenish hair and dark-brown fur). All are harmless, fun-loving creatures who have no memory of the past or concern for the future.
Fee Stunningly beautiful humans, who are all marred by a single animal feature. Their leader is Fulsome Fee, a handsome young man with duck feet. They seek to breed with outsiders of any race, whether willing or not, and insist they mate for life. It is best for busy travelers to avoid the Fee.
Fetch Apparition of a living creature, seeming dead.
Firedrake A small, ornate, winged fire-breathing dragon.
Flying Snakes Airborne serpents, sometimes poisonous. They may be green, yellow or red, and bad tempered.
Foot Ball A sphere formed of feet of all kinds, that tramples a path were it rolls.
Fris-bees Shaped like little disks, they glide down to a flower, then spin away to the next.
Fruitflies Winged fruits that fly aimlessly about.
Furies Three dog-faced old women, creatures of retribution. Their whips cause terrible agony, and their curses are devastating. They are: Alecto, of the sorrows; Megaera, of suffering; and Tisiphone, of guilt. They know the secret guilts of anyone they encounter, whether human or animal.
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