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(News - Last updated 10 Sept. 2004 - Added 'what is CMG.?'

Introduction it happens...I also run Canterbury Miniatures Group.

Nick started out selling CM's 15mm Frei Korps and 25mm Denizen miniatures as a way to get some money for buying plastic figures(!) ...but after a while He thought, "hey, why not try selling plastics as well?".
After founding a small empire, Nick retired to pursue his dream of becoming a teacher. Nick asked if I would like to take over organising CMG. "It won't take much of your time." He said. "Yeah, Right.!" I thought.
But I need my regular fix of plastic. So I took up the challenge.

And here we are!

The complete DBA [2.0] Later Carthaginian and Polybian Roman Pre-Packaged 20mm Plastic Armies are still available (including pre-cut wooden bases)

As well as the figures, We've got DBA 2.0 (and some 1.1) rule books, and a limited quantity of DBM 1.0 and 1st edition DBM Army List Books (books 1 and 2).


Plastic Soldier Reveiw for listings and reviews of what's available, and what's coming soon.

We usually have on hand a limited number of the in production boxes listed. Most of the rest we can get within a week or two, or three.

Current costs to get in standard sets of the following companys, are...
(all in New Zealand $. see here for convertor)

Italeri & Zvezda, $10
Hat, Waterloo 1815, $12 - $15
Emhar, $12 - $14
Strelets, Orion, MiniArt, $15
A Call to Arms $13
( Larger sets are usally about 20% more.)

You will notice that we have not listed Revell.
We have not yet found the Australasian supplier for this company. If you have any information of their whereabouts, please drop us a line.

Need a currency converter? Please Click here.


At the moment you could simply send me an e-mail, or you could even fill out my Order Form.


Basically, freight within NZ is about 10% of your total order. Approx 15% for Aus and 30% for the States. Largeish orders, post free ( at my discretion.)

If anyone has any questions, please let me know.

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