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HistoryA short history about the evolution of Direct-Drive turntables from 1970 until today.
DenonDenon ist one of the oldest and profoundest japanese suppliers of professional Audio-Equipment. Turntables like the DP-5000, DP-6000 or DP-100 were originally built for professional broadcasting-studios but in the 70's HiFi-enthusiasts could easily buy one too.
EMTEMT - this german company was specialized in professional audio-gear. Their transcription-turntables covered here became broadcast-standard during the 70's and the 80's.
GoldmundSwiss company which produced some stunning machines, that set new standards for High-End turntables - both sonically and monetary.
Trio/KenwoodJapanese company which introduced the famous L-07D in the late 70's one of the best built turntable ever.
LuxmanJapanese "High-End-Audio" company which made some beautiful machines in the 70's.
MicroMicro-Seiki was a japanese company which was specialized in making turntables. Their most famous product was the venerable DQX-1000, on which you could put up to three tonearms.
NakamichiNakamichi was a japanese company which in the 70s and 80s made some absolutely stunning turntables. In some aspects the level of the ingenious mechanics of these machines had never again been reached.
SonyNow mostly recognized for walkmans or playstations in the 70's Sony put out some battleships like the legendary PS-X9.
TechnicsBuilt the first direct-driven turntable. The SP-10 found his home at countless radio-stations throughout the whole world.
OthersJVC/Victor, Pioneer and some other japanese companies made some very fine machines during the golden age of direct-drive turntables at the end of the 70's.

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