Title: I Want You To Need Me

Author: Mary (SlayerKnight2@aol.com)

Website: none



I Want You To Need Me 12

By Mary


They were trapped in their sanctuary.

Johns shone the flashlight ahead, his rifle following. "You remember the boneyard? These just might be the fuckers that killed every living thing on this planet."

"What are we going to do now?" Jack asked.

The Muslims were mumbling to each other. Johns glanced at Riddick who met his gaze impassively. Darkness surrounded them as they listened to the screeching sounds from outside. Of course the fucker wouldn't be nervous, he could see plain as day in here. This was his ground. Johns wasn't sure whether that was a comforting thought or not.

"There's a cutting torch on the floor here somewhere." Fry. The annoying woman was looking around at the floor, searching for the tool.

"Quiet, please, everyone." Imam leaned against the opposite wall, listening to the monster's macabre lullaby.

"Why do they do that-make that sound?" Jack asked.

"Perhaps it is the way they see, with the sound reflecting back
," the Muslim leader replied casually, his obvious knowledge beyond his religion coming to the fore.

Johns could feel Riddick's eyes on him as he leaned forward to hear. He wasn't stupid enough to actually press against the only barrier between him and the beasts. Even that was making the serial killer a little edgy.

There was a loud clashing sound and everyone jumped, turning to face the noise but no source could be seen.

"Could be a breech in the hull. I don't know
," Fry answered the unspoken question with a wavering certainty as the survivors foolishly moved forward, drawn to the mysterious sound.

"C'mon, Johns. You got the big gauge
," Riddick said to him.

Johns bristled. It was a blatant challenge. But by the way the killer was standing protectively in front of him, it was just a taunt. Johns toyed with the idea of actually going forward just to see how far Riddick would let him go. But the screeching sound made him think twice about the joke.

"I'd rather piss glass. Why don't you go fucking check?"

"I'm not staying here one more moment." Paris panicked. He started racing for the door, the others clambering over themselves in an attempt to stop him.

Fry shoved him to the floor, attempting to reason with him.

Imam opened a compartment door, allowing the others to enter before going in himself. They all started piling crates, barrels and other cumbersome objects into the opening to block the monsters from entering. In the confusion, Johns had lost sight of Riddick. Now he walked through the corridors, his rifle and light scanning the large room, Fry at his back with the torch.

She was extremely jittery. "Riddick?"

Johns frowned. The woman was not going to last long with that kind of intelligence. Riddick's a killer; a person didn't want a killer to know that they were looking for him. And if Riddick was in trouble he probably couldn't verbally respond.

"Don't. Stop. Burning." The deep voice boomed from around the corner.

"Take this
," Fry said.

"Take that." He handed her his flashlight in exchange for her torch.

He knew what Riddick meant, the woman was oblivious. She took the light and went looking for him. The killer's words were a warning as well.

As soon as he'd finished cutting he heard noises coming from behind him. The creatures had found their meal. His pulse raced with panic as he rounded the corner just as Riddick ducked out of the light's blinding rays. Johns slung his rifle around and shot at the ceiling, his eyes following the beast as best he could. When he finally stopped firing he could tell that the others thought him insane.

Then the dead thing landed on the floor with a wet thud. The others screamed in surprise but he didn't. Neither did Riddick. They inspected the creature to find what they had previously suspected. The things hated light. Another horrible screech sounded in the corridor, closer this time.

"It that Hasan?" Imam asked, his voice full of foolish hope.

Johns reloaded his rifle casually. "We'll burn a candle for him later."


"Johns you got some flares?" Fry asked.

He nodded pensively

"That should be enough."

Those words gave Johns a chill. "Enough for fucking what?"

"We stick to the plan. We get the four cells back to the skiff. We're off this rock."

"Look I hate to ruin a beautiful theory with an ugly fact but that sandcat's solar. It won't run at night
," Paris responded about the obvious as he took another swig from the bottle of whiskey.

"So we carry the cells; we drag them. Whatever it takes
," Fry answered, determined to got out there.

"You mean tonight? With those things still out there?" Jack was clearly not thrilled about the idea, neither was anyone else for that matter.

"Look, how long can this last? A few hours? A day tops?" Johns spoke up, trying to be the voice of reason. The woman was crazy.

"I got the impression from the model that there would be a never-ending darkness
," Imam said, as he fingered his beads. He wasn't trying to start a fight just stating his opinion. Johns didn't mind his opinion, even if it was wrong.

"The sun's got to come up sometime. And if these things are phobic about light then we just sit tight and wait for the sun to come up
," Johns suggested.

"I'm sure that's what someone else said, locked in that coring room
," Fry snapped. He could tell that she didn't like to be wrong.

"Look we gotta think about everyone now. How scared is this kid going to be out there--"

"Don't use him like that." Fry interrupted, her voice edgy.

"Like what?"

"A smokescreen. You deal with your own fears
," s
he replied.

Johns reached for his gun. His nerves were on fire and panic was starting to set in. He needed drugs. He needed to get rid of Carolyn's annoying voice of insanity. He went to fire but Riddick stepped in front of him. His anger was boiling over as he pointed his weapon under the other's chin. The killer pushed his goggles up his head to stare directly into Johns' eyes.

"Where're you going?"

Instantly he felt a tapping. Glancing down, he grinned humorlessly. His expression said it all. Now he knew where Riddick stood in all of this. He wasn't on Johns' side that was for damn sure. Fry had that ally. Johns told himself that he knew this, had known this all along. But he ignored the hurt it caused.

Riddick walked off, his eyes downcast.

"And you're sure you can get us there? Even in the dark?" Imam asked.

"No. But he can."

Riddick took a second to nod before heading towards a top compartment. He glanced back, indicating for Johns to followed him. The merc sighed. What the fuck could he want now?

He stood up and followed nonetheless as the others milled around, preparing themselves to enter the darkness and the danger it held...


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