Title: I Want You To Need Me

Author: Mary (SlayerKnight2@aol.com)

Website: none



I Want You To Need Me 13

By Mary


Riddick took a second to nod before heading towards a top compartment. He glanced back, indicating for Johns to followed him. The merc sighed. What the fuck could he want now?

He stood up and followed nonetheless as the others milled around, preparing themselves to enter the darkness and the danger it held.


Riddick watched him as he walked into the dark corridor. Slow, smooth movements that hinted at mental and physical exhaustion. He knew Johns wasn't going to last long here. He was breaking down; the terror and death eating away at him like acid. Riddick had spent enough time in prison to know what could break a man, and the hell's backyard that they'd landed in was a prime cut.

He watched from the corner of darkness as Johns looked around for him. Ice blue eyes searched the empty room, glancing over his shoulder and back again.

His body was tense but he wasn't reaching for his gun. Riddick accepted the partial victory. He wondered how much of the tentative trust between them was still there.

Johns' voice echoed in the small room
. "I'm not in the mood for any more games."

Riddick didn't move, just watched him. When no answer was forth coming, Johns sighed and sat down against a bulkhead. The floor was cold but the merc didn't seem to care. He looked so tired. The killer moved silently to stand in front of him, looking down.

Johns' eyes were closed but he seemed to sense the other's presence. "What do you want?"

Pausing, Riddick moved to sit down next to Johns. The other didn't move. The waters between them were dangerous and stirring but had yet to overflow. They weren't back to their old relationship of trying to kill each other yet they weren't where they had previously been a few nights ago.

He reached forward and touched Johns' hand, running his fingers over the other's palm, tracing invisible patterns. The tentative touches seemed to make the other relax. Johns sighed again, he turned to face Riddick.

"What do you wan-"

Riddick kissed him, gently at first, just a brief touch. He felt Johns return the kiss, deepening it. A hand touched his cheek, pulling him closer. Johns moaned and moved to straddle his hips, his hands clinging to Riddick, grasping handfuls of his shirt. Riddick growled, pulling Johns closer.


Carolyn's voice shocked them both as Johns practically fell off of Riddick.

The annoying woman appeared a second later. She took in the disheveled looks and panting.

She looked at the serial killer. "We need your help getting ready. What do you want us to do?"

Riddick nodded. "In a minute."

She paused to stare at him for a minute before going back downstairs. He suppressed a sigh and turned to glance back at Johns. The fucker had a vial of morphine out in his hand. Angrily, Riddick grabbed his wrist.

"Spiking up is a good way to get dead."

He was unprepared for the painful look in Johns' eyes and the humorless smile. "It helps."

Riddick released his wrist. There was nothing more for him to say, nothing more he could say. He'd already drawn the line earlier when they were hiding.

The meaning was clear. Johns was on his own. If he wanted to die, that was his prerogative. Riddick was going to do what he was best at, taking care of himself. He had done i
for his whole life and he'd be damned if one man was going to make him change.

Standing up, he stalked out of the room, not even bothering to look back.


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