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May 6th
Kentucky Derby here in the Ville.
Barbaro won.

March 25th
I am 17 years old. yay

March 18 2006
Flight from Louisville to Detroit to Montreal. (Dep. 2.40 pm)
Backflight from Toronto to Detroit to Louisville. (Arr. 2.20 pm)

March 6 2006
I am going to stay in the US until the first week of August because I got accepted as Camp-Returnee.

February 27 2006
Trip to Canada approved.
March 18- March 25

February 18 2006
Trip to Florida approved.
March 31- April 9

Welcome to the all-new

There is going to be more and more changes made
in the next few weeks, so be sure to always look
in and check if there has been an update made.

I am going to try to make the page more pleasant
to the eye and especially easier to navigate plus
more professional-looking. If you have any
suggestions on what I could do, feel free to email
me and tell me your ideas. I am open to suggestions.

Well, while I'm on it I just want to thank everybody
that is looking in here and checking on what I am
experiencing here in the United States. I really
appreciate it and I will keep on updating this page for YOU.

Thanks for being my friend. I love you.



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