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Hey peeps! How's everything going? My name's Dee and I'm glad to see you've taken an interest in my site. It's nice 2 meet u!

If u'd like to know more about me, u can read my Livejournal or Xanga.

I ask people, "Do you have Asian Pride" but they don't answer. But, I want you to answer! We're a family, and we got 2 stick 2gether! WE are the future generation of Asians. Let us KEEP THE PRIDE and SHOW OUR SKILLZ.

I've been told of how there's not enough Asian representation so if you are from a country in which you want to be represented, please tell me!! Try to catch me online at PhoenixGurl99 on AOL instant messenger, or email me at deanna_t2004@yahoo.com. Got no time? That's ok, u can tell me when u sign my guestbook! I will try my best to meet your requests.

To some that are not Asians, but have stopped 2 visit this page, I hope I have not offended u, by all this ASIAN Pride. Please, I have not meant 2 be racist in anyway. Plz forgive me if I have. I also hope you may enjoy this site, get a bit of insight.

Lastly, as you will soon find out, there are a limit to what you can copy. Many pictures are in thumbnails, and once enlarged can be copied, if not, they are inaccessible.

ATTENTION: If you have any PICTURES or POEMS you'd like to post, please contact me. u will be credited!

CREDITS:I get all pictures, poems, and music from MANY other sites. I do not take credit for anything but the design of this website.

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