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Welcome to Death Eater Sims
The Dark Lord is a big fan of the Sims(learned all that copmutter stuff while at the Muggle Orphanage) since only in the Sims can he kill that meddling Potter, get rid of that dratted Order of the Phoenix and get all the hot witches.
He-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named has therefore commissioned his loyal Death Eaters to make some objects for the Sims.

Despite some very nasty rumours, the Dark Lord is very much alive. That stupid Potter, a horcrux, psht give me a break! The Dark Lord is certainly not that dumb. The Dark Lord, however, has lost interest in making objects for the Sims and I, as the Dark Lord's most loyal servant must comply. I very much appreciate all the support over the years and I had a blast making everything here. I have no intention of taking the site or groups down so all the downloads should still be available.

Cuio Mae!
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