Welcome to meet Deeamore cats

We are living in Vantaa, near to Helsinki, the capital city of Finland.

We have been showing cats since 1997 when we bought our first Maine Coon and Ragdoll. On January 1998 our cattery was registred in FIFe. Our first litter was born June 1999. All our cats are healthy, FELV and FIV -negative and bloodtyped. More information of our breeding and cats you can find on these pages. We hope you enjoy you visit and left your pawprints to our guestbook.

We have exported kittens to Netherlands, Germany and Spain. Also two kittens has moved to Åland, island between Finland and Sweden. 

Our cats living with us as family members. Kittens are raised in our bedroom for their first weeks. They are getting much attention and love. Kittens will be well socialized and brave young cats when moving to their new homes.

At the moment we don't have kittens, but we have plans. More information on
Kittens-page. Feel free to ask our plans for future.

Contact info:   Janna & Matti Huolman
                       Ulkoniitynkuja 3 C As. 1, 01660 VANTAA
Tel. +358 50 487 7191

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Last update:
April 2009
Fanny wishes you Happy New Year 2009!!