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Welcome to the home of DeF$quaD,
an elite subspace fighting force from the 17th parallel.
This site is updated frequently.
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snake16's defsquad page | Posted by renegade! on 3.18.02

Everyone be sure to check out snake16's unofficial defsquad homepage..
Looks looks pretty good snake! Keep up the good work.
You can see it at www.oocities.org/def17th

  more pages online | Posted by renegade! on 3.16.02

Around 3 am last night I uploaded the faq and stats pages. I thought Id put the stats page up to make it easier for everyone to check their stats. duh, that was redundant.
Anyways check them out and lemme know what you think. peace.

  New site design | Posted by renegade! on 3.13.02

The news postings here have been inactive for quite awhile because I have been hard at work on this new site layout. It's takin me ahwile. Soon we should have a flash intro, and a forum on the 17th's forum page. Send me your comments and suggestions so I can fix any probs. Also, please report any bugs that you find.

  Stuff | Posted by renegade! on 3.3.02

I need everyone's banner image file (.gif plz) for the roster page, and I need everyone's email addys. Please get this info to be ASAP.

  Forum Revived | Posted by renegade! on 3.2.02

Just to let everyone know, the old Forum has been temporarily revived. Just click the "Forum" in the nav menu to the left.

  New Pub Chat | Posted by renegade! on 3.1.02

Announcing the new DeF$quad Public Chat. Type ?chat=DEFPUB in-game to chat..

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