Border crossing "Arnautski grob"

Geographical Position

  170 km, from Skopje, the capital, situated on the east of Macedonia, is Delcevo, a small picturesque town named by Goce Delcev, a famous revolutionary leader.

Town Delcevo part of East Macedonia is situated in the foot of mountain Golak on two banks of the river Bregalnica, 164 km of the east of Skopje. It is the biggest settlement in area Pianec witch stretches on area of 585 km2, placed between mountain Osogovo to the north and mountain Males to the south. he town lays at 590 to 640 m height above sea level. Although it's placed in the Omostcast part of the country. Delcevo has good  geographical position and traffic connection. All rural settlements and recreations center Golak are connected with town Delcevo with good asphalt roads from local and regional type, but from Zvegor to border crossing is build modern in.

  If your interest is archeology, a new discovery has been made by archeologists who uncovered ancient buildings, graves and many different kinds of things.


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