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Del Re's Medical Billing Services
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Our thoughts and Prayers go out to everyone involved in the NY tragedy. 
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We Can Be a Benefit to Your Medical Practice...
The way we see our job is simple.  We focus on helping you improve
your bottom line by providing services that are generally superior to those affordable by most providers.  Competetive rates!!!  After all, we are  in business to save you money!  Del Re's Medical Billing takes on the billing headaches so you don't have to.

Are you spending more money than you would like to?  Have you ever considered outsourcing your billing in order to focus solely on your parctice and your patients?

How Do You Benefit From Outsourcing to Us??
    Payments received from insurance carriers much faster
   Drastic reduction in paperwork
   No more hiring or training billing personnel
   No more headaches having to deal with insurance carriers
   Your staff can now spend more time assisting YOU and
   your patients