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A Brief Introduction


Briefly during the 1980s the power metal band Dio was one of the top US concert attractions around. Containing over the top productions of lasers, explosions, a giant dragon as well many, many other special effects.

The lyrics pertaining to this super group predominantly stayed on the topics of dungeons and dragons, swords and sorcery, damsels in distress, medieval times, etc. Before DIO, Ronnie James Dio, the band's front man, was part of a few bands prior to DIO. However, This time around Dio was more much melodic/metallic then the bands he previously fronted.

The band scored their first hit in no time at all. In 1983 Dio released their first album 'Holy Diver' with much air play on Mtv for the videos, 'Rainbow in the dark,' and 'Holy Diver.'


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