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Department Art

A Subsidiary of L&R Hartley, Publishers-

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Graphic Developers: Internet Banners - Book Cover Designs - Book Illustrating - Lineart Colourisation - Logos - Paintings from Photos - CAD - Special Graphic Effects.

Commercial Art, Specialising in Pen & Ink Freehand Drawings.


Providing both in-house services and graphics design for the general public.



 ... Download: Web Hosting Permission Form (pdf 11k)

 ... Download: Photograph or Voice Permission Designation (Model Release) Form (pdf 10k)

You can read more about these forms on our main website (follow this link to the actual page).

 ... Download: Permission form for us to use your ARTWORK in a publication or or promotional purposes, etc (pdf 49k)

Pdf forms require Adobe Acrobat® Reader

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