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2/3/01 - GOMEN NASAI!!! I've been quite busy with my SAT's, finals for last semester, plus starting a NEW semester, and working five days a week because everyone decided to go on vacation during X-mas break!!! Grrrr... So I DIDN'T update the reviews! So sue me!!! I still haven't been able to get my little paws on the FIFTH dvd yet, much LESS the sixth one!!! Grrrrrr... DAMN YOU SUNCOAST!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Oh well... I've added a sweet new fanart by Fabio, and several entries to the drinking game. Unfortunately, AOL seems to delete emails after they've been in the mailbox for a month! What the f**k?! What kinda stupid feature is that!?!? So sorry if you sent me stuff and it got deleted before I could read it... ~_~;;; *sigh*

And on another note... I"M GOING TO JAPAN!!!!!!!! ^_^ MUAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!! My mom has a business meeting there, and she asked if I wanted to go. Gee, lemme think for a se-YES!!!!!!!! So I'll be there for three days! ^_^ Sweeeeeeet! Still not sure where we're going... but hey! At least I'm going!!!!! ^_^ *Doin' da happy dance...*



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