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Documents about the "Panzertruppe" and Armoured Warfare in WWII
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Tankers Forum:
Tankers Forum is one of the most lively and multifacetted meeting places for tank enthusiasts on the Internet.

Achtung Panzer Forum
Connected to George Paradas Achtung Panzer website, discussions are mainly about German WWII armour and its opponents. Fair amount of traffic.

The AFV News DBoard
Run by George Bradford, editor of the excellent AFV News magazine, this is the Internet meeting place for many AFV enthusiasts. If you are having a really obscure AFV related question, you may very well find someone who can answer it here!

The Panzermuseum Forum
A very new Forum which still is growing. The Webmaster is very kind and helpful and even presents primary data if asked. This happened with the Nahverteidigungswaffe Vorschrift of the Tiger B. Worth a look.



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