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Hawai`i Aloha 
(Beloved Hawai`i)

Hawaii Aloha
Lyrics: The Reverend Lorenzo Lyons, aka Makua Laiana, 1807-1886
Music:  James McGranahan

This beloved and honored Hawaiian song is presented with word-for-word literal translations, as well as with phonetic aids to help with the pronunciation of its Hawaiian lyrics.  More verses can be found here.

E Hawai`i e ku`u one hnau
[eh  hah vai' ee-(y)eh  koo' oo-(w)oh' neh  HAH nau'-(w)eh]
Hawai`i my birth sands

Ku`u home kulaiwi nei
[koo' oo  hoh' meh  koo lah-(y)ee vee  nei]
My beloved native home

`Oli n au i n pono lani ou
[oh' lee  NOH-(w)au-(y)ee NAH  poh' noh  lah' nee-(y)ou]
Joyful indeed am I in your heavenly righteousnesses 

E Hawai`i Aloha
[eh hah vai' ee-(y)ah loh' hah-(Y)EH]
Beloved Hawai`i

Hui: Chorus:

E hau`oli e n `pio o Hawai`i nei
[eh hau oh' lee-(y)eh NAH OH pee-(Y)OH'  hah vah ee nei]
Happy the youth of beloved Hawai`i

`Oli !  `Oli ! 
[oh'  lee-(Y)EH!  oh' lee-(Y)EH!]
Rejoice! Rejoice!

Mai n aheahe makani e p mai nei
[mai NAH-(y)ah heh-(y)ah heh  mah kah' nee-(y)eh PAH mai nei]
Come the gentle wind that blow here

Mau ke Aloha n Hawai`i
[mau keh-(y)ah loh' hah NOH hah vai'  ee]
Forever the Aloha for Hawai`i

Song Information: 

One of the most beloved songs written by The Reverend Lorenzo Lyons, 1807-1886, also known as Makua Laiana, was taken from an old hymn, "I Left It All With Jesus," composed by James McGranahan (1840-1907). A local classic, it is sung together as a closing song with the holding of hands with those adjacent, swaying with the music, and raising the grasped hands upward at the conclusion of the song. 

The music of this song is from the Scots hymn "I Left It All With Jesus," written in the 1840s by James McGranahan. Kamehameha IV took an instant liking to the hymn, and he had Lorenzo Lyons rewrite the words to 'Hawaii Aloha' and placed in a Hawaiian hymnal.  ~ Source


G                      C  G
E Hawai`i e ku`u one hnau e
Ku`u home kulawi nei
      D7 G        (C)   G7               (C)     G
`Oli n au  i   n pono lani ou
              D7                     G   
E Hawai`i, aloha e
  C                                    G
E hau`oli n `pio o Hawai`i nei
`Oli e! `Oli e!
                  G     (C) G7                       (C)            G
Mai n aheahe makani e p mai nei
                   D7                         G
Mau ke aloha, no Hawai`i


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