Hawaiian Music Lyrics

In the spirit of pna`i, as a makana Aloha  (gift of Aloha) to Da' Hawai`i Club members, an informal project of creating this link page for lyrics to songs sung and danced to by club members is underway.  Whenever the spirit moves you to sing or dance, the lyrics will be right here waiting for you; literally, at your fingertips.

Gathering then posting lyrics on this page will allow for your easy reference and retrieval.  I will include background information on the songs and their composers, as well as the photos of song references.  My appreciation and enjoyment burgeons by knowing song meanings; perhaps yours too will be so enhanced. 

Read here about the power of the words and the benefits of knowing their meaning, as well as a heartfelt wish for Da' Hawai`i Club members...


For DHC members without home computers: every member has access to our senior center's well-equipped -- and under-utilized -- computer lounge.  We are also blessed with the 200+ computers and 600 laptop ports at our amazing state-of-the-art "Experience Library"  nearby. You too can review, peruse and even print out the lyrics for your personal use.  

It's never too late to learn how to surf the Internet.  Go learn.  Good, you know.


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