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Welcome to .digital (pronounced as "dot digital", for those of you following along at home). And now introducing the brand new, all spiffy version 0.3, appropriately named "Midnight Blue". The top graphic features all three dazzling characters from Square of the Moon; Ryou at left, Mariko in middle, and Hitomi at the waaaay right. I felt that the site needed a major overhaul from version 0.2, and so after three months of not updating, I decided to not be so lazy and actually work at the site. Hope everything's to your liking! Navigation through each section of the site is at the top, if you couldn't tell. =P

School, videogames, and anime are all the factors that have kept me from updating the site...shame on these distractions! Anyway, some of Dreamskipper is up for your enjoyment, and a description for Darker than Darkness has been added. I'm working on a separate little thing for Square of the Moon, so bear with me and pardon my dust. Until then, check out Square of the Moon's new shop for official merchandise. Yes, I know, you can thank me later. =D

Yes, I know that I haven't updated in awhile, and it's a little late to be informing the frequent site viewers (although I'd hasten a guess that those of you viewing the site already know this news), but Square of the Moon, Cycle One: Genesis, has been released! You can pick up a copy here! There will also be some merchandise up there soon as well, but I have to get the kinks worked out. Be sure to get your book quickly, because even though supplies aren't limited, you don't want to miss this! Oh, and uh...Clandestine is back up too. But who care, right? =D

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