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What's a guy to do when he suddenly has a lot of time on his hands???!!! Well, if you're like me, you take on an unusual hobby. In my case, I started designing and making wrestling-style Title Belts for all the video games my family, friends and I like to play. Then I branched out and started making other concept belts just for the fun of it. While these straps are certainly well below what I would consider commercial quality, they do make ideal awards or trophies for what we had in mind.

After I assembled my seventh belt, I got the brilliant idea to put together this site. Mostly so I could showcase (read: show-off) my title belts, but also so I could elaborate on the creative process in designing the belts. Just another way to waste time, but a fun way, nonetheless.


- SonBlock

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A gallery of all my title belt designs. Includes several images of the finished belts and the stories behind each one.

The Wall of Fame. A gallery of the current "Champions" showing-off their straps with pride.

Why do I make title belts instead of some other type of trophy? Click on this button to find out why.

Step-by-step instructions on how I make my title belts. If you wanna make your own SonBlock style title belt, here's how to do it!

Answers to possibly every question you may have about SonBlock's Title Belts.

A gallery of images I took when stll working at Excite@Home. Not title belt related, but more like an homage to friends & colleagues.

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Updated: 21 June 2002