10th Mountain Division
86th Mountain Infantry Regiment
2nd Battalion
Company G


Raymond with his two sisters,
Ruby and Eula

Raymond G. Ladue
PFC 86 Mt Inf 10 Mt Div
World War II
August 31, 1924 - March 3, 1945
St. Aloysious Cemetery
Berksire Avenue
Springfield, Massachusetts

This is a poem written by Raymond's Grand Niece - Jackie Henry.

One August Day, a child was born.
A love so perfect a love so scorned.
As the seasons passed the love so grew,
Only to be taken by a notorious shrew.
It was seized and gone so fast, 
How his Mother wished it could last.
A love so perfect it could never be swayed Even on that cold March day.
Oh, I hope that tyrant will pay
To the depths of hell he will fall away.
Reaching the end as the good book portrays,
Justice will be had to the souls that lay.
So there you have it,
You know how I feel,
About Raymond's short life, and my anger revealed.


Highway 302 throughout New Hampshire is dedicated to the 
10th Mountain Division

Plaque on Mt. Washington, 
New Hampshire

10th Mountain Division Monument
Fort Drum, New York

Dedicated by the New England Chapter of the 10th Mountain Division in memory  of comrades who gave their lives in The Aleutians and Italy in WW II.

This elite division of alpine troops spearheaded the victorious Fifth Army against the mountainous Gothic Line fortresses and across the Po Valley to shatter the German Defenses in Northern Italy.

It was their love of New England Mountains coupled with their dedication of human freedom that inspired hundreds of young New England Patriots to join the 10th Mountain Division.  Many returned to their beloved mountains.  Those heroes who did not return are still fondly remembered as brave men whose souls rest forever amid these mountain peaks -- Sempre Avanti

 History of Battle

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