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Doug's page contains some piano and guitar chords for various songs, along with several new skateboarding and you tube links. Also, Doug's great movie review of Charlie and Chocolate Factory in Portuguese.

Sao Miguel, AZORES (Acores)--Photo by Doug Nickerson
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Guitar and Piano!

Guitar chords: "One Note Samba," by Antonio Carlos Jobim
Guitar chords: "Girl from Ipanema," by Antonio Carlos Jobim
Guitar chords: "Once I Loved," by Antonio Carlos Jobim
Guitar chords: "Manha de Carnaval," de Luis Bonfa
Guitar chords: "Coisa Mais Linda," de Carlos Lyra


See Doug playing Jobim's Este se Olhar

Now that Doug is 'unemployed' he has to give you some news about what he's working on. On October first Doug will be providing the music for the Brazilian play 'Morte e Vida Severino.' Taking place at the Cape Cod Community College in the studio theatre. This piece is based on a well know Brazilian poem and delineates the difficult life of people in the Nordeste of Brazil. Even has some similarities to Wizard of Oz if you stretch things a bit, Severino , an Everyman , goes in search of better and winds up , well he doesn't find anything better I tell ya. Music by Chico Buarque.

Was Doug a casualty of the recession of 2008 and 2009 or was it something else entirely ? Just click here to find out.

Movie reviews

Movie review, "The Wizard of Oz."
see Wizard of Oz

Movie Review, "Charlie and the Chocolate Factory."
see Chocolate Factory review (in Portuguese)

See theDoug's list of publications for a list of published pieces.


See James Nickerson skate board videos on youtube

Cute B.S.P. Tricks

Also . . .

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Published Pieces

Doug's articles are Published on-line and in print.

Most of Doug's published work is in the computer press. However, here's an article about writing for an on-line writing 'Zine ...

Essay: Published in WriterOnline: "Five Tips to Improve your Technical Writing." Writer online was off - the - air for a while, it came back in November 2002. Five Tips to Improve your Technical Writing"
Originally Published by Writer Online in February 2000, I have had three requests for reprints of this piece, one from an on-line course for technical writers in Ontario, Canada and one from the Orange County (California) Society for Technical Communication,who condensed the Tips and published in their November newsletter.

I have found that many writing markets are interested in a list type article.

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-Doug Nickerson