Step 1 -Understand that your sin has separated
             you from the God who loves you.
  Romans 3:23- For all have sinned and
             fall short of the glory of God.
Step 2 - Be willing to turn away from your sin and
   toward God. This is called repentance.
   Luke 13:3- I tell you, no: but unless you
               repent you  will all likewise perish.
Step 3 -Place your trust in (believe) the fact that
            Jesus died for you, and that he arose in
            victory over death.
John 3:16-For God so loved the world, that
            He gave his only begotten Son, that
            whoever believes in Him shall  not
            perish, but have eternal life.
Step 4-Invite Jesus to take control of your life,
            forgive your sin and make you right with
           God .
            Romans 10:13- For whoever will call
on the name of the Lord will be saved.
Trusting Christ is more than mentally recognizing Him as the Son of God or having an emotional experience. You must receive Him as your Lord and Savior by faith.
All Scripture from the New American Standard Bible

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