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Dayton, OH, at the confluence of the Great Miami, Mad, and Stillwater rivers, is the gem of the Buckeye State. Founded in 1796 on the banks of the Great Miami River, today Dayton currently is surrounded by 17 suburban cities, spans 8 counties and it's rolling hills and green pastures call 1,231,940 people home.

Reynolds and Reynolds, Delphi, Mead, Lexus Nexus, NCR, Standard Register, Iams, and 1500 other manufacturing firms call Ohio's sixth largest city home. Dayton is built on the past, yet looks into the future as the inventors capital of the world. The Wright B Flyer (the world's first successful airplane) was invented in Dayton. In addition, the cash register, the parking meter, the pop top/pull top beverage can, the parachute, the movie projector and theatre, and 50 other significant inventions were created here.

Dayton is home to the country's largest Air Force museum, Wright-Patterson Air Force Base, the Aviation Hall of Fame, hosts the United States Air and Trade Show (the nation's largest) every year,  and is in preparation of the upcoming 100th anniversary "Celebration of Flight" in 2003. In addition, Dayton IS the nation's largest 90 minute air market, reaching nearly 55% of the nation's population and 50% of Canada's population within 90 minutes of air travel time. With all this, Dayton is easily the aviation capital of the world.

Paul Lawrence Dumbar, Erma Bombeck, the Wright Bros., and many others call Dayton home. We honor these famous sons and daughters in the Dayton Walk of Fame, at the Dayton International Airport. Dayton is home to many neighborhoods; the Oregon District, St. Anne's Hill, Wright-Dumbar, and others cast a sense of renaissance in this corner of Ohio. These neighborhoods are a sense of serenity while the busy interstates and sports teams are for the fast-paced.

Dayton, a city of our past, a city for our future...

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