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Dear Reader:

Dipti Jadhav Patil arrived in the United States filled with hopes and dreams for her future.  She had come to this country from India for a better education, and was completing her Master’s Degree in Computer Science at City University in Seattle with a 4.0 grade point average.  Dipti also had plans to get married on December 29, 1999. She exuded confidence, joy, and vibrance.  She was a bright, vivacious young woman on the threshold of her perfect life.
On November 10, 1999, all her dreams were shattered.  Returning from school, Dipti had just gotten off the bus and was crossing the street to come home.  She waited at the usual street corner, and when the walk signal turned green, she began to cross the street.  A car sped towards the intersection, and was unable to stop.  With brakes locked, the car skidded.  Dipti took a direct hit to her legs, breaking both of them.  With both legs broken, her body snapped across the hood of the car as her head crashed into the windshield crashing the windshield.  The car, still unable to stop, carried her for a short distance.  She was thrown off the hood on to the concrete road about 30-40 feet from the point of impact.  Dipti was then rushed to the hospital where she lay in critical condition for ten days.  Doctors operated on her fractured legs.  She suffered traumatic brain injuries (TBI), which made it difficult for her to move, speak, and remember many aspects of her life.  She has now been moved out of critical care, and into a hospital room for her long recovery. Her marriage has been postponed until her complete recovery from the above mentioned accident.
The injustice that stems from this tragedy is that the driver who hit her had minimal state-mandated insurance that will cover only $25,000 (including attorney’s fees).  In the first ten days in the hospital, Dipti’s medical bills were over $125,000 and continue to accrue on a daily basis.  Her school insurance plan rejected payment of medical bills due to a technicality (please
contact here for any questions on it). 

In the future, Dipti’s medical needs are:
(1) visits to her rehabilitation director, orthopedic surgeon, neurological surgeon, an ophthalmologist, a dental surgeon, and other specialists,
(2) physical, speech, and occupational therapy, and
(3) reconstructive oral surgery for oral fractures and broken teeth. 

The cost of these treatments will elevate her medical bills. 

Our goal is to raise $250,000 to help her pay off her medical bills, so she can get back on her feet. Please
click here for instructions on how to make tax-deductible donations. 

We urge you to find it in your hearts to help this young lady deterred from the path of success find her way back.  Any contribution would be greatly appreciated.  Thank you for your time, understanding, and generosity.

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