DPsleepy's Stories

DPsleepy's Stories

Here you'll find a collection of my stories involving my version of the sleepy fantasy. You won't find any explicit sex, or breathless descriptions of normally hidden body parts. I tend to write stories on the PG-13 level.

If you like superheroine sleepy fantasies too, please consider getting a membership in the site of my friend SuperBecca. I don't do commercials, and she didn't pay me to say this, but she's really a fantastic person, as well as a beautiful and gifted actress and model. She does chloro and other knock-out scenes as well as anyone. If you're into ropes and stuff (I'm not), she does a lot of that too. She does absolutely no nudity or explicit content.

Also, Becca has a new sleepy-only clip site at NicheClips. Again, this isn't a commercial, and I'm not being paid to say this, but she really could use your help.


1/19/08: Chapter 13, the final chapter, of The Game is ready. Everybody dies. Not really. Please read the Acknowlegments as well. Also, please friend me (dp sleepy) on facebook.

1/22/08: Chapter 12 of The Game is ready. This should be the second-to-last chapter. In it, trouble strikes.

9/5/07: Another new chapter in The Game, where a friendly poker game get out of hand. Other things get out of hand as well...

2/24/07: A new chapter in The Game, where Lacey does her final "super" scene. Also, I've done quite a bit more on my DeviantArt site.

12/21/06: Merry Christmas! A new chapter in The Game, and some of my stuff from DeviantArt below.

9/17/06: New story Vixey Fox in Cuckoo for Joe. The idea was suggested by an online friend. Thanks!

Also, I don't have a link page, but you can check out my sleepy page at del.icio.us to see some of the links I've collected over time. (It's not complete yet, but what on the internet ever is?) I'm transferring my bookmarks over there. I have fairly eclectic interests, but you're also welcome to check out my main del.icio.us page if you want. (You can make me your friend too.)

Finally, I am occasionally on yahoo's instant messenger as dpsleepy. Feel free to give me a ping if you see me.

All my work here carries a Creative Commons license. You are free to create non-commercial derivative works as you wish, but if you can, I'd like to hear from you. (I promise that I don't bite or harvest e-mail addresses.)

I have nothing in particular against deriving from my stories to do commercial works. If you want to do that, though, please write me so that we can work out the details.

The Stories

The Caroline Series

These stories involve a fictional woman named Caroline who gets a big charge out of playing dead for her husband.

Sigma Sigma Gamma Series

The story Waves was not really meant to have a sequel, but you know how these horror stories are...

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