2002 World Cup Qualifyers
After the surprising Euro 2000 campaign, the azzurri have a new coach: Giovanni Trapattoni, the most successful Italian coach. He is not an unknown face to Alex Del Piero: Trapattoni was the Juventus coach when Alex joined the squad, back in 1993.

Italy 1-0 Hungary
World Cup Qualifyers. October 6, 2001. Parma, Italy.
Alex scored the goal which qualified Italy for the World Cup!!
Match report - AFP
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Lithuania 0-0 Italy
World Cup Qualifyers. September 1, 2001. Kaunas, Lithuania.
Alex was replaced by Filippo Inzaghi.
Match report - AFP

Georgia 1-2 Italy
World Cup Qualifiers. June 2, 2001. Tbilisi, Georgia.
Del Piero didn't score.

Italy 4-0 Lithuania
Group 8. March 28, 2001. Trieste, Italy.
Alex not only played a great match, but scored twice!

Romania 0-2 Italy
Group 8. March 24, 2001. Bucharest, Italy.
Though he didn't score, Alex played a very good match.

Italy 2-0 Georgia
Group 8. October 11, 2000. Ancona, Italy.
Del Piero scored both goals from penalty kicks.
Match report - Daily Soccer

Italy 3-0 Romania
Group 8. October 7, 2000. Milan, Italy.
Del Piero entered for Inzaghi and didn't score.

Hungary 2-2 Italy
Group 8. September 3, 2000. Budapest, Hungary.
Del Piero was replaced by Marco Delvecchio in the 72nd minute and didn't score.