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Spechtreum I
By Draconis Blackthorne

N i g h t b r e e d
{XXV A.S. Directed by Clive Barker. Starring Craig Sheffer, Anne Bobby, David Cronenberg, Charles Haid, Hugh Quarshie, Hugh Ross, Doug Bradley, Catherine Chevalier, Malcolm Smith, Bob Sessions, Oliver Parker, Carolyn Jones}

[Warning: This allegorical review contains "spoilers", so you may wish to watch the film before reading this analysis.]

A young leather and jeans clad man named "Boone" {Craig Sheffer} returns to the mental hospital for sporadic evaluations, and is brainwashed by the resident psycho-the-rapist into believing that he was a serial killer, when in fact all the while it was transferrence to divert culpability from Doctor Decker {David Cronenberg}, whose alter-ego manifests as a button-eyed, zipper-mouthed masked killer in a black trenchcoat. It is later divulged that he feels he is on a mission to exterminate The 'Nightbreed'.

The Nightbreed themselves are anthropomorphic were-beings comprised of various animalistic attributes each with their own unique abilities, which speaks to the acceptance of man as an animal. From a porcupine lady {Shuna Sassi}, a devil man {Lude}, a dark delectible succubus {Rachel}, a slug-like creature, a moon-faced man {Kinski}, to a tendril-wielding denizen {Leroy Gomm}, a double-faced resident {Otis & Clay}, and a morphing little girl collectively named "Babette". [Character Biographies]

After conversing with a crazed man named "Narcisse"* at the asylum, Boone divulges the location of this mystical place known as Midian, which perhaps represents a state of being to attain carnal purity with the acceptance of oneself as a part of the animal kingdom. Driven by an inert gnosis, Boone is subsequently inducted into "The Tribes of The Moon" by elder Lylesburg, undergoing a ceremony to determine his worthiness to be part of the breed, which he passes, revealing his true nature, thus becoming "Cabal", the embodiment of the antihero of the night.

This inherent desire may speak to the dynamic of self-realization, as in "born, not made", as well as perhaps a mythological comparison with Milton's 'Paradise Lost', wherein rebel angel Lucifer tranforms into Satan. Thus, self realized, forms his own kingdom with focus and personally-determined purpose. The Rebel stage is indicative of turmoil and confusion, yielding a metamorphosis unto the higher evolution of self-deification.

After Boone escapes the bloody beatings and cruel clutches of the local crooked Police, Decker's deceptions motivate the corrupt and brutal officers to travel out to Midian to aid him in destroying its inhabitants under the guise of destroying a murderous cult. In defense, the "Berzerkers" are loosed, and the bloody battle ensues. The Berzerkers seem to represent 'demonic forces unleashed from the gates of Hell' / focused emotions power-driven into the ethers to attain revenge and restore justice.

In a metaphorical sense, the Nightbreed characters equate to Satanists in many respects, as I see it. Despite some inconsistent terminology, such as referring to the herd as misnomered "naturals" {I would argue the term "commoners" is more appropriate}, for as we know, Satanists are truly purely natural creatures; instead, what we are concentrating on here is the essence of being a breed above the common herd.

For instance, Nightbreed reside in their own subterranian total environment named 'Midian' beneath a gargoyle-laden cemetery, overseen by a being known as 'Baphomet', which seems to be the concentrated energy / lifeforce / black flame of the Nightbreed. Parallels can be drawn of it representing the sigil of Baphomet - a symbolic reflection of The Self, as Dr. LaVey observed. Living their lives to the fullest unobstructed by the herd or their mediocre concerns.

The neurotic Decker and the priest represent death-cult spiritual religions seeking to enslave and destroy, wherein the true source of their being is divulged in the film's finale. Decker goes out of his way to impinge upon the breed, fostering a genocidal messianic complex based upon what he wishes to become, but can never hope to be; thus spurned and imbalanced, reacts to eliminate what he cannot resolve within himself, by projecting outwards upon those he resents.

The film derives from Barker's well-named "Cabal" story. The term cabal itself is defined as an "artistic, literary, theatrical group" within an organization of free-thinkers.

The splendiferous musical score is rendered by the hell-flamed genius of Danny Elfman, enhancing the adventure and enchantment manifold, intensifying the moods with evocative compositions, creating the aural Magic so indicative of this Master Maestro.

As an aside, on the subject of music, the metal band "Cradle of Filth" would eventually record an album by the name of 'Midian' in Year XXXV A.S.

Also of note: As a fantom of The Addams Family, it should be mentioned that Carolyn Jones {Morticia} plays a psychiatric nurse herein, which was quite a delightful surprise indeed.


* Sarcastically named, considering he spent countless hours staring into a mirror imagining the monster behind the face seeking to come forth. He eventually joins with the Nightbreed after tearing portions of his scalp from his skull, leaving the face intact.

D r e a m s c a p e
{XIX A.S. Directed by Joseph Ruben. Starring Dennis Quaid, Max von Sydow, Christopher Plummer, Eddie Albert, Kate Capshaw, David Patrick Kelly}

Alex Gardner was born with certain "talents" - a telepathic genius - able to manipulate the conscious mind. But it is not until he is approached with an offer to further parapsychology that he learns just how profound his abilities can fathom.

Living a life of mundane concerns*, at the behest of Dr. Novotny {Max Von Sydow}, he returns to his former life engaging in psychical research to further the efforts of the mind to tap the abyssal subconscious, projecting into others' dreams, in what is essentially the practice of Lucid Dreaming, what some of us have already mastered. With the aid of a 'dream machine' situated in the 'dream chamber' {"Who's your decorator, Darth Vader?"; it is a nice chamber!}, which merely regulates bio-functions, it begins as a form of therapy, witnessing patients' fears, such as the man who suspected his wife of cheating {including with his brother, a priest, and... even you... Fakuda...?}; and the construction worker with bathophobia {fear of falling from high places}. The reality of the situations amaze Alex, who thereby dedicates his skills full into the project.

Upon reaching REM sleep state, each dream sequence is quite a remarkable spectacle {whose ingress, incidentally, very much resembles the I-Tunes visualizer}, with amorphous transmutations in light and sound surrounding until full presence is achieved.

Then he meets Bob Blaire, whose innocuous first introduction belies his true character as sinister mastermind, and later Tommy Glatman, a psychopathic dream killer obsessed with Martial Arts movies who actually murdered his own father. Blaire runs a top-secret organization within the CIA whose nefarious influence is all-pervasive. The two work in tandum and plan to assassinate the President {Eddie Albert**} in his dream by whatever imaginative scenario, utilizing dream weapons to achieve that end, which results in various stress and shock related maladies in "dayside" state. That is the ultimate idea herein - to cause reactive effects in which a kill in the dream results in the actual demise of the dreamer IN ACTUALITY.

Through entering the dream of an attractive female Doctor with what is essentially an incubus visualization, Alex eventually learns to project without the use of the machine, by merely stilling himself in a quiet, gloomy environment, initiating controlled breathing techniques {sounds familiar...}, he sharpens his senses enough to subsequently confront a serpentine creature known as 'The Snakeman' {a boogie-man archetype and Glatman's fearsome "totem"} who has invaded a boy's dreams. From within a haunted house on a stormy night, down a twisting staircase into an inferno of horrors, the two battle the snake beast in a fantastical scene reminiscient of white knight verses dragon. Although in the dream world, anything is possible.

After the sad execution of Novotny ordered by Blaire, Alex and Tommy square off in The President's nightmare wherein the one with the greater imagination, cleverness, and willpower prevails. The Snakeman manifests again, and through a very shrewd apparition, the President is saved.

Demon hounds, a snake monster, nuclear zombies, sudden scares, cloak and dagger scenarios, secret government conspiracies, a motorbike chase, and horrific environments fill this dreamscape of nucleic creation.

Rating: 5/5.

The premise behind this film deals in the actual practice of Lucid Dreaming, wherein the dreamer can control the direction of one's own dream, filling it with whatever content desired, adopting whatever abilities wished for, inclusive of entering others' subconscious for mental manipulation to cause likewise reflections in wake. Highly recommended to those interested in lucid dream work.

In a certain sense, the character of Alex Gardner could very well speak to the born Warlock and Witch, who share such similar relatable inherent propensities.


* Seems he was betting on the horse races and runs afoul of some bookies who want in on his continual success, and otherwise was also concentrating his efforts on carnal pleasures. The question remains - there is no reason why he could not continue to pursue his fleshly interests while also contributing to the project.

** Whom you may remember as portraying Dr. Samuel Richards in the film The Devil's Rain, and probably more recognizably as Oliver Wendell Douglas from 'Green Acres'.



Undoubtedly, one of the best horror movies to scream along in awhile. Scream incoperates all of the cliches of Horrordom, but manages to utilize them as they were always meant to be. Scream is a combination between Halloween & Friday The 13th, but contains a cleverer plot instead. There are many interesting twists & turns that are quite delightful in their ingenuity.

Drew Barrymoore makes a cameo appearance, & meets with a creative demise, that makes it a first for a killer thusfar. Speaking of the villain, the killing techniques are very interesting to watch, & is quite the psychological terrorist, that actually left ME impressed! Linda Blaire also makes an appearance.

Scream is very engaging, & will make for a perfect evening. Indeed, I found My date clinging on to Me on more than one accasion - more than usual, that is.

The ONLY dissappointment, was there really were no erotic scenes, & no nudity whatsoever, which would have made this movie perfect. Besides that, however, Scream is a scream.

There is pleanty of blood, suspense, & shock to go around throughout the whole movie. So there isn't the stagnant boredom that plagues many of the other movies, but instead, the suspense is constant.

No matter which way you slice it, Scream is a classic.


Rawhead Rex

Brutal. Gruesome. Chilling. Bloody. Inspiring! Just the way I like it! Everyone should watch this video in the dead of night - especially cross-huggers. This is a horror film with a message. One that they don't want to hear, because it is the truth, & they choose self-denial. After all, for xians, self-deception is bliss.

Rawhead Rex, a Primally Pagan, pre-xian creature, worshipped, according to the movie, by ancient peoples as a Dark God, the Lord of Death & Savagery. But he is not without his persuasive charms of fascination. Like Dracula, he possesses powers of mental manipulation, to coerce, & set his victims in awe. An ideal balance betwixed mental & physical might. Satanimalism. Besides the hypnosis, Rawhead is a barbarous beast. A onsterous daemon of havoc & chaos. The personification of Abaddon. He goes about the Irish countryside ripping & tearing his preys asunder, & feasting on their still warm bodies.

The movie is replete with religious symbolism & folklore. Yay, even upon the stained-glass windows of the church, there lays the Pagan history of the Terrible One. He that was here before the accursed missionaries came. Even the church was built atop a Pagan Temple which was defaced by monks, but they could never keep this evil down for long. Rawhead bursts from the primal shrine, an obelisk, symbol of fertility & might, onto the earth from below, to horrify the disbelievers, & put them in their low places. "My death fortells My return!"... That they may hear their own heartbeats, pounding fast, so long as their blood doth flow. That they cherish their breaths, for any one could be their last. They are set to run like deer before the hungry roaring lions.

The typical irresponsibility of mortals without foresight, who constantly ignore the warnings of the wise, until the great calamity is upon them, at which they stare blankly, with stupified bambi-eyes, into the face of their slayer. Thus, they learn in the harshest of ways.

Everything is subject to interpretation. Therefore, to Me, Rawhead Rex represents the ultimate Satanic Predator. Unstoppable. Immortal. Invincible. Merciless. Insatiable. And thurough. Satanists would do well to take a lesson from this character, & apply certain traits to practical measures in One's life. For he is made of the stuff of nightmares, from which we too have been fashioned. We represent such an awesome & terrible force, that the multitudes cower before us, & only the suicidal dare to stand & defy. Our heritage is forged with honor & pride, a dark legacy of pleasure & pain, wrath & victory, strength & might, blood & gore. We are the monsters that simple men seek to evolve to, or, bewrought with jealousy, envy, & frustration, seek to veinly battle. We stand as the constant threat to their false securities, their chosen lies. We are the dark angels of truth. The truth that we are hunters, & they are the hunted. We are true to our natures, & inherently operate according to the Law of the Fang. They aspire to that which is not, & such as they are not, so they build white walls of deceit & fancy, thinking that they are safe from Our influence. But alas, the barriers come loose by Our, & their very own doing, & they suffocate in their own lies. Whatever the case, for them, death is certain & premature. For us, life eternal, world without end!

Rawhead Rex has all the elements that makes a horror show stimulating & entertaining. Fun for the whole family. So fill the air with the sounds of terror & torment... & maybe, if you are fortunate enough, or unfortunate, depending upon the person, or sub-vital, you may attract some of those "evil spirits" that the sanctimonious scumbags hack about.

Don't believe the BS-DP at the end. They put those kinds of ideologically unrealistic endings to prevent people from crapping all over themselves, & again, to preserve them in their little "happy-sunshiny" world. Just another pre-determined, pre-programmed, pacifying outcome. The "meek & the weak will inherit the earth" type of nonsensical bile. This marauding mortifier will give the weak of heart a good cardiovascular workout. Beware, lest Rawhead smell the fear...

H P. Lovecraft's
{XXXVI A.S. Based on short stories "Dagon" and "The Shadow Over Innsmouth" by H. P. Lovecraft. Directed by Stuart Gordon. Screenplay by Dennis Paoli. Starring Ezra Godden, Francisco Rabal, Raquel Meroo, Macarena Gmez, Brendan Price, Birgit Bofarull, Uxa Blanco, Ferran Lahoz. Made in Spain. Genre: Horror.}

"Dagon - Philistine avenging devil of the sea." ~ The Satanic Bible.

Paul Marsh, his girlfriend Barbara, and another couple {one of whom doesn't make it} are shipwrecked by a mysterious storm, becoming stranded in a dank Spanish town named "Imboca" {what would have been "Innsmouth"}, populated by transmutating barely human amphibious creatures.

When his companions disappear, he learns the truth of this place from "Ezequiel", an elderly vagrant who relates that the strange occupants are actually cultists who worship the Cthulhu-like Dagon, and have long since turned the local Catholic Church {whose then-resident priest was slain} into one of this sea god. This yields to highly dramatic scenes of transition featuring a High Priest taking control of the town. Their emblem resembles a subaqueous "all-seeing eye" which replaces smashed christian icons.

Marsh is pursued by the tentacle-limbed zombie-like inhabitants through one suspenseful situation to the next, where he eventually discovers human skin hanging from hooks, other mutant creatures, and a really enchantingly beautiful mermaid named Uxia {the delicious Macarena Gomez} pining for his amorous attention. Throughout this tale, it seems he had oneiromantically forseen glimpses of this entire adventure in his dreams, from the alien symbols to this beauty.

He, Barbara, and Ezequiel eventually find themselves about to be sacrificed to the hungry Dagon, until Marsh is rescued by this superb mermaid, who desires him for her own. Turns out Uxia is the High Priestess, attired in glorious ceremonial vestments, lifting an impressive spinal dagger, uttering the invocation "IA! IA! Cthulhu F'Thag'n" phrase ubiquitous in the Lovecraftian mythos. At the ceremony, the black robed High Priest comes forth, who has since evolved into the personification of Cthulhu with an octopus head and tentacles about the mouth.

Ezequiel is killed, and Barbara is lowered into a well-like pit to feed the aquatic beast. In the end, despite the self-immolation of Marsh, the Dagonites actually prevail, as he essentially sheds his skin to join the sublime Uxia when he realizes he is actually one of them.

Beginning in a lightmare, Dagon concludes in a nightmarish purging of perception. Those who appreciate the works of 'The Old Gent' will enjoy this one. With minimal gore, some brief CGI, and gloomy environments, this is a thrilling, and very dark film with a refreshing twist, sans the typical duality and plot outcome common in most cult / monster movies, where the protagonist was formally his own antagonist, who experiences realization and acceptance of his true nature.



From the get-go, it is easy to see The Black Pope's & The Church of Satan's influence in the media at that time. The first two segments illustrate this in the most obvious means.

The first shows a "Warlock" beseeching The Lord of Darkness to manifest, as a fair maiden is tied down to a coffin serving as an altar, in the background. It's straight off the COS advertisement poster, "Satan Wants You".

The second segment shows a Satanic marriage, between a gentleman & The Devil's daughter, this, no doubt inspired by the highly publicized COS marriage of Judith Case & John Raymond, that was officiated by Dr. LaVey. The actor playing The Devil bears a resemblance to LaVey, but is on the short & stocky side. By the way, nice horns! Unlike Dr. LaVey's cowl, which is made from genuine bone.

The rest of the movie deals with assorted freak tales of comical & disturbing proportions. One of them, dealing with a goatboy, the abominable product of the movie's marriage, no doubt served as inspiration to the Saturday Night Live character by the same name, & The Weekly World News' "Batboy".

Movies such as these are just not made anymore, so viewing Bloodbath will prove to be a unique cinematic excursion into The Devil's Carnival, & morbid museum of freakery, in that distinctive late 60's early 70's flavor.

B l o o d l i n e s
Hellraiser III: Bloodlines

The continuing saga of Pinhead & The Puzzlebox abysmal. Gone are the idiotic bimbos & high-school morons. Instead, we witness the creation of the box, & the black box, & the Black Magic that brought it forth from an evil Warlock, & a truly wicked succubus. The Toymaker who fashioned it, becomes Pinhead's arch-foe, as it has been throughout the ages. Hellraiser 4 takes us through a time warp to the past, present, & future. Throughout time, you shall witness the blasphemy, the sacrilege, & the unholy mutilations, always creatively executed upon those who dare challenge Hell, & its abysmal residents.

The mutilations, eviscerations, lacerations, & decapitations are masterfully presented herein. Mr. Barker really manages to outdo himself with this, in My opinion, the best Hellraiser to date.

I particularly enjoyed this movie, because it gives Pinhead plenty of opportunity to talk & philosophize, much like the LeCroix of Forever Knight fame. Indeed, it a die-hard, hard-core fan is so inclined, a book can be created based upon His dark observations.

Keep on manifesting those wonderful nightmares, Mr. Barker, your place is assured amongst the Infernal Legions. Amen.



The Prophesy is a biblical Twin Peaks for sure. The whole intriguing plot is linked to a deceased Colonel, who, in essence, has become the Lora Palmer, as it were, who is the valuable key to the "second war in heaven". He was a diabolical Black Magick Magician who sacrificed some of his own soldiers to gain power, & impale angels as sacrifices. He seemed to have been a sort of Antichrist. Thomas, a saint turned angel, is saught after by a wicked Gabriel, who developed a Luciferian attitude, after getting a taste of the mortal world, & by an incessant envy that the "talking monkeys" {humans} are in "God's grace", & he is not. So he goes about putting any to sleep who get in his way, & employs zombies to do his work.

The human-hero is an ex-priest turned cop, who accidentally becomes involved by divine intervention. He becomes Gabriel's nemesis, attempting to foil him at every turn. Apparently, he is also clairvoyant, for he receives morbid visions of Angelic impalement now & then.

He takes over where Thomas left off, after being scorched by Gabriel, for protecting a little girl who houses the soul of the evil Colonel, placed within her by a "holy kiss" from Thomas. The battle wages, angel vs. angel vs. mortal.

Lucifer makes an appearance, & eventually rips Gabriel's heart out {the only way to kill an angel, according to this movie}. He looks like an evil jesus, interestingly enough. The whole movie contains an ominous undertone to it, a-la Twin Peaks, & much of it takes place in the boonies.

The Prophesy is a parapsychological thriller, & a brain-stimulator, as the plot is somewhat complex, yet brilliantly executed. It also has the tendency to bestow Deja-Vu chills.


The little sheep from Little House on the Prairie, Melissa-Sue Anderson, has wandered far from the flock, to portray a Satanic Witch in this gem of a movie, Midnight Offerings. She plays an adolescent Satanist, determined to be the top-notch student at Ocean High. She adds & diminishes whom & whatsoever she pleases, by her Occult Powers. She has a marvelous Ritual Chamber erected in her bedroom, & an adorable black cat familiar, She is completely covert about it, until a rival, Robin Prentice, moves into town, who is under-developed Magically, & even tries to deny her natural Witchery, which only works to the advantage of Vivian, who manipulates her at will, but not without subconscious resistance. She ends up getting the attention of Dave Sterling, Vivian's boyfriend, which invokes the wrath of the Dark Sorceress, to the eventual point of a face-off in the school's athletic field turned execution grounds. Robin's attempts to gain help from some dumb weakan proved fruitless against the magnified Black Magic of the Black Witch on that Full Moon's night.

Dave Sterling remains the jock-bimbo ingrate, unappreciative of Vivian's efforts to keep him as the star-quarterback of the High School's team, who, because of Vivian's spells, he has enjoyed top-ranking. Instead, he becomes confused by his twisted "morality", & veers further away from her, & into the arms of the idiotic Prentice.

There's a dramatic scene between Vivian & her weak, stifling mother, who seeks to thwart her daughter's aspirations of success, wherein they have a brief psychic battle. That bitch didn't even want Vivian, because she was the 7th daughter of a 7th daughter. Her father is a good-natured, gullible fellow, who is clueless about Vivian being a Hecatite Witch, who works closely with Hecate, Dark Goddess of the Moon & Witchcraft.

The opening scene is INCREDIBLE, & not at all as far-fetched as some people might believe. This first scene really sets the tone of the movie, & is profoundly memorable.

Midnight Offerings is quite impressive, for the great aesthetics of Magic, the beautiful Baphomet, & the demonstration of the moronic antics of the normals, who can never quite comprehend the glory & Power We Children of Darkness possess.

This movie also has a great score, which can be useful for your own rituals & ceremonies, if you can find it.

Midnight Offerings is yet another inspirational, satanistic film that should have ended, however, about five minutes sooner, to avoid the D.P.

Encounter With The Unknown

I once recorded this upon a very late night presentation, which became a dark evocation. Three stories of the paranormal contained in this eerie documentary narrated by Rod Serling:

Curse of The Heptagram

Three jokers trick a young gullible fellow with the promise of a sexual experience with a fictitious promiscuous girl. But when he goes to the address provided, he is met by an old lady who accidently shoots him. At the funeral, the boy's mother places a justified curse on the three un-"wise guys". Lifting her veil, she widens her eyes, points and utters:

"One by land, two by sky. Three times 'round the heptagram go the three of you. And may your reward be just and true."

And so it comes to be. Telling the tale from the perspective of one of the accursed while on a plane, he regales a Catholic Priest with the chain of strange events. Seven days apart, the first is run over by a car which suddenly reels out of control. The second perishes in a sky diving "accident" {his parachute fails to open}; and the final perpetrator perishes on the plane right after telling the priest his odd story. The priest just so happened to have gotten off at a stop right before the crash, and upon finding the accursed among the gory wreckage, manages to gurgle "Father, it's the seventh day..."

And so they received what they deserved. I love the way the dynamics of a Curse are illustrated here. Applying 'The Evil Eye' and 'The Devil's Hook' upon the rotten. Good riddance. Lex Talionis.

The Hell Pit

When a young boy's dog falls into a mysterious foggy pit, he seeks the help of his father and some of the town's men to retrieve him. But when the boy's pop is lowered into the pit, which at this time begins emitting groaning, moaning, roaring sounds, he emerges insane, spending the rest of his life in an asylum. Interesting to note that at the same time he was in the hole, a framed picture of him fell off the wall back at the house, in a seemingly sympathetic connection. Apparently, the dog was never rescued.

The Girl on The Bridge

The urban legend of the ghostly girl on the bridge who just wants to go home. But upon arriving at the address she cites, she disappears upon arrival. It turns out that she had died many years ago.

This relation also details her life prior to her 'excarnate' condition. She was a girl in love with a young suitor, whom her father disapproved of. They eventually decide to elope, and plunge over the side of that very bridge where they both die.

Just about every town has a variation of this tale with the same general elements - most notably, one "Resurrection Mary".


The presentation concludes with a review of the events, commenting about the resurgent interest in 'Witchcraft', a "cursory" explanation of a malediction. While the narrator asserts that those afflicted 'allowed' themselves to be thus hexed, the reality is that this is of little consideration, although still effectual on a Lesser Magic scale - only those who deem to protect themselves from such can attain a state of balance, and only if they are undeserving, which the individuals in this story certainly were not.

An analysis of the psychology of the country bumpkins at The Pit; and finally, the question of 'ghosts', which may have been more or less an environmental impression, perhaps caused by the intense emotional expenditure at the final moments, replaying in the atmosphere when similar conditions are present.

I really enjoyed the style in which this presentation was arranged. Allowing for mystery to pervade, allowing the viewer to question for themselves the nature of the events.


"There is a beast in man that should be exercised, NOT exorcised."
- Anton LaVey


A deeply inspiring film with beautific scenes bathed in blue moonlight. We are taken through the forest upon insanely savage legs, seeing a bit of ourselves through the redness of Lust. JACK NICHOLSON portrays the barbarian in us, & what an excellent choice! He who incessantly, & visually brings us into the blissful terrors of The Darkside of the Psyche. A lot can be learned from this movie, from a psychological & a philosophical crouchpoint. Dr. LaVey's "Secrets of Lycanthropic Transformation" arises to mind, from THE DEVIL'S NOTEBOOK, in which we learn to surrender ourselves to the beast within, thus allowing for the "civilized" part to remain stablized. Where reason & instinct may work together likened the Ying-Yang, instead of denying eachother like the repressive, enslaving xians have attempted to do to the human spirit / nature.

The movie moves along in a realistic pace, thus adding that bit of actuality to it, which makes it more compelling. Nicholson plays a publishing company's boss who, upon driving across North-Eastern U.S., gets bitten, & thus becomes blessed with the sacred gift of Transmutation. But he & his significant other do not see it that way. Just like the usual commoner's attitude, they try to restrict & deny the "touch of evil" with everything from handcuffs, to seeking the councel of an author on the subject, who imparts a "protective" {hindering} talisman unto them. But nothing can hold the beast back if it is pure enough!

.........I suppose this is what makes a horror-movie, though. Ironically, it is this very so-called "curse" that saves his girlfriend from being raped & killed. I will not say much more, other than there is very interesting twist towards the end. I derived a sense of Pride by this monsterpiece. It is quite elevating. I know that every Satanist will most probably relate also.


The Crow Two words: Tragic. Triumphant.

Out of tragedy comes the face of the morbid jester, utterly insane with grief & rage. Possessed of the Satanic Spirit of Vengence, as the excrutiating memory flashes again & again like a mindstrobe. Pain comes in many forms, but probably the worst of them all is that felt at the loss of a loved-one ----- one whom you have spent the best nights & days with, shared your most intimate moments. There's nothing like looking deep into the eyes of your beloved, seeing & feeling the love they have for you.

The rainy evenings by candlelight, sharing a bottle of bloodwine together. You have to ask yourself: "What would life be without them?" Then you shall feel how deep the love runs.........

The Crow is the bird of ill-omen for those who cross the path of the Satanist. In Chinese culture, it is the animal that houses the soul of one who seeks justice. When that justice is attained, then the soul is set free.

After the tragedy, The Crow returns from the dead, to right the wrongs done to him & his beloved. He takes on the symbology of the crow, for its significance to living death, & goes about executing the perpetrators of the heinous deeds in several creative ways.

BRANDON LEE carries the character off excellently. There's nothing like real personality behind the characterization. What a pity it is that his movie career was cut short by some incompenent SOB, who should themselves be shot. It is almost inevitable, that when one is successful, there's always some devil-damned envious peckerhead who wants to bring the king off the mountain. Bring them down first! Before they even get the chance! They are pitiful little bits of canine feces stinking up the place with their petty jealousies. Be rid of them, by Magical procedures, & any other way available, & the world will be a much better place for it. Remember, if you want something done, do it yourself.

These current noir-oriented movies are wonderful & inspirational to the Satanist, as are other movies such as Edward Scissorhands, The Addams Family, The Nightmare Before Xmas, & of course, the immortal Batman. There's always something about the alienesque character, who we can relate to, that has a dynamic ability to implement Diabolic Justice to the highest extreme. Not only the character themselves, but where they live, as well. Those Gothic paradises of Darkness, those irregular angles of artistry, loaded with trapezoids & gargoyles, which all disturb the common mind, but always gratify ours. These movies also teach a profound lesson to each & every one of us: Always be prepared. Always steps ahead of the rest, always having something to fall back upon. These movies teach us, in their wonderfully exaggerated ways, what could happen if the proles had their way ----- they certainly have big mouths to threaten with. Always remember, when attacked, destroy them utterly & without mercy. for they would probably show none to you. Recall The 11th Satanic Rule of the Earth.

If there's but one thing I derived from this production, it is a higher appreciation for loved ones, including pets.

In all, & without further a-due, or revealing too much, THE CROW is an incredible depiction of vengence. These two black hearts joined in eternity, while their idiotic detractors float in a stagnant limbo.

B e a n
{XXXII A.S. Directed by Mel Smith. Starring Rowan Atkinson, Peter MacNicol, John Mills}

With the dubious help of his colleagues, Mr. Bean is off to America under the guise of being an Art Ph. D., to preside over an art exhibition featuring Whistler's Mother, meeting with gallery caretaker David Langley, with whom he is to stay for a couple of weeks until the unveiling. Unbeknownst to his american acquaintances, Mr. Bean is actually only a caretaker. When asked what he does exactly, he accurately states,

"I sit in the corner, and look at pictures."

He becomes acquainted with his family - a young boy who thinks he's "cool", a teenage girl whose entire perspective deals with dating, judging Mr. Bean on some sort of 1-10 stud level, the wife who despises him, comparing him to a martian, with only Langley willing to grant him the benefit of the doubt, which does actually turn out to be quite a mistake, as the painting is ruined by a sneeze - poor Mr. Bean tries to clean it up, but sadly, every effort is met with worsening consequences. To rectify the situation, "Ninja Bean" actually initiates a solution wherein he replaces the portrait with a poster, adding some eggs, bubblegum, and nail polish for substance. Well, it seems that he actually does a pretty good job surmising the overall impression of Whistler's Mother during his 'analysis' {really, the most Mr. Bean has ever spoken}. Also amusing is the manner in which he distracts the security guard on night watch.

Mr. Bean takes in Hollywood and sections of surrounding L.A., from cruising down Hollywood Boulevard to enjoying the attractions at the Santa Monica pier, as the quintessential tourist, learning some very interesting gesticulations along the way.

He finally returns to his British home, snuggles with Teddy, and admires the prize of his trip, featuring a hilarious drawing of his own character of where Whistler's Mother's face should be.

I feel Rowan Atkinson performed marvelously as the cinematic Bean, bringing the character to wonderful life for the big screen. A delightful addition to the series quite well done.

For those unfamiliar, Mr. Bean is a quietly awkward well-dressed British jester somewhat resembling a Pee Wee Herman, who manages to communicate through various sounds and hand-gestures. Mainly a slapstick character, he manages to find himself in exaggerated and oft-times dangerous predicaments wherein unexpected fortuitousness always manages to occur, what I sometimes refer to as "the luck of the gump".

I have long-since been a fantom of Rowan Atkinson's comedy, from Mr. Bean to various skits, and Black Adder. For the first-time viewer, 'The Whole Bean' is highly recommended for all the misadventures of Mr. Bean.


Mr. Bean's Holiday
{XLII A.S. Directed by Steve Bendelack. Starring Rowan Atkinson, Steve Pemberton, Lily Atkinson, Preston Nyman, Sharlit Deyzac, Francois Touch, Emma de Caunes, Willem Dafoe. Genre: Comedy.}

Rowan Atkinson returns as Mr. Bean, who just wants to go to the beach. After winning a raffle for a vacation package to lightmarish Cannes, France from pleasantly rainy England, Mr. Bean takes his complimentary camera to film the trip, immediately experiencing various hilarious mishaps, including dumping coffee on a laptop..., to misplacing his passport, train ticket, and inadvertently separating a boy and his father; wherein the two eventually become friends and cooperate together to raise money to contact the father and travel to Cannes.

With his trusty camcorder chronicling the trip, Poor Mr. Bean experiences Murphy's Law at every turn, but somehow always manages to emerge from various predicaments all the better. Other scenes include a grueling raw shrimp sea food luncheon while under the gaze of a condescending Maitre'D, chasing a chicken on a bicycle across the French countryside, becoming stranded {getting confined in an outhouse}, and taking part in a film production wherein Bean dresses as a Nazi soldier {whose goose-stepping antics get him quite literally stuck}, dancing for coins, and even cross-dressing!

While hitch-hiking, he meets a cute French girl named Sabine along the way, who just so happens to have a part in director "Carson Clay's" {Willem Defoe} boringly pretentious and exaggerated self-aggrandizing production at the Cannes film festival, ending up, through Mr. Bean's efforts, providing appropriate exposure for Sabine.

Finally, through all the obstacles, a joyously blissful Mr. Bean reaches the beach, and the picture in the brochure comes to life. Towards the end, the film strangely becomes a musical, probably as an expression to convey the impression of an erstwhile European production, and actually manages to grant the viewer the sensation of being a tourist overall.

While not quite as amusing as his adventure to America in the first Mr. Bean film, Mr. Bean's Holiday is still a welcomed, hilarious voyage into this most entertaining character. The more the better, in My opinion.

The DVD also contains documentary material with interviews with the cast members including Rowan Atkinson. I was quite delightfully surprised to find a special package combination with the DVD, including a Mr. Bean bobble-head from the folks at Funko {who also brought us the hula devil girl and the Mr. Burns bank, among other whimsical items}, who has now taken his place by the viewing monitor.

616 is 919...


B e w i t c h e d
{XL A.S. Directed by Nora Ephron. Starring Nicole Kidman, Will Ferrell, Michael Caine, Shirley MacLaine}

BewitchedThis film has nothing to do with replicating the characters in a conventional sense, but instead deals with two actors who fall in love who are portraying the legendary personages, although she happens to be an actual witch, surrounded with family who are also witches, perhaps an attempt at displaying more of a pseudo-realistic scenario.

Jack Wyatt discovers his girlfriend Isabel is a witch, and with the help of Uncle Arthur, deals with his own fears until accepting her for who she really is.


Samantha/Isabel Bigelow: Nicole Kidman presents a pretty good portrayal with this light-hearted witch with the twitch.

Jack Wyatt/Darren: An unimpressive performance by Will Ferrell - he portrays a "mortal" quite well, but he is certainly no Derwood.

Iris Smythson/Endora {Shirley MacLaine}: Minimal interaction, and remains more or less an extraneous character, instead of the usual meddling mother-in-law, whose efforts seem to be more concentrated on preserving her relationship with Maurice rather than intruding on Samantha's.

Nigel Bigelow: Although not named as such, this seems to be an attempt at presenting the presence of "Maurice", the powerful Warlock from the series, but falls rather flat. An unfortunate depiction, considering the plentiful talents of "Equalizer" Michael Caine.

Uncle Arthur: Not too bad of a portrayal by Steve Carell, although not quite as naturally done, and seems a bit put-on. Then again, Paul Lynde was certainly an original.

Note: There is no representation of Larry Tate!

It has its moments in presenting a romantic love story between a Witch and a 'mortal', as much as that can possibly be, that is. So long as one does not view this film as a replication or substitute of the original, but instead as an affectation of the series.

For a fantom of this series, I was quite dissappointed, and is testament to the superiority of the original. Unfortunately, the movie is weak, seemed rushed, and does not do the series justice. Instead, it is recommended to purchase the original series on DVD.

Rating: 2/5.

Saved! {2004 c.e.}

I just had the opportunity to view this nazarene cult-comedy tonight on cable, and was rather repulsed by this presentation, yet both morbid curiosity and evocative meditation beckoned Me on. Having attended Christian schools until Junior High, this proposed satirical film actually contains many truths in the behavior and attitudes exhibited by these subhuman types. The sad dependence on others' opinions, all seemingly administered by the moldy babble according to the personal translation of the particular preacher at the school or church, the sub-par music, the saccharine niceness, etc. Although the Protestants are much more nauseating and exaggerated than the Catholics.*

Seeking to "save" her boyfriend Dean from being gay, a girl named Mary fornicates with him and becomes pregnant from this devirginization, hiding it from the rest of the christian-cult subculture. She claims 'Jesus' told her to do so, after an underwater bump in the head yields a hallucination - the face of the nazarene super-imposed upon the likened visage of the poolboy who also happens to have long hair and a beard.

Finding a copy of 'Macho' magazine, his parents send him to a rehabilitation center for "degayification", where he actually finds a gay partner and male prom date.

Cassandra, the resident bad girl, rumored to be a 'stripper', a smoking Jewish rebel, goes about expressing her independence against the christian oppression from lighting a cigarette in the cafeteria, to undulating in a sensual euphoria, jesting at the supposed 'speaking in tongues' glossolalia while tearing at her clothes. I like the way she plays with the sheeps' mind from time to time - in one instance claiming to want to convert to Christianity, but at the last moment decides to side with Satan instead. In reality, she would have been expelled the second she was spotted with a cigarette in her mouth, even from the parking lot.

Mary's secret is eventually discovered and exploited by smug classmates. I thought the "drive-by exorcism" was amusing, as the christians actually consider the bible a veritable 'weapon', as in the so-called "sword of the spirit", which Hilary Faye, a very 'Chastity Paraya" / "Betty Bowers"-like character takes to a literal extreme and actually throws it at 'Mary' {'coincidence' that she was named such? As she finds herself in a similar position as the fabled 'Virgin Mary'}.

Predictably, Hilary Faye demonstrtaes her hypocrisy at the Prom, as it turns out that it was she who was responsible for vandalizing the school with devil-worshipping symbols such as the inverted cross and a '666', all in an attempt to blame the 'bad kids' and assure her place as the Prom Queen. In another amusing scene towards the finale, in a nervous fit, she actually drives her van into a garish image of Jesus.

Keep in mind that there are actually clonish people who act like this, existing in an entire haze of justified delusion. This film is actually not far-fetched at all, which is probably the most disturbing element herein.

* So what was a naturally-born Satanist to do in that environment? Either operate incognito and just "lay low", or go over the top, violating the dress code by merely wearing some Heavy Metal t-shirt, or allowing one's hair to grow over the ears. Perhaps just using The Art of Deception and "playing along" for the benefit of one's education despite the foolosophy, and/or to please parents. Whatever serves one's purposes.

Rating: 2/5.

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