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Year XLIV Anno Satanas

INFERNAL EMPIRE NEWS: Inside The Church of Satan preview available... Emporium: Brimstone Pendant by Magister Robert Lang available for a limited time... The Anton LaVey Bust Splendid artistry from The House of Netherworld... Satanism: An interview with Church of Satan High Priest Peter Gilmore by David Shankbone... Available from major book sellers on October 13th XLII: The Satanic Scriptures by Magus Peter H. Gilmore [paperback; Scapegoat Publishing]... The Fire From Within Volume 1 by Magister Nemo... December 25th, XLII: Bearing The Devil's Mark by Magister Matt G. Paradise. Pre-Orders taken on November 23rd, Black Friday... Halloween XLII: Essays In Satanism by Magister James D. Sass... Satanism Today returns on APEC... September 1st XLII: Tribute to Anton Szandor LaVey CD... Now available for Year XLIII: The Satanic Calendar featuring Church of Satan Artists... Dark Somewhere II A Magazine of Dark Fiction... The Devil's Sketchbook by Storm of Art On You Studios... Available September 11th: The Addams Family series volume 3... Book: Lust Magazine The Archives 2003-2006... The Devil's Diary XI... Noctigram magazine Issue 1... Halloween XLII: The Ninth Gate magazine: Volume 3 features an article and film reviews by Draconis Blackthorne... The Ghost magazine Volume 6... The High Priest plaque by Jason Leach... August 21st: Nox Arcana: Shadow of The Raven A Tribute to Edgar Allan Poe... The Mephistophelian Midway featuring vintage articles on Dr. Anton Szandor LaVey... Not Like Most 16 Special 6/6/6 Satanic High Mass issue... Diabolic Publications: Diabolic Tales, The Satanic Life... plus much more at the Official Site! Regie Satanas!
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The Four-Crown Queens of Helloween by Draconis Blackthorne X/XVIII/XLIV
  • The Shadow Gallery: The Four-Crown Queens of Helloween.
  • Added Malefick Media video to Satan's Scroll, Malefick Musick, & Spechtreum.

    XLIV Coffin Rust Halloween Print X/XIII/XLIV
  • The Black Earth: XLIV Coffin Rust Halloween Print.

    X/IX/XLIV: Something Malefick This Way Comes...

    Malefick Media by Draconis BlackthorneHerein there be Horror, Action-Adventure, Film Noir, Thrillers, Documentaries, Comedy, & Dark Fantasy!

    Malefick Media is a compendium of Multi-Media reviews from a Satanic perspective. featuring sections Malefick Musick {Discography}, Satan’s Scroll {Bibliography}, Spechtreum {Filmography}, Sinemaerotica, The Satanic Panic Archive, Infernal Progeny, & The Black Earth {adventures & product reviews}, as well as stimulating accentuating articles & a list of choice recommendations.

    This tome is so named Opvs Lvciferi for ‘The Prince of The Power of The Air’, as these sinister transmissions are cast upon the ether for timeless visual & audial mutual gratification.

    Arranged in playlist style complete with Acts, Scenes, with Intermission & Finale, please be seated as The Infernal Orchestra prepares you for an entertainment adventure into several genres of diabolical amusement. Anticipation grows as the lights dim, the black curtain parts... fantasy and reality become obscured for awhile, light and shadow dance upon screen & stage, joined by the haunting & inspiring music of the night.


    X/VI/XLIV: Belial Moon
  • Tales From The Shadowside: A Touch of The Devil...

    Tabernacle of Satan II IX/XXVII/XLIV
  • The Shadow Gallery: Tabernacle of Satan II.
  • Satan's Scroll VI: Added an Interview with Satanic Artist Storm to Left-Handed Greetings review.
  • Malefick Musick: Added Opvs Imperivm Bellvm to Lvcifer News.

    IX/XXII/XLIV: Autumnal Equinox

    The Devil Winds have shifted Season Satan to Belial, as the gloom of Samhain's shadow spreads ever longer across the land. The most enchanting time of year is nigh, with all the haunting pleasures it brings.

    While the spooks come out to play, conjuring evocations if timeless fane, we repose in lambent chambers to celebrate the ebbs and flows of Nature, surrounded in most potent Magic, beneath the harvest moon.

    In Nomine Satanas,

    Warlock Draconis Blackthorne.
    The Haunted Noctuary
    Autumnal Equinox, XLIV A.S.

  • Devilutions: The Agony of De-feet!

    Tabernacle of Satan by Draconis Blackthorne IX/XIII/XLIV
  • Bloody Zone: Tabernacle of Satan is featured in Deviant Art's Horror section The Number of The Beast 9/9/9.

    Never Forgive, Never Forget by Draconis Blackthorne IX/XI/XLIV
  • The Shadow Gallery: Never Forgive, Never Forget. Motivated by The Third Side perspective on the events of 9/11. Inspired by both the chapter "Holycaust" in The Devil's Scroll & Magus Gilmore's chapter “On the First Anniversary of 9/11” from The Satanic Scriptures.

    The Devil's Diary X: Special 6/6/6 Edition! IX/IX/XLIV: The Devil's Diary Special 6/6/6 Edition!
  • The Devil's Diary X: Halloween XLI A.S.: In observance of 9/9/09, this 6/6/06 Special Edition is now on lulu for enhanced availability. Issues 13 & 14 are also currently available, with more to follow!

    This issue features an interview with Citizen Chadwick Hardy of Predatory Mindset, Only One Satanism by Bill M., Sigil of Baphomet by Paul Hill, Halloween, The Herd, & The Satanist by Draconis Blackthorne, The Intrinsic Decadence by Michael D. Walach, The Laughter of Azathoth by Michael DeLuca, It's Halloween! by Kyle Whittaker, plus The Manifesto of The Beast, and a review of the 666 Sintennial Events. Plus Noctuarium multimedia reviews, The Black Earth, and Black Heart Poetry.

    * Front Cover Art: "The Devil is A Gentleman".
    * Back Cover Art: "Halloween Baphomet" by Draconis Blackthorne.

    * To order with check or money order, contact Warlock Blackthorne for information.

  • Magus LaVey Archives: Anton LaVey: The Satanist Who Wants to Rule the World - Argosy Magazine.

    Crown of Horns IX/VI/XLIV: Centeotl Moon
  • The Black Earth: Crown of Horns.
  • Satan's Scroll: The Devil in The Penthouse.
  • Satanist Profiles: Seth Peters.

    Gina Ambrosio VIII/XXVII/XLIV
  • Dractionary: Assimilates, Generics, Muck-rakers.
  • Tales From The Shadowside: Diabolical Environmental Reverberations.
  • Devilutions: The REAL Karate Kid.
  • Grimoires / The Satanic Art of Bodybuilding: Cardiovascular Suggestions.
  • Blackthorne Productions: Gina Ambrosio of Blasphemic Cruelty with The Devil's Scroll.

    Narrations From The Abyss cover VIII/XVIII/XLIV
  • Blackthorne Productions: Narrations From The Abyss video.
  • The Shadow Gallery [DeviantArt]: Seasons In Hell.

    Narrations From The Abyss VIII/IX-XIII/XLIV: "When you gaze into The Abyss, The Abyss gazes into you." - Friedrich Nietzsche.
  • Blackthorne Productions: Narrations From The Abyss.

    The Devil's Scroll & Satanic Serenades by Draconis Blackthorne VIII/VI/XLIV: Kraken Moon
  • Blackthorne Productions: The Devil's Scroll / Satanic Serenades Ad.
  • The Shadow Gallery: Apotheosis Luciferi.

    Phantom In The Darkness by Draconis Blackthorne VII/XXVII/XLIV: Black Heart Poetry
  • Deviant Art: Phantom In The Darkness.

    The Blackthorne Theatre VII/XVIII/XLIV: Blackthorne Theatre
  • Church of Satan News: Satanic Serenades is featured in this Announcement [7/21], along with musical events & sinfully salacious literature! Hail The Infernal Empire!
  • The Blackthorne Chronicles: Witchcraft USA {featuring the Church of Satan segment}, Night Gallery: Fright Night, Gizmo!, Heavy Metal, The Holy Mountain, & Daughters of Satan.

    Re-AnimatorFrom Beyond VII/XIII/XLIV: Blackthorne Theatre
  • The Blackthorne Chronicles: Gruesome Twosome Double Feature! From Beyond / Re-Animator.

    Satanic Serenades by Draconis BlackthorneSuspend Disbelief...

    - The Black Heart Poetry of Draconis Blackthorne -

    Satanic Serenades are Infernal Reflections upon both vital existence and mythology, written in a beautiful, & sometimes terrifying polemical and imaginative Gothic style, which inspires contemplation & darkest entertainment. Both fictional and non-fictional concepts are contained herein as veritable “diabolical psalms” for those who resonate to The Satanic perspective, & appreciate the sinister aesthetic.

    Divided into several sections, the black heart poetry of Satanic Serenades features odes, observations, & experiences which will manifest the Dark Side of the mind. Also features The Legend of Haunted Devil’s Canyon, a poetic horror anthology based upon frightening urban legends.

    Suspend disbelief, relax in your blackened candle-lit chamber, as the the night unfolds, the fog rolls in, & be taken into a Theater of Nightmares and Shadowy Dreams.

    Your Hellish journey is about to begin... you have been warned...

    Enter at your own risk!

    Support independent publishing: buy this book on Lulu.

  • Malefick Musick: Review of Nox Arcana's Blackthorn Asylum opus now included on Fangoria Musick!
  • The Blackthorne Chronicles: Codex Gigas.

    Nox Arcana: Blackthorn Asylum VII/VI/XLIV: Thunder Moon
  • Church of Satan News: The Devil's Scroll is featured in this Infernal Empire Announcement! HS!
  • Malefick Musick: Blackthorn Asylum by Nox Arcana.

    VI/XXVII/XLIV The Devil's Scroll now available!

    Make your pact... and prepare yourself for a psychodramatic journey...

    The Devil's Scroll by Draconis Blackthorne "The infamous writings of Warlock Draconis Blackthorne collected in this tome from several sources including Noctuary & The Devil's Diary magazines, The Blackthorne Chronicles, The Shadowmantium, & various Satanic publications in both print and web.

    The 2nd edition is an expanded diabolical compendium segregated into several sections, filled with misanthropy, social commentary, dark observations, Satanic philosophy, polemic, & blasphemous counter-culture thought by the pen used as a literary sword.

    In his distinctive style, Blackthorne is a prolific writer, artist, poet, Satanist, Martial Artist, member of the notorious Church of Satan, Founder of The Order of The Black Dragon, President of Blackthorne Productions, Host of The Haunted Noctuary, & video director for several short films, He has appeared in several multimedia presentations, including TLC & Discovery's 'Pact With The Devil' for The Infernal Empire.

    He is also the Author of Dracomeroth {Opvs Satani - Greater & Lesser Magic, Philosophy; 2nd Edition coming soon}, Satanic Serenades {Black Heart Poetry - coming soon}, & Malefick Media {Multimedia reviews from a Satanic perspective - 2nd edition coming soon}."

    * Available in Paperback & Hard Cover.

    VI/XXI/XLIV: remmus Solstice
  • The Haunted Noctuary: Episode V.

  • Anti-xian Archives: Interview With The Nazarene. Newly discovered transcription from archival material, circa XXXI A.S.

  • The Blackthorne Chronicles: mallspace.

    INFERNALIA: The Writings of Michael Rose VI/VI/XLIV: Red Rose Moon
  • Satan's Scroll: Infernalia.
  • Sinfully Delicious Magazine: Interview with Tier Instinct, a frequent contributor to The Devil's Diary magazine, OBD member, and musician / composer is interviewed herein on a wide variety of subject matter.

  • Evilutions II & III: White Metal?, "Die Happy". Decided to add these recently re-discovered entries.
  • Satan's Scroll: Words From The Third Side: Essays on Sex, Satan, & Success.

    Dracomeroth The Devil's Scroll Satanic Serenades

  • Blackthorne Productions News: Currently working on revised and expanded versions of The Devil's Scroll and Dracomeroth. Forthcoming Satanic Serenades Black Heart Poetry Compendium in progress. Proposed cover art completed.

    Order of The Black Dragon V/XIII/XLIV
  • Church of Satan / Order of The Black Dragon member Promethius, Our resident 'Minister of Malefick Musick', is interviewed for Sinfully Delicious magazine. As a frequent contributor to The Devil's Diary magazine, you will find his opinions and observations of interest!

    V/IX/XLIV: Black Rose Moon
  • Satan's Scroll: Essays In Satanism.

  • Satan's Scroll: Bearing The Devil's Mark.

    IV/XXX/XLIV: Walpurgisnacht

    Walpurgisnacht by Draconis BlackthorneAs the smokes of the great abyss billow forth from Tiamat's hellmouth, the haunting choirs of Hades echo forth across the world as so many dark angels, while demonic shadows grow by the flames of Hell, emerging from the vast leathern embrace of night.

    Hell arises this Walpurgis Night of sensual indulgence and carnal delights! A glorious temple of the flesh came to life by lightning's strike! In darkened chambers candles burn and blackened forms chant the Keys and passionate desires are sent forth in the creation unto reality!

    The creatures of the earth, mighty in countenance, celebrate this High Holiday, an all Devil's Night, the Dark Force permeating pure Satanimal beings. We celebrate what was, is, and is to be in the fulfillment of The Will! The world is ours, as it has always been, and ever shall be!

    Strength Through Joy! World Without End!

    Regie Satanas! Ave Satanas! HAIL SATAN!


    In Nomine Satanas,
    Warlock Draconis Blackthorne
    The Haunted Noctuary, The Infernal Empire
    Walpurgisnacht XLIV, Anno Satanas

  • Infernal Empire News: Walpurgisnacht Greetings from The Magestry, literature, performances, Filmography, Arkham Studios returns!, & much more splendid artistry! Hail The Church of Satan!
  • Satan's Scroll: Left-Handed Greetings.
  • The Black Earth: Shadow Demon Lamp.

  • The Black Earth: Oyama/Bishamon Oni Mask.
  • The Blackthorne Chronicles: Magister Nemo on C2C [interview].

    The Infernal Empire IV/XVIII/XLIV
  • The Black Pope/Church of Satan portal: The Infernal Empire [video].

    Infernus 12 IV/XIII/XLIV
  • Infernus 12: Satanism Through The Ages translated & included in this issue by Satan's Hell Outro, a Portuguese Church of Satan publication.

    Dr. LaVey Tribute Gallery IV/XI/XLIV: Day of Observation: Magus LaVey's Birthday!
  • Magus LaVey Tribute Gallery: A musical & pictoral tribute to The Immortal Legend, Magus Anton Szandor LaVey. Happy Birthday, Doc!
  • Satanic Serenades: Devil Father.

    IV/IX/XLIV: Leviathan Moon
  • Entry: Shadowmantium presentation added.
  • The Black Earth: Coop Devil Head Ring.

    The Legend of Haunted Devil's Canyon IV/VI/XLIV
  • The Legend of Haunted Devil's Canyon, Satanic Serenades, Blackthorne Productions: Video previews added to sections.

  • The Black Earth: Vlad Tepes Dracula plaque.

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  • Evilutions: This remote experimental application will be used for Evilutions updates. Feel free to connect.

    Vernal Equinox XLIV

    The Garden of Dark Delights welcomes those who wish to partake of The Devil's carnal ecstasies, without fear, guilt, or regret. Responsible indulgence is the key to unending pleasures resplendent. The incubi and succubi have been summoned unto The Devil's Harem, rising from kundalini hell fire, as the black earth moves again with undulating flesh, 'neath the gaze of Baphomet's Lust.

    The lushness of the earth, and her creatures, emerge ripened, in splendid ornamentation, for mutual enjoyment, as predator and prey take their roles in the cycle of life.

    With the beauty of Spring in the Northern hemisphere, and Autumn in the South, gratify the senses in manifold indulgence! Take that which tempts whenever you can, & sin well! Strength through Joy!

    Shemhamforash! Hail SATAN!


    In Nomine Satanas,

    Draconis Blackthorne
    Church of Satan Warlock
    The Devil's Harem, The Haunted Noctuary
    20/21 March, Spring Equinox XLIV A.S.

  • The Devil's Harem: The Garden of Dark Delights {Erotic Poetry}.

  • Satan's Scroll: The Gates of Hell.

    III/XIII/XLIV: Friday The 13th
  • The Haunted Noctuary: Episode IV, "Evil Numbers" playlist.
  • Satanic Serenades: Graphic added to poem On Friday The 13th...
  • Satan's Scroll: The Addams Family, Giger, Topless Witches Calendars XLIV.
  • The Black Earth: Black Leather Vest.
  • The Blackthorne Chronicles/Theatre: Freaks.

    Crow Moon III/IX/XLIV: Crow Moon
  • The Blackthorne Chronicles: London After Midnight. Restored stills from the original burned {"lost"} film arranged in slide show form, granting it an additional mystique.
  • Black Dragon Theatre: Super Ninja, Revenge of The Ninja, Ninja III: Domination, American Ninja, The Master.

  • The Blackthorne Chronicles: Take a tip from the ice cream man...

  • Devilutions: Ninja Rising, Taking the 'Art' out of Martial Arts.
  • The Blackthorne Chronicles: Magister Rex Church on Free Zone, Magistra Nadramia interview in Wormgear Magazine #2, Magister Lang on Q Transmissions, Church of Satan Unleashed {Magistra Ygraine on The Mona Magick Show}, ZOO: Satanismo.

  • Tales From The Shadowside: Strange Sightings.

    Door 13 by Draconis Blackthorne II/XIII/XLIV: Friday the 13th
  • The Shadow Gallery: Door 13.
  • Satanic Serenades: On Friday the 13th, Strange Nights.

    II/IX/XLIV: Candle Moon
  • The Blackthorne Chronicles: Magistra Nadramia on The Ghostman and Demon Hunter Show.
  • Satanic Serenades: Graphic for The Moon & I added.

    The Devil's Rain II/VI/XLIV
  • Blackthorne Theatre: The Devil's Rain.

  • Satanic Serenades: Candlemas 'Evil'.

  • Spechtreum: The Bad Seed.

    Lucifer's Pizza I/XVIII/XLIV
  • Hell's Bar & Grill: Lucifer's Pizza.

    I/IX-XIII/XLIV: Wolf Moon
  • The Wolf Moon has yielded technomantic accentuations throughout The Shadowmantium. Scrollbars added to many pages to facilitate navigation within these dark dimensions.

    Inside The Church of Satan I/VI/XLIV
  • Spechtreum: Inside The Church of Satan: Magus Gilmore Interview segment added.

    New Year XLIV

    The demon seeds have been sewn and have come to fruition! I lift a goblet of the finest nectar to Year XLIII, which has been filled with resplendent manifestations sublime, as all that has been planned at its inception, has been fulfilled!

    A toast! To another indulgent and Powerful New Satanic Year filled with creativity and sweet indulgence, as we continue to move the world according to our infernal vision!

    Strength Through Joy! To completion! To continued success! To Health & Wealth, in these timeless seasons! Sin Well, and Hail Satan!


    In Nomine Satanas,

    Warlock Draconis Blackthorne
    The Haunted Noctuary
    New Year XLIV Anno Satanas


  • Spechtreum: Sweeney Todd.
  • Malefick Musick: Blasphemic Cruelty: Devil's Mayhem.

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