Angel of Mercy, Pioneer of Death

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Draconis Blackthorne's Shadowmantium

Euthenasia / Sociology / Psychology / Philosophy / Misanthropy


Angel of Mercy, Pioneer of Death
By Draconis Blackthorne

Behold! I come to bestow mercy upon the earth...


he crack & tear of violent thunder rips the heavens asunder, gutting the sky, as scarlet rainfall cascades upon the earth. The bloodbath has begun. After years of mortal saturation, the downpour stops, & the smoldering clouds open to let forth a beam of blacklight. Born from this luc noire, a shadow forms...

And there, standing defiantly, this dark angel has descended unto earth, bestowing infernal blessings. With a mighty leap, he glides upon the night gusts. Many are those who seek to capture him, but there are no bars made to contain... KEVORKIAN!

With arms outstretched, & a placid expression upon his face, his heart glows softly with compassion. He is the patron saint of the morbidly suffering. He brings the devices he has created just for them, to grant mercy unto their afflicted bodies.

In the tradition of Azrael & Mikael, the death angels, Kevorkian benevolently lowers the scythe upon those who are prepared to move on to the next life. This saint lends a hand when the suffering becomes unbearable. His "death machine" is given to the victim of disease & pain, which dually relieves them of an intolerable existence, with dignity & grace. Thus avoiding the slow, laborious death the medical proffession would like to provide, bilking these people for all that they're worth. Not only are they relieved, but their families & friends may move on with their own lives, without having to witness the pitiful deterioration of their loved one.

When no amount of prayer, & the efforts of medicine can bring the patient peace, euthenasia is the most respectable alternative.

Although, I believe, in whatever state of health, if an individual decides to take their own life, they should have every right to, & provided all the best methods of such. The over-population crisis can be majorly abated when euthenasia becomes fully legal. As much as one has the right to live {some, anyway}, one should also be afforded the right to die as one sees fit. This is a common courtesy that should be everybody's birthright.

So many people live lives of self-destructiveness anyway, through regular & excessive use of narcotics, including alcohol, high-risk irresponsible sexual activities, misdirected masochism, self-mutilation, & often-times, eventual suicide. It seems that in this society, as long as a person dies slowly, it is permissable. Most of those people do not seek, nor even want help anyway, but would really rather die. Who the hell is anyone to tell them what not to do with their own bodies? Mind your own damned business, all you self-righteous, goodguy-badge wearing phonies! It is well known that all these so-called "humanitarians" want to do is gain selfish PR points with the public, & many times, "gawd". They are the first to admit that "you can't help anyone who does not want to be helped", or "you can lead a horse to water, but you can't make him drink". Precisely. Oh, the hypocrisy! The ignorance! The presumption! What, by heaven's fetid vapors, makes them think they have the right to deny someone else's right to die? These are the true criminals, the tyrants, the merciless dungeon-keepers!

For those unfortunate sick, depressed, mentally-damaged, this life is a dungeon, where they are subjected to its daily torture. Let them have mercy. May the law-makers hear the painful wails of the tormented, & amend the merciless laws, for it only adds insult to injury.

Dr. Jack Kevorkian, like so many pioneers before him, continues to undergo the pressures & prejudice from the ignorant masses. But slowly, surely, his gallant strides are blazing a trail towards progress. The courts cannot successfully prosecute, no confinement lasts, & he marches onwards with his iconoclastic convictions. BRAVO! Keep up the good work! You are causing a great change in the world.

More & more people are beginning to change their minds about euthenasia, as they join with the grateful relatives of the deceased. Dr. Kevorkian must be blessed. The thankful spirits gather about him, devoid of lamentation, but filled with final happiness. May Mikael & Azrael protect you, good doctor, & lead you to your final goal.

{c}Copyright Draconis Blackthorne XXXIII Anno Satanas/1998 {c.e.} All Rights Reserved.

Final Note:

Give the people what they want

Satanists are lovers of life, & indulge sumptuously in the pleasures Satan provides us upon this beloved Black Earth. Naturally, a Satanist would never think to commit suicide. Unless, in the most extreme & unbearable circumstances, it absolutely had to be done {Adrian Clevex's tome, "The Satanicon" contains a ceremony of earthly departure}. Whether it be to give oneself merciful release, or, through the most supremely noble act of self-sacrifice for a loved one - but ONLY if there is absolutely no other alternative, & providing it was done out of PURE LOVE, not compulsion.

However, misery may be avoided by performing The Compassion Ritual from The Satanic Bible. If xians, in their watered-down spellcasting known to them as "prayer" can achieve miraculous healings, how much MORE by a group of Satanic Magicians!

Being anti-suicidal of Oneself & loved-ones does not mean that we should not lend a helping hand to the inferior. As a thoughtful gift, purchase a copy of 'Final Exit', the suicide handbook, & mail it to someone you've been thinking of EXTERMINATING. Give them a deadly hint that just may prove successful.

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