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The Literary Manifestation

Behold...The Literary Manifestation!


XXII. Satanism Through The Ages.
XXI. What is Satan?
XX. Manifesto of The Beast.
XIX. The Black Earth
XVIII. The Black Book of Shadows.
XVII. The Demystification of Satanism.
XVI. Magical Media.
XV. Microcosmic Spermatezoa
XIV. The New Satanic Breed
XIII. Evilove
XII. Mammon & Mistletoe
XI. Technomancy
X. Divine Madness
IX. Satanimation
VIII. Epinox
VII. The Necessity Of Catastrophe
VI. Kevorkian: Angel of Mercy/Pioneer of Death
V. Interview With The Impaler
IV. Satanic Numerology
III. The Blackthorne Theory of the Black Hole
II. Nightworld
I. Interviews.


XVII. Doomsday, or Y2K? parts I & II.
XVI. XI/XVI\XXXV Quotations.
XIII. I Hate... {or am otherwise annoyed by}
XII. The Curse of Incompetence. Misanthropic observations.
XI. Gangs & Graffiti: The Satanic Solution.
X. Royalty Vs. Peasantry.
IX. VII/IV\XXXVI Independence Day.
VIII. VI/VI\XXXVI Hell's Bar & Grill.
Perfect for holidays & personal events. Enjoy!
VII. VIII/XIII\XXXVI Night of The Zombies.
Explains the ultimate benefits to society, the world, & the Satanic manipulation possibilities.
VI. VIII/XV\XXXVI The Return of Babylon.
V. Nefarious News
With your Host Draconis Blackthorne.
IV. The Satanic Art of Bodybuilding.
III. Modern Frankenstein: The New Age of The Clones.
The possibilities of utilizing clone technology for recreational and practical purposes.
II. Stages of The Pentagram.
Evilutionary stages in Satanic development.
I. Halloween: Halloween, the herd, & The Satanist | Halloween Compendium | All Hallow's Ev'n | October 31st: Halloween's Birthday.

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